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A vector is a data type that contains a set of three float values.


Each element can be accessed individually by appending .x, .y, or .z to the variable name.

vector vec;
float x = vec.x;
float y = vec.y;
float z = vec.z;


Vectors can be used to hold the following:

  • Position: x, y and z are in metres.
  • Velocity: x, y and z represent speeds.
  • Colour: Red is x, Green is y and Blue is z.


Vectors support the following operations:

  • Addition, Operator "+"
  • Subtraction, Operator "-"
  • Multiplication (Dot Product), Operator "*"
  • Cross Product, Operator "%"

A vector can be multiplied or divided by a Quaternion to rotate it.

A vector can be multiplied or divided by a Float or Integer to scale it.


vector test=<1.0, 2.0, 3.0>;
llOwnerSay((string)test.z); // Outputs 3.0

Useful Snippets

integer IsVector(string s)
    list split = llParseString2List(s, [" "], ["<", ">", ","]);
    if(llGetListLength(split) != 7)//we must check the list length, or the next test won't work properly.
        return FALSE;
    return !((string)((vector)s) == (string)((vector)((string)llListInsertList(split, ["-"], 5))));
    //it works by trying to flip the sign on the Z element of the vector,
    //if it works or breaks the vector then the values won't match.
    //if the vector was already broken then the sign flip will have no affect and the values will match
    //we cast back to string so we can catch negative zero which allows for support of ZERO_VECTOR
}//Strife Onizuka


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