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This is the transcript from the RC Bug triage on 2007-11-14.

The following transcript is typo-corrected and compiled. Most of the off topic talks, including hi or hello are removed. Also, the order of messages may be slightly rearranged for readability. You can access to the uncompiled version through the history.


[15:00] Bridie Linden: Did everyone see new PJIRA filter I made? https://jira.secondlife.com/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=10963
[15:01] Bridie Linden: We'll use the agenda today of course tho: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:04] Bridie Linden: Shall we start?

VWR-3092: New "All" search is not finding many avatars and group

[15:04] Bridie Linden: VWR-3092 - Votes: 0 - New "All" search is not finding many avatars and group
[15:05] Bridie Linden: (Click on rotating logo for web page)
[15:05] Torley Linden: Looks like some of these are headed to the Search Team for further inspection...
[15:05] Alissa Sabre: I have not examined this
[15:05] Kamilion Schnook: Would I be correct in assuming the new google mini appliances havn't finished indexing all the databases?
[15:05] Daedalus Young: watermelon nation indeed yields no search results
[15:05] Daedalus Young: I'd agree with Kamilion
[15:05] Torley Linden: Hmmm... I wonder when the last Google crawl was done.
[15:06] Torley Linden: Watermelon Nation is a fairly new group!
[15:06] Daedalus Young: it also doesn't find my Free Resident Bear
[15:06] Daedalus Young: in fact, doesn't find the whole parcel
[15:06] Torley Linden: When was that established, Daed?
[15:06] Kamilion Schnook: IIRC those things have a web-interface, so it should list the last crawl there.
[15:06] Bridie Linden: Shall we import and give to Search team?
[15:06] Torley Linden: Sounds like a good idea, Bridie.
[15:06] Daedalus Young: when 1.18.4 was released as rc
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: search finds 105 things on my name..
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: mostly triages
[15:07] Daedalus Young: but I think that's a different issue
[15:07] Alexa Linden: noted
[15:07] Torley Linden: Alexa, you're taking care of imports right? Re: Search issues, Can you please assign to Stephany and make Jeska watcher?
[15:07] Alexa Linden: yup
[15:07] Torley Linden: Thanx. :D

VWR-3089: Search box in title/menu bar a waste of space

[15:06] Bridie Linden: VWR-3089 - Votes: 1 - Search box in title/menu bar a waste of space. - Argent Stonecutter
[15:07] Alissa Sabre: Is "waste of space" a bug?
[15:07] Daedalus Young: I was just thinking of making a mockup of the menu bar
[15:07] Kooky Jetaime: bug, no
[15:07] Alexa Linden: you're off the hook from now on Torley and aric
[15:07] Kooky Jetaime: comment on the ui, yes
[15:07] Kamilion Schnook: Personally I do like the new searchbar.
[15:08] Kamilion Schnook: However, might I make a reccomendation?
[15:08] Daedalus Young: because with the Search and the Client and Server menus active, there's no more room for the Region name
[15:08] Kamilion Schnook: One browser I use will dynamically resize the search box when you click into it.
[15:08] Bridie Linden: We could import and give to Ben + Rx team to consider...
[15:08] aedalus Young: it could be smaller, just a button with the find-icon and when clicked, open a search field (just like on OS X)
[15:08] Torley Linden: I did wonder where the bandwidth and packet loss meters went...
[15:09] Alexa Linden: noted
[15:09] Torley Linden: The easy search bar IS useful for speed -- anyone who uses one in their web browser likely realizes that.
[15:09] Daedalus Young: I use Opera, search is integrated differently there :P
[15:09] Kamilion Schnook: Definitely, Torley. It's the one thing I use most often in firefox besides my googlebookmarks.
[15:10] Daedalus Young: but... you still have to click the search bar, so deleting the bar and adding a click action to the icon will need the same amount of clicks
[15:11] Daedalus Young: and with a search text already enetered, I even have to manually delete that before doing a new search
[15:08] quirrel Wood: I have plenty of room for the region name and more... though I'm on 1680x1050
[15:09] Kamilion Schnook: Same here, Squirrel, 1600x1200. :)
[15:09] Daedalus Young: I'm on 800x600 windowed, a size I happen to like :)
[15:09] Squirrel Wood: windowed here too as the client doesn't like fullscreen on my system
[15:10] Alissa Sabre: Please note most of the Japanese speakers use larger UI size, because Japanese characters are more complicated than alphabets
[15:10] Alissa Sabre: so, under the same screen resolution, we can see less characters
[15:10] Kooky Jetaime: if I down size to 50% of my screen (full is 1280x1024) I have no room for anything new on my menu bar here
[15:10] Kooky Jetaime: and I'm on 18.4 I believe
[15:10] Torley Linden: I do agree though that for those of you on smaller monitor resolutions, the title bar IS cramped!
[15:10] Torley Linden: And even moreso if you have Client and Server menu on!
[15:10] Kooky Jetaime: and what about people who upsize their UI for readability Torley
[15:11] Kamilion Schnook: I had the same problem with firefox -- I installed a menu editor extention and ripped out the menus I don't use.
[15:11] Alissa Sabre: I have a feeling that we all need to write those thoughts as comments
[15:11] Alissa Sabre: and put them to JIRA
[15:12] Alissa Sabre: instead of speaking randomly here.
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Comments are appreciated!
[15:12] Torley Linden: I think that's always a good idea Alissa, since sometimes profound things are said in these triages that don't carry over to PJIRA.
[15:12] Daedalus Young: I'll see if I can do a mock up of how I'd like to see the menubar and add it to 3089
[15:12] Alissa Sabre: great!
[15:12] Bridie Linden: Maybe I'm missing the obvious, but where is the search box in the menu/title box...
[15:12] Daedalus Young: Bridie, in 1.18.5
[15:12] Kamilion Schnook: Next to the L$ indication IIRC, in 18.5
[15:13] Bridie Linden: OH darn it, I clicked on the release viewer!
[15:14] Bridie Linden: ok, so we'll wait on comments on 3089 but import and give to Rx?
[15:14] Bridie Linden: Moving right along...

VWR-3088: Unchecking "Automatic Appearance Camera Movement" no longer has any effect

[15:14] Bridie Linden: VWR-3088 - Votes: 0 - Unchecking "Automatic Appearance Camera Movement" no longer has any effect
[15:14] Squirrel Wood: has clear repro steps
[15:14] Alissa Sabre: it sounds like a bug, although I have not tested yet.
[15:15] Alissa Sabre: how about LL to import this and test?
[15:16] Alissa Sabre: (well, I just though we have no more to talk on 3088.)
[15:16] Aric Linden: is 3088 the same as the fly camera issues?
[15:16] ridie Linden: Not sure Aric
[15:17] Bridie Linden: Torley, do you know?
[15:17] Torley Linden: Hmmm... not familiar with this one offhand...
[15:17] Torley Linden: I don't think it's the same as the "fly camera issues" tho Aric.
[15:17] Torley Linden: but sounds like an easy enough repro!
[15:17] Daedalus Young: yes, looks like it broke while fixing the other camera on appearance bug
[15:18] Aric Linden: Daedalus, that's what i sort of what thinking
[15:17] Bridie Linden: Let's import and investigate.
[15:17] Aric Linden: k
[15:17] Alexa Linden: assign to ?
[15:17] Bridie Linden: Aric, wanna have QA take a look?
[15:18] Aric Linden: Alexa, you can assign the camera bug directly to me please
[15:18] Alexa Linden: ok

VWR-2946: Crashes on startup

[15:18] Bridie Linden: VWR-2946 - Votes: 4 - Crashes on startup
[15:18] Alissa Sabre: 2946 is now marked as resolved.
[15:19] Bridie Linden: I see it as reopened Alissa
[15:19] Alissa Sabre: ah, ok.
[15:19] Aric Linden: interesting that our other vista users haven't seen this issue
[15:19] Aric Linden: we did a huge round of vista testing and didn't come across this as an installer issue
[15:20] Bridie Linden: Interesting...want to comment on it Aric?
[15:20] Bridie Linden: Anyone else on Vista?
[15:20] Broc Janus: yes..
[15:20] Kamilion Schnook: Hm, I had a problem with vista yesterday, actually.
[15:20] Broc Janus: Same here..
[15:20] Bridie Linden: same as 2946?
[15:20] Aric Linden: it's a ms prob
[15:20] Alissa Sabre: I infrequently run Vista for testing
[15:20] Daedalus Young: with Vista or with SL -on- Vista? :P
[15:20] Alissa Sabre: I experienced no major problem on Vista
[15:20] Broc Janus: Too many glitches..
[15:21] Bridie Linden: What to do with 2946?
[15:22] Daedalus Young: with 2946, I'd say let someone check out the issues mentioned in the last comment on the Installer
[15:22] ridie Linden: Let's leave it for now...
[15:22] Aric Linden: I agree with daedalus, though since we've never reproed, it i'm a little leery of jumping on it now
[15:22] Alexa Linden: I'll mark as "last Triaged"

(Slightly off topic) Vista and Intel Graphics

[15:21] Kamilion Schnook: One of my customers has a vaio with vista32, intel 965 express graphics. Immediate crash when the world is attempted to be rendered, after progress bars.
[15:21] Aric Linden: we don't support that card, I don't think
[15:21] Alissa Sabre: you'd better file it on JIRA...
[15:21] Kamilion Schnook: Couldn't get updated drivers because Vista decided Intel's graphics driver didn't come from sony and wouldn't install it.
[15:21] Alissa Sabre: Officially all Intel intergrated chipsets are unsupported.
[15:21] Aric Linden: and vaio's are generally not a default install, sony gets to OEM stuff
[15:22] Aric Linden: Alissa, we now support a couple of intel chips officially
[15:22] Bridie Linden has heard of scary Vaio issues in her past life...
[15:22] lissa Sabre: (oh, great!)
[15:22] Kamilion Schnook: I'm not gonna JIRA it because I don't have access to the laptop or log files, and I reccomended that she just install XP instead... ;)
[15:23] Broc Janus: xp works better..
[15:23] Daedalus Young: OSX works even betterer
[15:23] Kamilion Schnook: And linux works the best. </flamebait>
[15:23] Bridie Linden: Moving on to Critical issues...

VWR-3068: Unable to change regions in world: no TP or manual movement across region boundaries

[15:23] Bridie Linden: VWR-3068 - Votes: 0 - Unable to change regions in world: no TP or manual movement across region boundaries
[15:23] Torley Linden: Hmmm...
[15:23] Torley Linden: This sounds like an older teleport bug.
[15:23] Torley Linden: It kind of reminds me of https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-162
[15:24] lissa Sabre: I'm running OSX 10.4.10, but I have never experienced this
[15:24] Daedalus Young: me neither
[15:24] Bridie Linden: 3068, maybe a temporary issue?
[15:24] Alexa Linden: so ofter these are temp issues
[15:24] Kooky Jetaime: VWR-1911 also seems to be listed
[15:24] Kooky Jetaime: and similar
[15:24] Daedalus Young: I -sometimes- have failed teleports, but certainly not always
[15:25] Daedalus Young: especially during the latest server issues we had, but yeah...
[15:24] Harleen Gretzky: Or only an issue with that person
[15:24] Alexa Linden: I can contact the reporter and see if they are still having this problem
[15:25] Alissa Sabre: Sounds good
[15:25] Squirrel Wood: I would look for the cause of this on the local system. firweall, router, proxy settings
[15:25] Bridie Linden: Ty Alexa
[15:25] Alexa Linden: will do
[15:25] Bridie Linden: resolve as 'can't repro' but get more info if you can?
[15:25] Alexa Linden: ok
[15:25] Bridie Linden: Next up...

VWR-3069: Linux client crashes at start with 1.18.5(0)RC

[15:25] Bridie Linden: VWR-3069 - Votes: 1 - Linux client crashes at start with 1.18.5(0)RC
[15:26] Kamilion Schnook: Lemme take a look at that one...
[15:26] Alissa Sabre: I have not tried 1.18.5 on Linux.
[15:26] Alissa Sabre: yet
[15:26] Kamilion Schnook: Looks like a problem with mozlib on ubuntu feist
[15:27] Kamilion Schnook: I see no problems on Gutsy with compiz on a 6600/nforce2/2000+ with nvidia-glx-new
[15:28] Kamilion Schnook: In fact, If I had crashed, I wouldn't have been able to JIRA VWR-3070 ;)
[15:28] Kamilion Schnook: It looks like a problem on his specific system
[15:27] Bridie Linden: Aric, what would you like to do?
[15:28] Bridie Linden: Wait for more info?
[15:29] Alexa Linden: noted
[15:29] Bridie Linden: Next up...

VWR-3080: Mac Viewer Crashes at Startup (Leopard)

[15:29] Bridie Linden: VWR-3080 - Votes: 0 - Mac Viewer Crashes at Startup (Leopard)
[15:29] Alissa Sabre: again, I don't have OSX 10.5
[15:29] Squirrel Wood: no specific information given there
[15:30] Daedalus Young: again, me neither
[15:30] Kamilion Schnook: Worked for me on Leopard/hackintosh
[15:30] Bridie Linden: I haven't installed leopoard yet
[15:30] Alissa Sabre: do Lindens test on OSX 10.5?
[15:30] Aric Linden: yes to bridie and yes to alissa
[15:30] Bridie Linden: leopard even
[15:30] Bridie Linden: Resolve as 'can't repro' then?
[15:30] Alissa Sabre: I think so.
[15:30] Aric Linden: we're just ramping up the leopard testing tho
[15:31] Bridie Linden nods
[15:31] lexa Linden: we just tested it and didn't have a problem
[15:31] Aric Linden: we're finding some small things on internal feature builds
[15:31] Alissa Sabre: 3080 is too broad and can't find the cause from this description...
[15:31] Kamilion Schnook: Maybe "can't currently repro" would be a better choice, if it exists.
[15:32] Aric Linden: actually, in the case of the leopard startup crash: we don't support the grfx card listed
[15:31] Bridie Linden: ok...
[15:31] Bridie Linden: next...

VWR-3082: Japanese Friendlist not fitting too area given

[15:31] Bridie Linden: VWR-3082 - Votes: 0 - Japanese Friendlist not fitting too area given
[15:32] Squirrel Wood: the options in the friend list
[15:31] Alissa Sabre: I examined this
[15:32] Alissa Sabre: the default floater size is too small to show Japanese UI labels
[15:32] Alissa Sabre: so, the Japanese texts overflow from the floater frame
[15:32] Aric Linden: might want to note that
[15:32] Daedalus Young: is that Dazzle specific?
[15:33] Alissa Sabre: no. It happens on the _current_ UI skin.
[15:33] Daedalus Young: ok
[15:33] Alissa Sabre: the issue 3082 is specifically on friend list, but similar thing is occureing on other floaters
[15:33] Alissa Sabre: at this moment, I have no good idea what we should do.
[15:33] Bridie Linden: Can u add that comment Alissa?
[15:33] lissa Sabre: ah, yes.
[15:33] Aric Linden: we should import
[15:33] Bridie Linden nods
[15:34] Bridie Linden: Import!
[15:34] Aric Linden: give it to jaime and make her figure it out.
[15:34] Bridie Linden grins
[15:34] quirrel Wood: run it through QA
[15:34] Alexa Linden: noted
[15:34] Alissa Sabre: I forgt the date, but
[15:34] Alissa Sabre: on our first I18N triage,
[15:34] Daedalus Young: you can use Google to search that, Alissa
[15:34] Alissa Sabre: we discussed something on the size of the translated text
[15:35] Alissa Sabre: the answer at that moment was "the upcoming skinning project will solve it!"
[15:35] Squirrel Wood: and that process is still in the works
[15:35] Squirrel Wood: or project
[15:36] Alissa Sabre: ... and I'm wating for THE output from the project.
[15:34] Bridie Linden: next up...

(Slightly off topic) Unsupported graphics card issues

[15:34] Kamilion Schnook: Quick question, do we have a meta-issue for unsupported graphics cards?
[15:35] Bridie Linden: Not sure Kam...
[15:36] Kamilion Schnook: One of my older issues, VWR-520 should probably be a meta-issue for unsupported graphics
[15:36] Bridie Linden: Digging now Kam...
[15:36] Vahn Dagger: ao on
[15:37] Kamilion Schnook: short explanation, add fallback software MESA rendering DLL for unsupported gfx.
[15:37] Torley Linden: Kamilion, I don't recall seeing an existing meta-issue for unsupported graphics cards.
[15:37] Bridie Linden: Please look into creating a meta issue Kam
[15:37] Bridie Linden: I don't see one either
[15:38] Alissa Sabre: discussing gfx issue, I want to make sure that
[15:38] Alissa Sabre: you don't simply ignroe the issues on unsupported card, right?
[15:38] Kamilion Schnook: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-520 <--- Should I start relating unsupported gfx to that or create a new meta-issue?
[15:43] Kamilion Schnook: VWR-3099 is now a Meta-issue for issues relating to unsupported or poorly supported graphics cards -- please link any issues relating to this there. </OT>
[15:43] Bridie Linden: Thx Kam
[15:43] Kamilion Schnook: Already linked 520 there, as it should solve most of those problems, if implimented. ^_^

[15:37] Bridie Linden: ok, back to the agenda...
[15:37] Bridie Linden: last crit..

VWR-3084: Dramatic drop in frame rate after the first use of the new search engine.

[15:38] Bridie Linden: VWR-3084 - Votes: 0 - Dramatic drop in frame rate after the first use of the new search engine.
[15:38] Aric Linden: we should import 3084
[15:38] Aric Linden: assign it to james and let him sort it out.
[15:38] Aric Linden: it's an interesting dichotomy
[15:38] Bridie Linden nods @ aric
[15:38] aedalus Young: I didn't test 3084 yet
[15:39] Daedalus Young: but my framerates seem pretty normal
[15:39] Bridie Linden: Trying it now Daed?
[15:39] Daedalus Young: it actually just went up a bit
[15:40] Daedalus Young: I'll try in a more... empty location ater
[15:39] Bridie Linden: well, let's import and investigate anyway...
[15:39] Bridie Linden: er, have James investigate :)
[15:39] Aric Linden: the differences between stories is interesting
[15:40] Alexa Linden: noted
[15:40] Bridie Linden: 2 on the major list...

VWR-3064: Land Search does not show Description Text for any parcel selected in Search

[15:40] Bridie Linden: VWR-3064 - Votes: 1 - Land Search does not show Description Text for any parcel selected in Search
[15:40] Aric Linden: I'm wondering if this was a data problem
[15:40] Bridie Linden: Can someone give it a quick try?
[15:41] Harleen Gretzky: No description for me
[15:41] Alissa Sabre: me too.
[15:41] Alissa Sabre: it consistently shows nothing on description
[15:41] Bridie Linden: Another one for James + company then...
[15:41] Bridie Linden: Alexa, pls import
[15:41] Alexa Linden: noted
[15:42] Bridie Linden: Harleens is up next:

VWR-3079: New Search: Top Picks in on avatar display is not in the correct order

[15:42] Bridie Linden: VWR-3079 - Votes: 0 - New Search: Top Picks in on avatar display is not in the correct order
[15:42] Daedalus Young: seems to repro, yes
[15:42] Harleen Gretzky: :)
[15:43] Bridie Linden: I would try this but...
[15:43] Harleen Gretzky: Some people work hard to get their picks in their profile in the right order, but the order in top picks seems to have no particular order
[15:44] Bridie Linden: Shall we import 3079 for James + crew then?
[15:44] Saz Upshaw shouts: don't drown
[15:44] Daedalus Young: yes, seeing 3079 here too
[15:44] Torley Linden: Great, thanks for starting that up.
[15:44] Aric Linden: go for the import alexa
[15:44] Aric Linden: james will be so happy
[15:44] Bridie Linden: Moving on to the Normal list...
[15:45] Bridie Linden: but remembering to save time for Alissa...let's try for 2 more

VWR-2410: noise dot appear in chat window when clien running long with chatting

[15:45] Bridie Linden: VWR-2410 - Votes: 8 - noise dot appear in chat window when clien running long with chatting.
[15:45] Alissa Sabre: 2410 is a variation of long living headache
[15:45] Alissa Sabre: for Japanese/Chinese/korean speakers
[15:45] Torley Linden: VWR-2410 sounds weird... !
[15:46] Alissa Sabre: I strongly support to incorporate the attached patch.
[15:46] Torley Linden: Looks like very comprehensive information from march Korda on that.
[15:46] Bridie Linden: 2410 is already imported
[15:46] Daedalus Young: was just noticing that
[15:46] Alissa Sabre: oh, really? good
[15:46] Torley Linden: 2410 is queued for internal triage. It should be gotten to soon.
[15:46] Daedalus Young: Linden Lab Issue ID: DEV-5834
[15:46] Alissa Sabre: ok.

VWR-3058: Second Life Crashes on Install on Korean Windows XP if they have default Korean Text as windows xp user name

[15:46] Bridie Linden: VWR-3058 - Votes: 1 - Second Life Crashes on Install on Korean Windows XP if they have default Korean Text as windows xp user name
[15:46] Harleen Gretzky: patch attached too
[15:47] lissa Sabre: I believe 3058 is a dupe from an old bug
[15:47] Kamilion Schnook: Sounds like a unicode issue getting to the Docs&Settings/username path to me, Bridie.
[15:47] Alissa Sabre: however, I believe the old bug has been solved already
[15:47] Alissa Sabre: I mean VWR-296
[15:48] ridie Linden: So import 3058?
[15:49] Alexa Linden: assign to...
[15:49] Bridie Linden: jaime or aric??
[15:49] Aric Linden: jaime
[15:49] Alexa Linden: noted
[15:49] Daedalus Young: anybody has a translation of those comments? :|
[15:49] Alissa Sabre: ah, it says the same thing as English

VWR-2826: Several problems on handling Japanese input (and possiblly Chinese/Korean also)

[15:50] Bridie Linden: Let's stop the agenda and give the floor to Alissa?
[15:50] Alissa Sabre: wow, thanks
[15:50] lissa Sabre: I want to talks a little bit on VWR-2946
[15:50] Bridie Linden: VWR-2826 - Votes: 142 - Several problems on handling Japanese input (and possiblly Chinese/Korean also)
[15:50] Alissa Sabre: It may be my fault, but I put a lot of different issues in one JIRA filing.
[15:51] Alissa Sabre: because I thought it was easy to fix it when I first filed
[15:51] Alissa Sabre: however, for some reason, the bug persisted in, the official release version.
[15:51] Alissa Sabre: and the issue caused a looooot of complains during Japanese speaking residents
[15:52] Alissa Sabre: currently japanese speaking SL residents' blogs are full of the complains
[15:52] Torley Linden: Oh that's good to know for context, Alissa...
[15:52] Bridie Linden nods
[15:52] Torley Linden: I appreciate your expertise on the Japanese Internationalization front.
[15:52] Alissa Sabre: so, I want to make it "fixed - closed." soon.
[15:52] Alissa Sabre: however, on,
[15:52] Alissa Sabre: the issues are only partly fixed, really.
[15:52] Alissa Sabre: most of the serious ones are fixed.
[15:53] Alissa Sabre: thank you for LL's effort on fixing them.
[15:53] Alissa Sabre: and some minor ones are left.
[15:53] Bridie Linden: Aric, was your team going to do a bit more QA on Simon's fixes?
[15:53] Alissa Sabre: I think those unfixed minor ones are OK for the moment, although I can't speak for other 140 voters.
[15:53] Alissa Sabre: what should I do?
[15:53] Alissa Sabre: that's what I want to talk today.
[15:54] Alissa Sabre: and if possible, I want to see some words on this issue in your release note on the upcoming offical release of 1.18.5 series.
[15:54] Alissa Sabre: to calm down Japanese users.
[15:54] Aric Linden: some of the changes are still in dev and getting ready for qa. simon has been really focused on havok stuff but broke away to do some of this stuff
[15:54] Alissa Sabre: Yes, I know it.
[15:55] Aric Linden: so I'd expect that we'll see the rest of the fixes in the next few weeks.
[15:55] Alissa Sabre: Simon Liden wrote the complete fix will be in 1.19
[15:55] Aric Linden: As I pointed out when I closed the issue, we were/are working on the problem. unfortunately simon was pulled onto other work
[15:56] Aric Linden: Alissa, yes that's correct.
[15:56] Alissa Sabre: will 1.19 released with in a few weeks?
[15:56] Aric Linden: the release candidate will
[15:56] Alissa Sabre: Ok.
[15:56] Aric Linden: does that make sense?
[15:56] Alissa Sabre: yes.
[15:56] Alissa Sabre: 1.18.5 works mostly fine.
[15:56] Bridie Linden: most of the issues will be fixed in the 1.18.5 series tho
[15:56] Aric Linden: I'm sorry about the confusion earlier about this
[15:56] Alissa Sabre: it has no critical issues regarding Japanese input.
[15:57] Alissa Sabre: soooooo,
[15:57] Alissa Sabre: I think I should close 2946 with a comment something like "major issues are solved"
[15:58] Alissa Sabre: and create another issue that covers remnant issues.
[15:58] Bridie Linden: we can note it in next release notes
[15:58] Alissa Sabre: and link 2946 to it.
[15:58] Alissa Sabre: that way, you can add in the release note that 2946 is fixed.
[15:58] Alissa Sabre: well, I just want to see in your official release note that 2946 is fixed.
[15:58] Bridie Linden: sounds good!
[15:58] Bridie Linden: ok, we're closing in on 4pm
[15:58] Bridie Linden: Lots of good ground covered!

VWR-3070: New Search window does not minimize properly

[15:58] Kamilion Schnook: Bridie: An import on VWR-3070 would be helpful, looks like it's just a one or two line fix in the xml for the floater. I kinda crashed just before you gave the floor to Alissa.
[15:58] Torley Linden: :D
[15:59] Bridie Linden looks @ 3070
[15:59] Bridie Linden: I think there's an internal issue already for 3070...
[15:59] Bridie Linden: cross link Alexa?
[15:59] Kamilion Schnook: Good then it's all clear. :D
[15:59] Torley Linden: *looks at 3070 too*
[16:00] Torley Linden: 3070 sounds like internal DEV-5875


[15:58] Alexa Linden: thanks everyone :D
[15:58] Torley Linden: Thanx each and all for coming and helping us make sense of these oncoming issues!
[15:59] Bridie Linden: now, everyone download Windlight and enjoy!
[16:00] Kamilion Schnook: Bridie, speaking of which, do we post jira bugs for windlight 18.5 in the normal 18.5 category?
[16:00] Kamilion Schnook: or does it have a seperate one?
[16:00] Torley Linden: Yup have a lovely day all, I've got to go too... I'll followup with WindLight issues and remember that we've got WindLight Office Hours too -- see Pastrami's blog post @ http://blog.secondlife.com for times.
[16:00] Torley Linden: Kamilion: Affects Version/s = WindLight
[16:00] Kamilion Schnook: Roger that!
[16:01] Torley Linden: First Look: WindLight, it's at the bottom of the scrolly list.
[16:01] Torley Linden: Thanks for asking! =D