Bug triage/2007-05-21

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This is a list of entries that have been reviewed, await intervention, or have been assigned and don't have internal references.

Already Imported (linked)

Resolved Incomplete, need more info/repro

  • SVC-206 - When new users teleport into a non-empty region, Agent Time spikes and sim performance drops signfigantly for a short period time - Drew Dwi
  • VWR-771 - Avatar Texture rendering bug. - Rascal Ratelle
  • VWR-768 - Texture Cosole opens at bottom of screen shows flash of texture but not staying to be of any use at all - Kelindra Talamasca
  • VWR-766 - When looking at the world map - no AV show up on another sim until after you TP there - Xilinx Undertone
  • MISC-209 - No TPing, slow level rezzing, major lag..etc - Kez Oh

Resolved Won't Fix


Left as is, waiting for more votes?

Didn't get to