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Name Creator Description
ARCFOUR Strong Encryption Implementation Nekow42 Zarf An LSL implementation of ARCFOUR, the most popular stream cipher still in use. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
Basic Encryption Modules Beverly Larkin Basic encryption scripts, allows you to encrypt a float and shout it to another prim on a randomly chosen channel.
Encrypted Region-wide chat Kireji Haiku (talk|contribs) Encrypted Region-wide chat
Password Generator Syntrax Canucci This is an over-complicated, semi-complex password generator, which goes through multiple steps.
Random Password Generator Jor3l Boa Generate Random passwords based on String Length.
SHA-1 Hash Strife Onizuka Performs a SHA-1 Hash on an input text. Similar to MD5 only (slightly) more secure.
SHA-2 Hash Strife Onizuka Performs a SHA-2 Hash on an input text. Similar to SHA-1 only (slightly) more secure.
XTEA Strong Encryption Implementation Morse Dillon An LSL implementation of XTEA (eXtended Tiny Encryption Algorithm). This is the first known public release of a 'real' strong encryption implementation in LSL and is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).