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Second Life allows video to be played in world on the sides of prims by replacing the texture with a video stream. Movies can not be uploaded to Second Life, but a URL to a movie stream is used instead.

Quicktime is used in the client to play the movie so only Quicktime compatible formats currently work, though with the client now open source, someone may come up with a wrapper for other video players and formats.

The thumbrule is if it can play in Quicktime, then it can probably play in Second life.

To set which texture to replace and what movie URL to play, use the llParcelMediaCommandList function.

To determine information about the video on the current parcel, use llParcelMediaQuery

You can also give the appearance of playing a movie by animating a texture. This is done with the llSetTextureAnim function.

Video cannot be recorded with LSL, but it can be recorded with the client.

Videos streamed inworld will be placed on a texture. It is a little odd determining exactly what that texture size is, so most people use the auto-align function to make the video automatically aligned. Basic tests have shown that this increases client lag significantly possibly due to multiple calculations occurring on every video frame.

If the video streamed in does not have a dimension at 64, 256, 512, or 1024 and it is not auto-aligned, then there will be a gray border on that dimension because the video appears placed on a texture that has the next boundary up. This is irrespective of the texture that is being substituted with video.

For additional information see How To Show Video in SL.



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