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Agenda [2:32] Davy Linden: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Thursday_Agenda for anyone who didnt already see it

[2:32] Louise Linden: right so lets gets started

[2:32] Yann Dufaux: well, i search an bugs invisible avataar in the prims whtout zoom, for post a picture but i don't find

[2:33] Louise Linden: First up is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13966

[2:33] Louise Linden: black user interface in 1.23

[2:33] Karoline Merlin: Need to rezz an PRIM to show an bug example via a pic i 've done earlier i'am allowed to do so?

[2:34] Louise Linden: Karoline, you can add agenda items to the end of the list if your bug is not already on there

[2:34] Yann Dufaux: yeah, no reprod and no pictures?

[2:34] Karoline Merlin: allrigth

[2:35] Yann Dufaux: because i have notice some black sreen in viewer and not in interface .. but if i change the hardware graphic setting only

[2:36] Louise Linden: I think we need some screen shots and repro steps

[2:36] Karoline Merlin: nods

[2:36] Yann Dufaux: yep :)

[2:36] Davy Linden: agreed

[2:36] Yann Dufaux: if i can test on snowglob after :)

[2:36] Sarkan Dreamscape: me the same... happened only twice in PN, change the graphis settings to Low and then back to Ultra, fixed the issue for me

[2:37] Louise Linden: Sarkan could you add that as a comment to the jira for me?

[2:37] Karoline Merlin: Can't use ultra, it laggs deadly

[2:37] Sarkan Dreamscape: yes

[2:37] Louise Linden: thanks

[2:37] Gnome Inkpen: I haven't seen a bug like this yet, only hear about it happening on Windows Vista, I'm on a Mac

[2:37] Karoline Merlin: XP here

[2:37] Sarkan Dreamscape: but now i'm not in the same pc, i'll do later when i can paste the PC specs, it's ok?

[2:37] Louise Linden: yeah thats great thanks!

[2:38] Louise Linden: Next up is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13989 Lighting > Only 2 lights visible when "Basic Shaders" are active.

[2:38] Yann Dufaux: i have seven, and snowglob :)

[2:38] Yann Dufaux: little crazy :)

[2:39] Davy Linden: is this a dupe of VWR-13110?

[2:39] Louise Linden: hmm very possibly

[2:40] Davy Linden: which is already being worked on

[2:40] Louise Linden: Shall we ask for some screen shots so we can take a proper look

[2:40] Louise Linden: and a SS of the graphics floater

[2:40] Sarkan Dreamscape: there are duplicate for sure

[2:41] Louise Linden: the descriptions are identicle

[2:41] Sarkan Dreamscape: yes but the 13110 has screenshot

[2:42] Davy Linden: mark as duplicate?

[2:42] Louise Linden: yup

[2:42] Louise Linden: ok so next on the list is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13339 Setting Graphic Hardware Options before Logging in results in Corrupted dialogs

[2:43] Davy Linden: I've seen this before. I suspect it's also a dupe

[2:43] Karoline Merlin: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek that happened to me

[2:43] Yann Dufaux: yeah :)

[2:44] Sarkan Dreamscape: i'm trying to repro in this pc

[2:44] Louise Linden: Davy, can we try and track down the possible dupe?

[2:44] Yann Dufaux: same of my report : https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13045

[2:44] Davy Linden: I'll look for dupe, and import if I don't find it?

[2:45] Louise Linden: yup sounds good

[2:45] Yann Dufaux: after if i active the anisotropic and shadows ..

[2:45] Louise Linden: Yann, I'm not sure of thats the exact same issue

[2:46] Yann Dufaux: well, if is not same is caused by an hardware setup :)

[2:46] Louise Linden: Your seeing grey squares where icons should be, where as this report seems to affect text

[2:46] Louise Linden: OK davy. I'm happy with your suggestion

[2:47] Gnome Inkpen: I've been seeing minor issues with text rendering in popup dialogs, readable, but not clear

[2:47] Yann Dufaux: i have noticed this on AMD platform but i don't know if is on ATI too

[2:47] Karoline Merlin: alot corrupted texure bugs occouring lately

[2:47] Karoline Merlin: *texture even

[2:47] Louise Linden: anyone that's seeing this, can they add thier comments to the jira please?

[2:47] DMC Zsigmond: Hi everyone ;)

[2:47] Gnome Inkpen: Defintely

[2:47] Louise Linden: including steps and system specs?

[2:47] Sarkan Dreamscape: no sorry :(

[2:48] Yann Dufaux: hi dmc :)

[2:48] Louise Linden: next on the agenda https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13414 RC viewer 1.23 - Default camera view switches to "head only" when standing

[2:48] Davy Linden: hi Ellla

[2:48] Ellla McMahon: hello everyone : ))

[2:49] Louise Linden: hi ella, dmc!

[2:49] Yann Dufaux: HEY Ella!! xxxx morning :;)

[2:49] Davy Linden: doesn't repro for me

[2:50] Yann Dufaux: loll linked part bugs wrong site if i selec prims :)

[2:50] Yann Dufaux: geez

[2:50] Louise Linden: doesnt repro for me either

[2:50] Yann Dufaux: no build for tiny :(

[2:50] Sarkan Dreamscape: doesnt repro for me either

[2:51] Louise Linden: ask is they can try the release version

[2:51] Ellla McMahon: no repro for me

[2:51] DMC Zsigmond: excuse me, 2mins afk

[2:51] Davy Linden: ok

[2:51] Louise Linden: if they are still seeing it, ask them for full system specs

[2:51] Louise Linden: (that include viewer etc!)

[2:51] Davy Linden: kk

[2:51] Karoline Merlin: maybe it's connected more with the system then the viewer?

[2:52] Karoline Merlin: i mean PC they use?!

[2:52] Louise Linden: possibly, seeing the system specs woudl give us a good insight

[2:52] Karoline Merlin: nods

[2:52] Louise Linden: so next up is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13431 1.23 RC Group Invitation Resident Chooser is less keyboard-friendly, slows use

[2:52] Gnome Inkpen: Absolutely

[2:53] Sarkan Dreamscape: maybe some wrong settings in Input&Camera?

[2:53] Karoline Merlin: works fine for me

[2:54] Karoline Merlin: and the new Near me feature is a neat implement

[2:54] Karoline Merlin: nothing really bad with it

[2:55] Gnome Inkpen: I haven't had any trouble with the new resident chooder, works fine for me, and yep, the near me feature, works like a charm

[2:55] Ellla McMahon: is this a feature request really .. waiting for more comments & votes ??

[2:56] Louise Linden: it's possible something has changed

[2:56] Louise Linden: I think we should import this one for RX to take a look at

[2:56] Davy Linden: ok

[2:57] Louise Linden: next up: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13628 PRIM_POINT_LIGHT behaving strangly when shone on to mega prims

[2:58] Karoline Merlin: Hrmm seems to be connected to the 2 ligth issue

[2:58] DMC Zsigmond: deal pretty heavily in megas here, but unfortunately haven't had a chance to check this, interesting....

[3:00] Yann Dufaux: you see the light?

[3:00] Karoline Merlin: Need to get rezzed 2 Megas and see what happens if you stand wearing a ligth on them

[3:00] Gnome Inkpen: Havent seen this yet, I don't do much with mega prims, I deal with mostly tiny things. :D

[3:00] Karoline Merlin: Yeah

[3:00] Karoline Merlin: i see the ligth

[3:00] Karoline Merlin: but those screens are regular PRIMs

[3:01] Yann Dufaux: hu? i don't see .. well

[3:01] Karoline Merlin: Go to middnigth you can see it better

[3:01] Yann Dufaux: auto parcel return?

[3:02] Karoline Merlin: Oh And maybe some users haven't upgraded also to the newest hardware driver

[3:02] Karoline Merlin: yeah parcel return is active set to 2 minutes here i see

[3:02] Davy Linden: OpenGL Version: 3.0.0, so it's not an old driver, Karoline

[3:03] Karoline Merlin: I could rezz two Meags together and checking what happens if some one stnds on them wearing a ligth

[3:03] Karoline Merlin: But

[3:03] Karoline Merlin: shrughs

[3:03] Louise Linden: I think we'll just import it over to qa, we'll take a look there

[3:03] Louise Linden: (where we have more time!)

[3:03] Davy Linden: ok

[3:04] Karoline Merlin: nods

[3:04] Louise Linden: thanks for the offer though Karoline

[3:04] Louise Linden: so next is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13847 Voice IM volume resets to midpoint when you enter spacial voice range of the other person.

[3:04] Karoline Merlin: no problem you're welcome

[3:06] Louise Linden: Ella has made a good point on this one

[3:06] Louise Linden: there were volume issues in earlier RCs

[3:06] Yann Dufaux: hmm .. i can try to reprod later to day :)

[3:06] Karoline Merlin: is glad not beeing able to use voice :P

[3:06] Louise Linden: They should try again with the 1.23 release and see if they are still experiencing it

[3:06] Karoline Merlin: WB Ella

[3:06] Yann Dufaux: wb Ella!!! :)

[3:07] Ellla McMahon: thank you : )

[3:07] Yann Dufaux: well Ella make a very good work-team in jiras :D

[3:07] Davy Linden: NMI / is it still happening?

[3:07] Louise Linden: yes please!

[3:07] Davy Linden: k

[3:07] Louise Linden: next up https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13768 if you get more than one teleport request you get teleported to the last request even if you select any of the others

[3:08] Karoline Merlin: Hrmm getting more then one TP offer usually crashs me

[3:09] Louise Linden: interesting. I think we should import that one to qa and we can go andf take a look

[3:09] Davy Linden: will do

[3:09] Louise Linden: next is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13865 Cursor doesnt return to proper location in Code Editing when scrolling with arrow keys, Fake Tabs - Chr(9)

[3:11] Louise Linden: it appears the reporter has reported the same bug mutiple times. I think we should try and track down the dupes and see what the status is

[3:11] Davy Linden: I think I've seen similar reports before

[3:12] Karoline Merlin: Maybe since mono got implemented?

[3:12] Davy Linden: I'll try to find dupe

[3:12] Louise Linden: ok thanks davy

[3:12] Karoline Merlin: mono causes alot problems lately

[3:12] Louise Linden: next is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13925 Dialog boxes have the colors backwards (yellow/gray) when setting land for sale.

[3:14] Gnome Inkpen: Would probably be helpful to see some screenshots

[3:15] Karoline Merlin: Well Louise can try to reproduce it on her land rigth here now i believe

[3:15] Louise Linden: I've just been able to repro that, I think we should import to qa

[3:16] Yann Dufaux: i can try in opensim local :)

[3:16] Davy Linden: ok

[3:16] DMC Zsigmond: starting opensim vm also

[3:17] Louise Linden: skipping the next one as it has been fixed

[3:17] Karoline Merlin: which was it?

[3:17] Louise Linden: just not marked as such. Davy could you mark it please

[3:17] Louise Linden: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13429

[3:17] Davy Linden: k

[3:18] Louise Linden: so instead https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13554 Orange gas cloud in top right of display - wont go away

[3:18] Karoline Merlin: okay not the issue i'am realy concerned rigth now

[3:18] Karoline Merlin: Err the last one which was solved i mean

[3:18] Davy Linden: that looks like hud particles

[3:18] Karoline Merlin: Heheh

[3:18] Davy Linden: if it is, it won't be a problem now. they're disabled by default

[3:19] Louise Linden: yup

[3:19] Louise Linden: its not a bug

[3:19] Davy Linden: nmi / still a problem?

[3:19] Gnome Inkpen: Yep, seems like HUD particles

[3:19] Davy Linden: expected behaviour?

[3:19] Louise Linden: i think so

[3:19] Davy Linden: ok

[3:20] Louise Linden: can you add a comment to explain HUD partciles and that they shouls be disbaled by default now, then close please

[3:20] Davy Linden: yeah

[3:20] DMC Zsigmond: Yann what version of opensim are yourunning>?

[3:20] Louise Linden: next up https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13930 When opening boxed items, the popup preferences for moving 'no copy' items appears to be reset randomly

[3:20] Sarkan Dreamscape: in the comment say that removing the hugger in her arm, fixed the thing...

[3:23] Louise Linden: i think this might warrent an import to QA

[3:24] Davy Linden: ok

[3:24] Louise Linden: So next is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-13621 Antialiasing controls are non-functional.

[3:24] Karoline Merlin: doesn't want to sound stupid or dumb now but asks " What's QA???!"

[3:24] Louise Linden: we're QA1

[3:24] Louise Linden: Quality Assurance

[3:24] Karoline Merlin: Ahh Gotcha

[3:24] Karoline Merlin: giggles

[3:24] Louise Linden: we're the team that do all the testing etc!

[3:25] Louise Linden: when we import to qa, it means one of the team will go and investigate the issue and try and narrow down a repro where possible

[3:25] Karoline Merlin: kk

[3:26] Davy Linden: this looks like a dupe of VWR-13182

[3:26] Karoline Merlin: Seems to have to do with the ATI graphic cards

[3:27] Karoline Merlin: NVidia works just fine, changed to antiaialising without problems

[3:27] Karoline Merlin: and back

[3:27] Davy Linden: VWR-13182 is already imported

[3:28] DMC Zsigmond: could be a number of things

[3:28] Louise Linden: mark as dupe? we're already looking into VWR-13182

[3:28] Davy Linden: ok

[3:28] DMC Zsigmond: running the catalyst ai (driver optimizations) can affect that

[3:29] DMC Zsigmond: NMI from my pov

[3:30] Louise Linden: Right times up!

[3:30] Louise Linden: thanks everyone for turning up!

[3:30] Davy Linden: thanks, everyone

[3:30] DMC Zsigmond: np, ;)

[3:30] Karoline Merlin: Uhmm

[3:30] Louise Linden: NExt week I'll get the agenda up much earlier so you can all take a look

[3:30] Karoline Merlin: Damn

[3:30] DMC Zsigmond: Sure

[3:30] Karoline Merlin: I wanted to bring up the Group Chat IM issue

[3:31] Gnome Inkpen: Thank you Louise and Davy! :D

[3:31] DMC Zsigmond: cya guys :)

[3:31] DMC Zsigmond: tc DMC

[3:31] Sarkan Dreamscape: bye to all, and take care

[3:31] Davy Linden: bye all