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About me

Want to see some of my favorite places within the worlds? :D Check this page out! Gnome Inkpen's Fave Places!

Inv item script.png Scripting

Inv item object.png Building

Inv item texture.png Texturing

Tool dozer active.png Terraforming

Wrench.png Tinkering

Contact me

Feel free to IM me in-world at anytime. (Offline IMs go directly to inbox > For help or just to say "WHY Hello THAR". Please also check my in-world profile picks, over time I have gotten a lot of questions about Second Life, so I have compiled some Tips & Tricks for everyone in my profile picks or right here Tips and Tricks!

Where am I?

I'm everywhere! I spend a lot of time at Help Islands, sandboxes (Sandbox Goguen, Sandbox Cordova etc.) and I also try to attend as many Linden Office_hours as possible. Oh and of course, Here.

What do I do in Second Life?

Happeh_Mentors is a mentor group I have recently created, after hearing the announcement of the official volunteer program coming to an end in favor of the new Resident_Help_Network. I wanted to contribute to the new project, and in turn I created Happeh_Mentors take a look at the Happeh Mentors page for info on how to become a mentor.

OpenSource I created this group with the intention of helping users with creating and distributing open source content, within Second Life. It is an open enrollment group, so feel free to join!


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