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KBcaution.png Important: As of 2011-03-15, Torley's main region was renamed to "Torley". There are three regions in "Torley island": Torley, Is, and Here. Funny, eh?

Friendly greetings! Torley Linden's island in Second Life is focused on expanding your mind to Second Life's creative possibilities, so explore and enjoy.


Were you Here?

Check out Torley island pictures taken by fellow Residents, and add your own on Flickr!
KBnote.png Note: Enter "Torley" to visit the main region.

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The story of Torley island (formerly "Here")

In Torley's words in July 2008...

After all this time, I finally have an island. I mean, it was an eventuality... I began my Second Life with no land, and even when I started working for Linden Lab, I usually scrounged parcels here and there. Sometimes I'd "camp out" on other Lindens' land when reproducing bugs and running other tests.

Things came together gradually. I:

  • Kept getting asked by awesome Residents where video tutorials could be watched inworld.
  • Wanted an increasing amount of space to advance research & development — you know that show MythBusters? I do the same sort of thing in SL.
  • Needed a place to store example content objects referred to in my videos. (It's frustrating to follow an older video up to the end, only to find featured "Come here and get this!" items no longer exist!)
  • Believe it's of the utmost importance for Linden Lab employees to understand Second Life by simply being a part of it and doing casual everyday stuff. Here is my manifestation of that.

Among other reasons. And so, I packed up my stuff from my longtime inworld residence of the Linden Village in Grasmere, and have since moved... Here.

Special thanx to Harmony Linden & Concierge Team for getting me setup, my wife Ravenelle Zugzwang for being my collaborator — some things, like wildly gesticulating at a computer screen and say "Move that Here!" (ha, puns) are still easier done in first life — and of course, thank you for visiting.

If you possess a curiosity to contact me, you may do so here. I warmly welcome your awesomeness!


Stuff that was Here, but no longer is. Hence, Was.