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Transcript for Thursday September 1, 2011

[12:58] Peewee Musytari is jeremy
[12:58] Peewee Musytari \o/ "YAYYYY!!!"
[12:58] Peewee Musytari ||
[12:58] Peewee Musytari _/\_
[12:58] Jeremy Linden Hullo!
[12:58] Venus Petrov hiya Jeremy
[12:58] Squirrely Wrath (squirrel.wood) Oy. A Lindoom :)
[12:58] Adamburp Adamczyk hey jeremy
[12:58] Peewee Musytari he still loves us :)
[12:58] Vincent Nacon I dunno about that
[12:58] Jeremy Linden Hey, I'm not a doomsday Linden :-O
[12:58] Adamburp Adamczyk jere is one of the GOOD ones
[12:58] Squirrely Wrath (squirrel.wood) ^^
[12:58] oobscure (opensource.obscure) :D
[12:59] Adamburp Adamczyk just you this week jer?
[12:59] Torben (torben.trautman) hi all
[12:59] Venus Petrov Peewee how are you gonna drum your hands?
[12:59] Jeremy Linden Rand is also supposed to be here!
[12:59] Venus Petrov hi torben
[13:00] Vincent Nacon well he got one minute
[13:00] Vincent Nacon on wait n/m
[13:00] Vincent Nacon oh*
[13:00] Jeremy Linden Lexie's going to be gone for awhile longer, so you guys are still stuck with me.
[13:00] Venus Petrov hey Storm
[13:00] Torben (torben.trautman) hehe Jeremy
[13:00] Venus Petrov how long is awhile?
[13:00] Adamburp Adamczyk that's cool jeremey
[13:00] Vincent Nacon I'm sure he's not that bad
[13:00] Peewee Musytari why she hiding from us?
[13:00] Torben (torben.trautman) you mean you´re stuck with us ;)
[13:00] Squirrely Wrath (squirrel.wood) stuck? Put that superglue away.... ^^
[13:00] oobscure (opensource.obscure) hiding ?
[13:00] Storm Clarence hi everyone
[13:01] Vincent Nacon because you're annyoing or something?
[13:01] Torben (torben.trautman) hi sotrm
[13:01] Vincent Nacon muhaha!
[13:01] Torben (torben.trautman) storm even
[13:01] Jeremy Linden Maybe I am!
[13:01] Peewee Musytari we scared lexie away talking about support again
[13:01] Jeremy Linden Hello! We're glad you made it. Welcome to... THE FUTURE!
[13:01] Peewee Musytari she hasn`t been back since
[13:01] Jeremy Linden I do have some annoying gestures :-D
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk oh i LOVE support!
[13:01] Storm Clarence hi peewee a pleasure to meet you
[13:01] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Mari
[13:01] Squirrely Wrath (squirrel.wood) there are no soup ports :p
[13:01] Adamburp Adamczyk they just pulled a blionder this week!
[13:01] Vincent Nacon oh I didn't mean you, Jeremy
[13:01] Venus Petrov hey Mari
[13:01] Peewee Musytari hey hey storm!!!
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk full sim > 1/2 a sim > no sim!
[13:02] Peewee Musytari wow see Jeremy everyone has come to meet you hehe
[13:02] Venus Petrov hey Liisa
[13:02] Marianne McCann Hiya
[13:02] Marianne McCann Thanks, Jeremy
[13:02] Jeremy Linden Wow, I'm popular!
[13:02] Liisa Runo Liisa Runo whispers: hiyas
[13:02] Adamburp Adamczyk hey marianne :
[13:02] Peewee Musytari did even Rand desert us?
[13:02] Marianne McCann Everyone's just so fond of your fancy hat, Jeremy
[13:03] Jeremy Linden Ah, that must be it. I kept it from that one time that Jon, Kate and I dressed up as the 3 Musketeers :-D
[13:03] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:03] Torben (torben.trautman) awww
[13:03] Adamburp Adamczyk Adamburp Adamczyk puts "gag of the week" away since only jeremy's here
[13:03] Torben (torben.trautman) *good* old times
[13:03] oobscure (opensource.obscure) agenda ?
[13:04] Jeremy Linden Lessee, Agenda:
[13:04] Vincent Nacon or news first?
[13:04] Adamburp Adamczyk read jeremey' profiel erf display names
[13:04] Jeremy Linden I can only cover some of the agenda, since I don't know Lexie's stuff.
[13:04] Adamburp Adamczyk Adamburp Adamczyk was ogoing to use "happy birthday lexie" as a display name
[13:04] Venus Petrov Jeremy, do you know when she will be able to join CTUG again?
[13:05] Peewee Musytari lexie stuff is easy....Update on Answer....its still broke...done :)
[13:05] Jeremy Linden Venus, I think Lexie said she'd be back in about a month.
[13:05] Vincent Nacon yeah don't do that, Adam, you'd be stuck with it for a while
[13:05] Venus Petrov thank you
[13:06] Jeremy Linden As for the Knowledge Base, I'm still working on Mesh stuff, and I'll be consolidating and updating all those articles about how to connect to SL if you're behind a firewall (corporate or otherwise)
[13:06] Jeremy Linden Rand has been working on some special projects that I'll let him talk about when he gets here :-)
[13:07] Jeremy Linden Hm. And it appears that ALL the agenda items were for Lexie :-X
[13:07] Peewee Musytari did u get the stuff you asked for about mesh tools input?
[13:07] Marianne McCann Oops
[13:08] Jeremy Linden Ooh, to be honest, I haven't checked recently. I notice that some people have definitely been contributing, though!
[13:08] Marianne McCann I should poke about for an apt place for Robin Sojourner's mesh tutorial things
[13:09] Jeremy Linden Ah, yes! Currently, most of the tutorial information that deals with specific tools is captured under
[13:09] Peewee Musytari kewl
[13:10] Torben (torben.trautman) hi Rand
[13:10] Peewee Musytari yay its rand
[13:10] Marianne McCann Welcome, Rand
[13:10] Peewee Musytari hewo
[13:10] Venus Petrov hi Rand
[13:10] Rand (rand.linden) Howdy all!
[13:10] Adamburp Adamczyk hi rand
[13:10] Squirrely Wrath (squirrel.wood) You are just in time to be too late ;)
[13:10] Jeremy Linden I also found a neat series on creating rigged mesh clothing, but I havent' had a chance to evaluate it yet. It's almost as long as a feature film:
[13:10] Rand (rand.linden) haha
[13:11] Peewee Musytari nice one thanks jeremy
[13:11] Marianne McCann Ya, I know Robin's on UV and mesh is about 20+ minutes (all three parts)
[13:11] Jeremy Linden Hey Rand! I promised everyone you'd talk about your special proejcts in the KB :-)
[13:11] Vincent Nacon in other words, I'll skip right to the end
[13:11] Marianne McCann I can only imagine anything in depth on rigging has got to be huge
[13:11] Rand (rand.linden) ah ok just a sec
[13:12] Rand (rand.linden) Well one thing we just published today is
[13:12] Rand (rand.linden) This goes along with some new features of premium membership and promotions, etc.
[13:12] Jeremy Linden It's very helpful for us to be able to point to detailed tutorials... We may know how the SL tools work, but you guys are often more experienced at using them :-)
[13:12] Marianne McCann Ah, was wondering when the premium Sandbox stuff would go live
[13:13] Rand (rand.linden) Basically you get premium "gifts" and sandboxes...
[13:13] Peewee Musytari exclusive goods
[13:13] Rand (rand.linden) There you go today!
[13:13] Peewee Musytari ooh
[13:13] Peewee Musytari where`s our presents? :D
[13:13] Rand (rand.linden) Right peewee, that is the official term
[13:13] Marianne McCann (Spotted them in progress about a week ago. Nice looking little space)
[13:14] Peewee Musytari if we downgrade to you come and take our presents back? hehe
[13:14] Rand (rand.linden) Ha I don't think so, Peewee
[13:14] Marianne McCann "No premium soup for you!"
[13:14] Venus Petrov my coffee mug will be used
[13:15] Jeremy Linden We can't take back the fact that you *were* a Premium :-)
[13:15] Rand (rand.linden) Other stuff I've been working on is still in progress and not released yet...
[13:15] Rand (rand.linden) But I'd like to get your input on whether you think it would be useful to have a more traditional "User's Guide" type of doc. as well as the KB
[13:16] Torben (torben.trautman) like the quickstart guide?
[13:16] Marianne McCann I think so.
[13:16] Marianne McCann AN ya, a "quickstart"
[13:16] Rand (rand.linden) Torben, sort of, but not exactly
[13:16] Peewee Musytari are presents only for premium & not concierge?...are they going to jealous?
[13:16] Venus Petrov There have been a few questions lately asking for a 'Users Guide' (to everything) ã‹¡
[13:16] Storm Clarence all documentation to assist in learning is needed and wanted
[13:16] Vincent Nacon oh don't be silly, the gift isn't that worthy
[13:17] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:17] Marianne McCann Somethign more geared towards an "average user," perhaps. Somethign not as complex/in depth as a KB has to be
[13:17] Rand (rand.linden) More like a traditional set of guides, e.g. ..."Getting Started", "Using SL in Advanced Mode", "Content Creation Guide", "Landowners Guide" and th elike
[13:17] Venus Petrov With links to more meaty information
[13:17] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann fixes her "g before n"fingers
[13:17] Jeremy Linden Storm, I think it's more a question of how you would like that documentation to be organized delivered.
[13:17] Marianne McCann Ya, Rand. I think that would be of great value
[13:17] Squirrely Wrath (squirrel.wood) Dos and Don'ts ?
[13:17] Jeremy Linden er, and*
[13:17] Rand (rand.linden) Marianne--we could try to address various experience levels
[13:17] Squirrely Wrath (squirrel.wood) proper etiquette?
[13:18] Torben (torben.trautman) nods, sounds interesting
[13:18] Vincent Nacon only can count the etiquette as they come, not learn to cope
[13:18] Rand (rand.linden) ok just wanted to get your take on the idea... thx
[13:18] Peewee Musytari a decent guide for buying & selling land both mainland & estate & renting would be good...we get asked for that quite a lot like its something u can put in a post
[13:18] Marianne McCann Good Rand. And ya. I don't think a beginning user wants to go through a huge set of data. They want to know what they're doing, but not be swamped with data
[13:19] Venus Petrov Perhaps a place in the guide to answer common questions we see in Answers
[13:19] Rand (rand.linden) Good point, Marianne
[13:19] Marianne McCann "Just tell me how to talk," etc.
[13:19] Jeremy Linden Peewee, there are articles in the Knowledge Base about buying and selling those kinds of land.
[13:19] Vincent Nacon a simple walk through as they go along in their present time.
[13:19] Adamburp Adamczyk jeremy: you need to improve inworld accessibility to the kb
[13:19] Rand (rand.linden) This is just something we're considering...we need to work out the details...
[13:20] Peewee Musytari yeah but they are all separate and get people asking how to set up a land business for example and wanting to know it all in one place
[13:20] Jeremy Linden Oh, that's a fair point! A new feature we forgot to mention:
[13:20] Vincent Nacon uh oh
[13:20] Jeremy Linden SL Search can now search across ALL second life help repositories. Choose "Support" as your search type to search the KB, Answers, and the wiki.
[13:20] Vincent Nacon in-world search?
[13:20] Rand (rand.linden) +1 Jeremy, thx for bringing that up
[13:21] Venus Petrov A Quick Start guide could give them basic information and then provide links to more detailed info in the KB
[13:21] Peewee Musytari yus
[13:21] Venus Petrov wet their appetites
[13:22] Peewee Musytari sp it brings in other first create a group for example
[13:22] Peewee Musytari *so
[13:22] Torben (torben.trautman) does it really make sense to also include Answers into the search?
[13:23] Rand (rand.linden) Torben, you can deselect it if you don't want to search Answers.
[13:23] Rand (rand.linden) Sometimes you might not find what you need elsewhere and want to include
[13:23] oobscure (opensource.obscure) options = good
[13:23] Torben (torben.trautman) ah, I just dound it in the fineprint :)
[13:23] Peewee Musytari well the answered ones are supposed to be theory lol
[13:23] Jeremy Linden Jeremy Linden had to pipe up to make sure all forum posts weren't included as well :-)
[13:24] Torben (torben.trautman) not saying they are not but it produces a really really long list of results
[13:24] Rand (rand.linden) On a somewhat unrelated note; I don't recall if I showed this off yet:
[13:24] Marianne McCann Yipes, Jeremy
[13:25] Rand (rand.linden) There are a lot of articles still in the wiki, that majority of which are valuable (some are outdated, though). THis is just provides abit more organization.
[13:25] Rand (rand.linden) Netxt we hope to get time to clean them up and remove or update the outdated ones...
[13:25] Rand (rand.linden) *THE majority....
[13:26] Peewee Musytari ok yeah thats more like it jeremy..thats helpful
[13:26] Rand (rand.linden) BTW, all the wiki articles are open for editing, so if you are interested, feel free to adopt some and update them :-)
[13:26] Rand (rand.linden) That's about all I have atm.
[13:27] Peewee Musytari ty :)
[13:27] Marianne McCann Ya, I need to still do some tweaking on a coupel of "my" pages.
[13:27] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann adds a JIRA requesting "more hours in a day"
[13:27] Peewee Musytari is there any news on fixing Answers?
[13:27] Torben (torben.trautman) I´ll vote for it / watch it
[13:27] Rand (rand.linden) Yeah, I would like to get that Jira fixed, Marianne!
[13:27] Jeremy Linden 4 hours in a day isn't enough?
[13:28] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann giggles
[13:29] Marianne McCann 4 hours sure, but one of those hours is night
[13:29] Marianne McCann And I've yet to be able to set my first life environmental settings to a fixed sun position
[13:30] Vincent Nacon wasn't the wiki always open for edit to registered users anyway?
[13:30] Rand (rand.linden) Vincent, we used to have an extension called "Flagged Revs" that provided for some oversight of edits..but we removed that
[13:30] Jeremy Linden Yes, with the exception of certain pages and namespaces. However, many Residents don't realize they're "allowed" to make changes.
[13:31] Vincent Nacon ah
[13:31] Rand (rand.linden) Right--the "Linden Lab Official" namespace does not allow general editing... as you might expect :-)
[13:31] Rand (rand.linden) Speaking of which...
[13:31] Rand (rand.linden) I forgot to mention
[13:32] Rand (rand.linden) which is newly-revised and newly approved as 'official'
[13:32] Rand (rand.linden) Folks in the adult community have been asking for it for some time...
[13:32] Torben (torben.trautman) I like the part about child avis
[13:32] Vincent Nacon they got balls about the child issue
[13:33] Rand (rand.linden) Yes, I would say that is really 'not recommended' IMHO
[13:33] Vincent Nacon "Since Adult regions by design will often contain sexual content, child avatars should use caution in visiting Adult regions. " that statement is very problematic in the future.
[13:33] Marianne McCann Vincent - was somethign selttles in June '09, if memory serves
[13:34] Vincent Nacon you'll be surprised how it can come back up again
[13:34] Marianne McCann Ya, amongst the kids groups themselves, we recommend that kid avvies avoid adult rated regions if at all possible.
[13:34] Marianne McCann Oh, no I would not.
[13:34] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann winks
[13:35] Rand (rand.linden) If you have concerns about the content of that article, then you should go to the Adult Content UG. I just compiled the info, edited it, etc.
[13:35] Marianne McCann I'm glad the option is there, for those who often find themselves getting stuck in one of the Zindra infohubs when a region crashes... but, ya, not exactly the sort of land I'd consider friendly to kid avatars.
[13:35] Rand (rand.linden) I just wanted to point out that it is there now and has been "approved".
[13:36] Marianne McCann (and that's all I'mma gonna say)
[13:36] Vincent Nacon and shouldn't you be using "Mature" and not "Moderate"?
[13:36] Marianne McCann Ya, I think I saw someone mention that on Twitter or Plurk the other day, Rand.
[13:36] Marianne McCann Moderate is the current nomenclature
[13:36] Marianne McCann General, Moderate, and Adult
[13:36] Vincent Nacon it's going to confuse the lesser minds
[13:37] Jeremy Linden Yeah, the rating names actualyl changed a couple years ago. The letters still mean roughly the same thing, but with more distinction between M and A.
[13:38] Vincent Nacon to be Mature or to be Moderate.... ah the irony
[13:38] Marianne McCann Like rain on yer wedding day?
[13:38] Marianne McCann Marianne McCann winks
[13:38] Vincent Nacon
[13:39] Vincent Nacon anyway, just saying it's good idea to change either one of them on viewer or the wiki
[13:39] Marianne McCann Viewer says "Moderate"
[13:40] Rand (rand.linden) Vincent, the wiki, KB and Viewer *should* all be consistent in use of 'Moderate'
[13:40] Rand (rand.linden) See for more info :-)
[13:40] Rand (rand.linden) If you find anywhere that still uses 'Mature' let us know and we'll fix it.
[13:40] Jeremy Linden (However, it should be noted that we do not have any direct control over the wording used in third-party viewers)
[13:40] Vincent Nacon what about TPVs?
[13:41] Vincent Nacon right n/m
[13:41] Rand (rand.linden) What Jeremy said
[13:41] Vincent Nacon chat delay
[13:41] Marianne McCann Ya, and things like 1.23 still say it, but that's old tech
[13:41] Rand (rand.linden) :-)
[13:41] Torben (torben.trautman) +1 for Jeremy
[13:41] Adamburp Adamczyk Adamburp Adamczyk is buying nwe pc next week, might just try v2 or tpv v2
[13:42] Rand (rand.linden) Give it a go, never know, you might like it?
[13:42] Jeremy Linden Adam, it's actually up to Viewer 3.0+ now :-)
[13:42] Marianne McCann There's can be a learnigncurve, Adamburb, butI supggest sticking with one of them for a bit, andgetting familiar with it
[13:42] Adamburp Adamczyk blimey
[13:42] Adamburp Adamczyk already tried twice, and i wasn't impressed
[13:42] Adamburp Adamczyk but 3rd time'sa charm
[13:42] Vincent Nacon doubt it
[13:42] Torben (torben.trautman) Viewer 3 is hiding behind the V2 icon on the desktop
[13:42] Vincent Nacon :P
[13:43] Jeremy Linden But now it has Mesh! Like ""Gone" (nacy nightfire) over tehre.
[13:43] Marianne McCann Some of my initial gripes way back when were more based on "I dont know where to find the ___ function"
[13:43] Vincent Nacon in my eyes, it's still 2.8.3
[13:43] Vincent Nacon silly number skipping
[13:43] Adamburp Adamczyk if there weren't phoenix, i;d still be suing 1.23
[13:43] Adamburp Adamczyk using*
[13:43] Vincent Nacon aye
[13:43] Marianne McCann And I know my curve wasnt as bad as some, because of being a big fan of keyboard shortcuts
[13:44] Liisa Runo ... and when you ask people where the ____ function is, they tell you v3 dont have that function anymore.
[13:44] Marianne McCann Liisa - even when it sometimes does still have it!
[13:44] Vincent Nacon oh I tell people to edit their XMI files
[13:44] Peewee Musytari v2 wiped out loads of stuff..especially for RP and combat players
[13:44] Peewee Musytari most of the mouselook stuff
[13:45] Rand (rand.linden) OK, so it looks like we have covered everything of relevance. Anything else related to docs or community platform?
[13:45] Adamburp Adamczyk combat was ruined when rausch was destroyed :(
[13:45] Peewee Musytari Answers!!
[13:45] Rand (rand.linden) If not, then we can call it a wrap...
[13:45] Jeremy Linden Lexie did not brief me on what's up with Answers. Rand, do you know anything more?
[13:45] Vincent Nacon crunch wrap..... now I'm hungry
[13:45] Rand (rand.linden) haha
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk i DO have one thing ref answers
[13:46] Marianne McCann I'm gonna scoot along. Have fun all!
[13:46] Torben (torben.trautman) bye MAri
[13:46] Venus Petrov tc Mari
[13:46] Storm Clarence It was a pleasure to be among so many older residents. It is an honor as I have learned much from many of you
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk jer, rand: kudos to youi guys
[13:46] Marianne McCann Bye Bye!!
[13:46] Rand (rand.linden) Lexie said: "No update on changes to the Answers format yet."
[13:46] Peewee Musytari *sigh*
[13:46] Rand (rand.linden) Sorry, peewee!
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk your former colleague who ran thsi show was renowned for 1/2 useless crap answers
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk hr who left ll
[13:47] Jeremy Linden Glad you could make it, Storm. We're here every 2 weeks at the same time.
[13:47] Rand (rand.linden) Thanks Adamburp...
[13:47] Adamburp Adamczyk nicew to see you guys flourishing with these improvements
[13:47] Rand (rand.linden) And thanks everyone else... good to see you all!
[13:47] Torben (torben.trautman) so off to raiding it is
[13:47] Storm Clarence I read all the minutes Jeremy
[13:47] Peewee Musytari thanks jeremy & rand :)
[13:47] Torben (torben.trautman) bye all
[13:47] Rand (rand.linden) Bye!
[13:47] Torben (torben.trautman) have a great day
[13:47] Storm Clarence I have not really missed a meeting yet
[13:47] Adamburp Adamczyk pity she wasted 2 months of my time mind you
[13:47] Rand (rand.linden) You too, Torben!
[13:47] Venus Petrov have a good one all ã‹¡
[13:47] Storm Clarence goodbye all
[13:47] Jeremy Linden Heh! It's like you're here virtually... twice removed.
[13:47] Vincent Nacon later all, guess I'll see some of you on Beta soon today
[13:48] Adamburp Adamczyk well, i should head to be, 2150 here and i have a 5am styart