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experience_error is a subtype of integer.

The functions and constants in this category all take or return an experience_error parameter. Events in this category expose an experience_error parameter.


experience_error values are often made up of one or more of the following special values:

LSL Constant Message returned via llGetExperienceErrorMessage Description
XP_ERROR_NONE 0 no error No error was detected.
XP_ERROR_THROTTLED 1 exceeded throttle The call failed due to too many recent calls.
XP_ERROR_EXPERIENCES_DISABLED 2 experiences are disabled The region currently has experiences disabled.
XP_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETERS 3 invalid parameters One of the string arguments was too big to fit in the key-value store.
XP_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED 4 operation not permitted Experience permissions were denied by the user.
XP_ERROR_NO_EXPERIENCE 5 script not associated with an experience This script is not associated with an experience.
XP_ERROR_NOT_FOUND 6 not found The sim was unable to verify the validity of the experience. Retrying after a short wait is advised.
XP_ERROR_INVALID_EXPERIENCE 7 invalid experience The script is associated with an experience that no longer exists.
XP_ERROR_EXPERIENCE_DISABLED 8 experience is disabled The experience owner has temporarily disabled the experience.
XP_ERROR_EXPERIENCE_SUSPENDED 9 experience is suspended The experience has been suspended by Linden Lab customer support.
XP_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ERROR 10 unknown error An unknown error not covered by any of the other predetermined error states.
XP_ERROR_QUOTA_EXCEEDED 11 experience data quota exceeded An attempt to write data to the key-value store failed due to the data quota being met.
XP_ERROR_STORE_DISABLED 12 key-value store is disabled They key-value store is currently disabled on this region.
XP_ERROR_STORAGE_EXCEPTION 13 key-value store communication failed Unable to communicate with the key-value store.
XP_ERROR_KEY_NOT_FOUND 14 key doesn't exist They requested key does not exist.
XP_ERROR_RETRY_UPDATE 15 retry update A checked update failed due to an out of date request.
XP_ERROR_MATURITY_EXCEEDED 16 experience content rating too high The content rating of the experience exceeds that of the region.
XP_ERROR_NOT_PERMITTED_LAND 17 not allowed to run on this land The experience is blocked or not enabled for this land.
XP_ERROR_REQUEST_PERM_TIMEOUT 18 experience permissions request timed out The request for experience permissions was ignored.