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Transcript for Thursday June 9, 2011

[13:01] Amanda Linden hey chatty--good to see you.
[13:01] Raymond Linden Well, as you all are probably aware we did a little work restructuring the Forums
[13:01] ChatBrat Pippita Hi everyone ㋡
[13:01] Lexie
[13:02] Lexie lol
[13:02] ChatBrat Pippita Hey Amanda ㋡
[13:02] Peewee Musytari BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *huggles*
[13:02] Luc Starsider No kidding Raymond
[13:02] bee Baroque peeeeeeeeeeweeeeeeeeee hugs :)
[13:02] Raymond Linden We tried to steamline it a bit
[13:02] bee Baroque /me waves to all \o
[13:02] Luc Starsider Hi bee
[13:02] bee Baroque hi luc \o
[13:03] Raymond Linden We also just re-introduced the Forum Feedback sub-forum
[13:03] Peewee Musytari hop up here hehe
[13:03] bee Baroque calculating height *snicker*
[13:03] Lexie located here:
[13:03] Raymond Linden The link to the feedback is in the Additional Links side-widget
[13:03] Peewee Musytari missed
[13:03] Peewee Musytari /me ** Loooooo00ooooooL **
[13:03] Marianne McCann Excellent...
[13:04] Raymond Linden We also removed the listing of Kudos on the Answer widget
[13:04] Lexie cleaner look
[13:04] Amanda Linden oh you did? ossm raymond.
[13:04] Raymond Linden The HTML was fixed - Rand can get into that later
[13:04] Peewee Musytari its moved?
[13:04] Raymond Linden Ummm . . .one other thing . . .but I cant remember!
[13:05] Raymond Linden Lexie - what am I missing?
[13:05] Adamburp Adamczyk *✰* UNDERPANTS! *✰*
[13:05] Raymond Linden haha
[13:05] Amanda Linden ROL
[13:05] Amanda Linden ROFL
[13:05] Marianne McCann /me snickers
[13:05] Lexie Animation and Machinima are also on their own boards again!
[13:05] Marianne McCann Timing is everything
[13:05] Peewee Musytari what moved about the answers widget?
[13:05] bee Baroque oops sorry peewee
[13:05] Raymond Linden Oh right
[13:05] Peewee Musytari doh
[13:05] Lexie Peewee thats just a kudus count number
[13:05] Raymond Linden I think that about does it
[13:05] Lexie Also...
[13:06] Amanda Linden we're also looking at spiffing up the branding of the site...making it more dynamic
[13:06] Amanda Linden more on that soon.
[13:06] Lexie Re: Feedback forums:...
[13:06] Lexie Threads in the feedback area must be on topic or they will be deleted.
[13:06] Lexie We need to keep that board on track ㋡
[13:06] Lexie And a note about the General forum..
[13:06] DogWomble Dollinger so you've smooshed the site, now you're spiffing it up :)
[13:07] Luc Starsider What kind of feedback do you want there?
[13:07] Lexie All the normal community guidelines apply there, but yes can post real life topics there. The guidelines now include that information.
[13:07] Luc Starsider Bugs, feature requests,?
[13:07] Amanda Linden that stuff should probably go in jira....
[13:07] Lexie Luc, it is feedback on the community platform
[13:07] Marianne McCann I noted that many stickified threads became unstuck with the change.For me, the bay City and Nova Albion sticky ones in Mainland were missed
[13:07] Amanda Linden that's where the engineers go....
[13:07] Lexie right Amanda
[13:07] Knowl Paine stay on topic
[13:07] Luc Starsider k
[13:08] Lexie Marianne if you IM me the threads I can sticky them
[13:08] Lexie
[13:08] Marianne McCann Can do, Lexie
[13:08] Lexie Answers update:
[13:08] Lexie Community help information for Video has been updated (with Torleys help). Much easier to understand now!
[13:08] Lexie and..
[13:09] Lexie Before Peewee asks again lol .. we are still working on some possible fixes for Answers, such as having a Reply button on each answer. Will keep you updated as we find out more. ㋡
[13:09] Adamburp Adamczyk 1 thign about answers lexie?
[13:09] Lexie Go ahead Adam
[13:09] Peewee Musytari we are missing a lot of stuff lexie
[13:09] Peewee Musytari cos if the OP uses edit to reply it doesn`t come up as a new post
[13:09] Adamburp Adamczyk i've had a little trouble with "answers" - it;s less help than the scouts
[13:09] Adamburp Adamczyk some of the searchesd aer turning up some randomly weird results
[13:09] Lexie right, peewee, we are aware of that
[13:10] Adamburp Adamczyk okay to pm over later for your perusal?
[13:10] Peewee Musytari they are getting mad at us
[13:10] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:10] Peewee Musytari we are scared
[13:10] Lexie yes Adam
[13:10] Peewee Musytari hehe
[13:10] DogWomble Dollinger /me gives peewee an anti-tinyhurt shield
[13:10] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:10] Lexie aww we will see what we can do to make answers function better!
[13:11] Peewee Musytari woots
[13:11] bee Baroque \o/
[13:11] Lexie Thats my update ㋡
[13:11] Adamburp Adamczyk /me looks for his swahili>lindonese dictionary
[13:11] Peewee Musytari the most common question now do I work this thing? lol
[13:11] Amanda Linden ok, rand/jeremy--you're next
[13:11] Rand OK
[13:11] Lisa Fossett /me perks and comes in with an observation...The Answers are oftentimes not catecorized logically and/or don't have good search results (tags??) as Adam notes. I know there are moderators that help move things, but is there any way to make this more streamlined/efficient/correct?
[13:11] Rand We recently added Italian and Japanese Knowledge Bases, but currently there are no articles.
[13:12] Lisa Fossett categorized...forgive the typos
[13:12] Rand um, does someone want to address Lisa's Q before I continue?
[13:12] Rand or shall i continue
[13:12] Peewee Musytari do we need all them categories in answers?
[13:12] Amanda Linden lexie?
[13:12] Lexie Lets let Rand finish
[13:12] Amanda Linden kk
[13:12] Rand ok
[13:12] Rand Also, I made one small tweak in the Knowledge Base: By default articles are displayed sorted by "Views" rather than "Date" (last update). You can easily change the sorting if (e.g.) you want to see what's recently been updated or added, but for most general folks, showing the most popular articles at top makes more sense.
[13:13] Dresden Ceriano i'm sorry to everyone... I shouldn't have been cursing
[13:13] Dresden Ceriano i won't anymore
[13:13] Amanda Linden thanks dresden. :)
[13:13] Rand Other than that, we're just doing general work on updating, editing, and working with localization team and community translators to localize articles
[13:13] Jeremy Linden I'm currently working with the Mesh team to get the Mesh feature documentation up to date. I'll be monitoring the Mesh documentation request thread in the forums for good suggestions:
[13:13] Dresden Ceriano oh hey amanda.. i really am sorry
[13:13] Amanda Linden didn't even see that i'm looking. :) no worries
[13:14] Dresden Ceriano i'm not usually like that
[13:14] Rand Thx Jeremy.... I think that covers the KB/doc world atm.
[13:14] Peewee Musytari I :)
[13:14] Amanda Linden cool. any questions for rand/jeremy?
[13:14] Amanda Linden or on wiki?
[13:15] Amanda Linden going...going...ok.
[13:15] Raymond Linden Oh Rand .. .
[13:15] Amanda Linden lexie, wanna address lisa's q?
[13:15] Rand ??
[13:15] Marianne McCann I know I had something.. but not that it's the time, it's totally slipped my mind
[13:15] Knowl Paine In the KB the question about what to do if a Residents forgets their original email address is not covered
[13:15] Raymond Linden Did you mention that Forum posts can be nominated to the KB . ..
[13:16] Raymond Linden For Contributors and higher
[13:16] Rand Ah yes, you can now nomiate forum posts for KB articles!
[13:16] Rand Right.... :-)
[13:16] Lexie woot!
[13:16] Lisa Fossett Oh, that's useful
[13:16] Peewee Musytari ooh how?
[13:16] Luc Starsider That's cool.
[13:16] Knowl Paine I will
[13:16] Dresden Ceriano How would that work?
[13:16] Knowl Paine ty
[13:16] Rand Knowl - let me look into that...
[13:16] Raymond Linden Contributors and higher have that functionality
[13:16] Lexie nominate is under the options menu
[13:16] Marianne McCann Now that's interesting
[13:16] Qie wait. the *posts* must be from contributors+, or the *nominations* ?
[13:16] Peewee Musytari kewl
[13:16] Raymond Linden Under "Options"
[13:16] Lexie nominations Peewee
[13:16] Qie ah, nominations. okay.
[13:16] Peewee Musytari does it go straight to KB?
[13:17] Raymond Linden We are also working to get that working for Answers
[13:17] Lexie It will be reviewed
[13:17] Lisa Fossett I should think it should be moderated/edited/checked.
[13:17] Lisa Fossett nods
[13:17] Peewee Musytari I agree
[13:17] Raymond Linden Yeah, it goes into a queue
[13:17] Raymond Linden For the Doc team to review
[13:17] Peewee Musytari in case its not lindenspeak
[13:17] Jeremy Linden All KB content is reviewed and edited by the doc team before it gets published. :-)
[13:17] Peewee Musytari kk
[13:17] Peewee Musytari so thats just for forums for now not answers yeah?
[13:18] Lexie We are checking on Answers
[13:18] Lexie Seems to have a glitch
[13:18] Peewee Musytari haha
[13:18] Peewee Musytari there`s a surprise
[13:18] Lexie but accepted solutions are automatically nominated
[13:18] Lisa Fossett As a non-contributing member, could I send an email to someone to alert them to a possible KB add?
[13:18] Lisa Fossett or rather message via the forum messages?
[13:19] Rand Lisa - Yes, a PM on Lithium is fine.
[13:19] Lexie Rand what do you think on that?
[13:19] Lexie awesome
[13:19] Lisa Fossett great
[13:19] Peewee Musytari so if the same question is asked multiple times and obviously gets the same right answer they are all nominated?
[13:19] Dresden Ceriano i'm confused... how is this any diferent?
[13:19] Lisa Fossett I think there's a shortcut for some people, Dresden
[13:19] Lexie Its possible Peewee, but thats why they are checked before published
[13:20] Peewee Musytari good addition though..I likey
[13:20] Lexie If it already exists in KB they will see it
[13:20] Knowl Paine Is multipule logins a problem? Using a outside search engine with SL forums open and then clicking on external to SL site causes multipule logins. If it's not a problem so to say I can ignore it.
[13:20] Knowl Paine multiple, I always add that u :)
[13:20] Lexie Re: the categories in Answers, and steamlining
[13:21] Lexie We can lok into that!
[13:21] Lexie look*
[13:21] Lexie We see some categories are not that active, so good point!
[13:21] Lexie Any questions missed?
[13:21] Dresden Ceriano whispers: When are you changing SL Answers to O & A?
[13:21] Peewee Musytari I tend to look at all questions on one page so categories don`t seem relevant...unless thats not how others do it
[13:22] Lexie hehe Dresden, not sure on that yet.
[13:22] Luc Starsider I've never looked at the categories
[13:22] Raymond Linden Oh . ..I have something else . .. I cant remember if this was brought up in the last meeting .. .
[13:22] Luc Starsider Didn't know they were there.
[13:22] bee Baroque don't look at me peewee *snicker*
[13:22] Lisa Fossett I'm more concerned with users finding answers, rather than my finding open questions
[13:22] Raymond Linden The "Latest Post" entry has been fixed in the widgets
[13:22] Peewee Musytari i assume the foreign ones should stay
[13:23] Dresden Ceriano but Lisa it's the confusion of where people should post
[13:23] Lexie Please continue to add the feedback on the forum for the community platform too!
[13:23] Lisa Fossett /me squirms her results in the other...I see your point :)
[13:24] Dresden Ceriano Q & A makes more sense than Answers in that respect
[13:24] Lexie yes, that does make sense
[13:24] Peewee Musytari yes
[13:24] Knowl Paine The ability to give more kudos would be nice
[13:24] Lexie Knowl: On more boards?
[13:24] Peewee Musytari is there a limit?
[13:25] Luc Starsider yes, tehre's a limit.
[13:25] Luc Starsider *there's*
[13:25] Dresden Ceriano i could care less about kudos... they're not going to make me live a happier life
[13:25] Knowl Paine mostly in answer and in creation
[13:25] Lexie I have not heard of anyone who has hit the limit though in a day
[13:25] Raymond Linden You can give 1 per post
[13:26] Raymond Linden But, I dont think there is a total limit
[13:26] Peewee Musytari right cool
[13:26] Dresden Ceriano whatever
[13:26] Dresden Ceriano it's really not important
[13:27] Knowl Paine I might read 40-50 threads in an hour any extra would help
[13:27] Lexie I think there is a limit but its generous
[13:27] Dresden Ceriano there are better things to focus on
[13:27] Knowl Paine currently its 4 per hour
[13:27] Luc Starsider 3 a minute is one limit
[13:27] Knowl Paine lets discuss the better things
[13:28] Dresden Ceriano lets
[13:28] Peewee Musytari rolig wanted moving fashion forum discuussed
[13:28] Peewee Musytari out of creation section
[13:28] Dresden Ceriano i think fashion and clothing creation are tow completely different things
[13:29] Dresden Ceriano two*
[13:29] Peewee Musytari I agree
[13:29] Luc Starsider True Dresden
[13:29] bee Baroque /me agrees as well
[13:29] Knowl Paine agreed
[13:29] Adamburp Adamczyk /me agrees
[13:29] Peewee Musytari should it be wherever avatar forum is?
[13:29] Lexie hmm
[13:29] Dresden Ceriano there should be a clothing category in the creation forum
[13:30] Dresden Ceriano but fashion should be somewhere else
[13:30] Luc Starsider Agree
[13:30] Peewee Musytari well thats covered by texturing in creation
[13:30] Dresden Ceriano say.. the avatar category
[13:30] Peewee Musytari fashion itself is I think she described it as a vanity forum lol
[13:30] Lexie right, thats what is on the agenda
[13:30] Raymond Linden Ok, thanks for the feedback on that one
[13:31] Lisa Fossett clothing creation is not only texturing. Perhaps it should have a sep category, but I agree, within content creation.
[13:31] Dresden Ceriano texturing is included in the building category
[13:31] Dresden Ceriano it should
[13:31] Lisa Fossett yes, there is considerable overlap
[13:31] Lexie good feedback, thanks
[13:31] Lisa Fossett but it's a slightly different beast
[13:31] Ann Otoole if there is a fashion forum then aren't people going to want to say who made what and possibly run afoul of the guidelines?
[13:31] Dresden Ceriano it should be separate
[13:32] Luc Starsider They do already Ann
[13:32] Peewee Musytari yeah people do pics of fave outfits and stuff like that in there
[13:32] Dresden Ceriano and a lot of people find that machinima should not be with animation
[13:32] Dresden Ceriano i agree
[13:32] Lexie Its a fine line between "sharing" and advertising, true
[13:32] Raymond Linden Dresden - those were split
[13:32] Peewee Musytari hehe that moved dres
[13:32] Lisa Fossett I agree with that, too
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano oh... i must be out of the loop
[13:33] DogWomble Dollinger wb amanda
[13:33] Lexie Welcome back Amanda
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:33] Peewee Musytari wb
[13:33] Eddi wb amada :)
[13:33] Amanda Linden sorry about that gang
[13:33] Peewee Musytari it was only last night dres
[13:33] Eddi i know, crash hunter eh? :)
[13:33] Adamburp Adamczyk onigokko
[13:33] Raymond Linden So, the consensus is that Fashion should not be under creation
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano you'll pay for it
[13:33] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:33] Kraptacular Kat thanks
[13:33] Luc Starsider Yes raymond
[13:33] Peewee Musytari yes lexie
[13:33] Amanda Linden pesky mac bug
[13:33] Peewee Musytari oops raymond
[13:33] DogWomble Dollinger PC ftw? :P
[13:33] Marianne McCann stop
[13:34] Eddi lol amanda, the mac have some bug to? :p
[13:34] Marianne McCann Ah, pesky mac bugs... I know them well...
[13:34] Dresden Ceriano i think that there should be a clothing category under creation
[13:34] Luc Starsider What's wrong with the mac?
[13:34] Lisa Fossett My mind is bland on what else to call it...but perhaps another term from simply "fashion" will help distinguish it from clothing creation?
[13:34] Amanda Linden (this bug on jira keeps biting me in the butt)
[13:34] Amanda Linden
[13:34] Lisa Fossett blank
[13:34] Amanda Linden ooh, like fashion
[13:34] Amanda Linden good word
[13:34] Peewee Musytari having 2 can`t hurt, they are completely diff things
[13:35] Dresden Ceriano it should be called clothing
[13:35] Luc Starsider Ah, that one.
[13:35] Lisa Fossett Clothing creation---for the creation thread
[13:35] Dresden Ceriano and you can still; have a fashion category
[13:35] Lexie Clothing creation?
[13:35] Amanda Linden ah, good point
[13:35] Lisa Fossett and fashion ((or something else) for the vanity thread))
[13:35] Peewee Musytari yes 2 sep ones
[13:35] Amanda Linden that woudl be a good way to differentiate
[13:35] Dresden Ceriano just include it in your avatar
[13:35] Peewee Musytari I agree with lisa
[13:36] Lisa Fossett I think just plain "fashion" is not distinguishing a term to keep the creation posts out.
[13:36] Lisa Fossett someone help...better term??
[13:36] Lexie hmm
[13:36] Peewee Musytari avatar & fashion in people and clothing creation in creation?
[13:36] Jeremy Linden Avatar style discussion?
[13:36] Ann Otoole Style? or "Fashion & Style"?
[13:36] Lisa Fossett Fashion and Style...good one
[13:37] Raymond Linden Great suggestion Ann
[13:37] Lexie I like that
[13:37] Dresden Ceriano iif you really want to know what I think... there should be a show and tell category
[13:37] Peewee Musytari ooh yus
[13:37] Luc Starsider Good one Ann
[13:37] Lexie Yay Ann!
[13:37] Lisa Fossett +1 to Ann
[13:37] Marianne McCann +1 to style
[13:37] DogWomble Dollinger kudos to ann
[13:37] Peewee Musytari /me has style & know nowt about fahsion :D
[13:37] Ann Otoole then someone can make a thread called The Runway
[13:37] Lisa Fossett hehe, Peewee
[13:37] Lexie niiice
[13:38] Peewee Musytari now ur putting fashion in events lol
[13:38] Peewee Musytari with a runway
[13:38] Lexie lol
[13:38] Lexie Its hard to keep things simple!
[13:38] Peewee Musytari its getting there
[13:38] Lexie Whats next on agenda
[13:38] DogWomble Dollinger perhaps it can have it's own subforum? "Fashion & Style", "Clothing Creation", "he Runway"
[13:39] Dresden Ceriano if there was a show and tell cat... then that would be the place to go if you want to create a thread about how fabulous your look of your place is
[13:39] Dresden Ceriano or*
[13:39] Peewee Musytari u think each one would get that many posts?
[13:39] Dresden Ceriano anyway
[13:40] Ann Otoole where would the fashion police thread go?
[13:40] Peewee Musytari lol
[13:40] Lexie lol
[13:40] Amanda Linden nice--ok, shall we move on?
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano it was just a sugjestion
[13:40] Peewee Musytari yus
[13:40] Lexie yup
[13:40] Amanda Linden have 20 mins left and some stuff to coer on agenda...
[13:40] Amanda Linden cover
[13:40] Knowl Paine 0.0
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano i can't spell today
[13:40] Amanda Linden apparently, i can't either
[13:40] Jeremy Linden Linden Lab has a well established stance on the support of Resident-run police groups :-P
[13:40] Dresden Ceriano let's move on
[13:40] Amanda Linden ok, new products forum.
[13:41] DogWomble Dollinger /me builds a typing tutor for SL
[13:41] Amanda Linden nope.
[13:41] Amanda Linden :)
[13:41] Peewee Musytari phooey
[13:41] DogWomble Dollinger haha jeremy
[13:41] Amanda Linden we really don't want too much advertising on the forums.
[13:41] Marianne McCann "Mavis Reisdent Teaches Typing"
[13:41] Amanda Linden ok, name smileys...
[13:41] Dresden Ceriano yes... ffs
[13:41] Amanda Linden that's actually a good idea--at least a hover over like in skype
[13:41] DogWomble Dollinger haha mariana
[13:41] Amanda Linden lexie/raymond?
[13:41] Amanda Linden agenda here btw
[13:41] Amanda Linden
[13:42] Raymond Linden I dunno. We'll have to sync with Lithium on that one. Good idea though
[13:42] Amanda Linden cool. then we'll get back on that one.
[13:42] Peewee Musytari its just the new added ones that don`t have it in the selection box
[13:42] Amanda Linden ok, infohub.
[13:42] Peewee Musytari the old ones do
[13:42] Amanda Linden that's not really our group. i would contact the LDPW folks.
[13:42] Amanda Linden if it's linden land.
[13:42] Marianne McCann I know the LDPW has, in the past deferred any requestst like this, preferring them to come via Blondin (RIP) or Jack (RIP).
[13:43] Amanda Linden ah, kk
[13:43] Amanda Linden the email me what ou need and i'll get it to michael
[13:43] Adamburp Adamczyk i posted that as i;d like a straight answer
[13:43] Adamburp Adamczyk amanda - we spoek twice, you didn;t follow it up
[13:43] Dresden Ceriano okay... I'm saying this again... I didn't put it on the agaenda because it's been covered before... but inline pics are still not lining up correctly
[13:43] Amanda Linden the best way to get those requests in is through me. email 'em and i'll forward them but that's no guarantee that they will work on yoru request.
[13:44] Amanda Linden just that i've forwarded.
[13:44] Amanda Linden :)
[13:44] Lexie Dresden pls send me an example?
[13:44] Lexie I dont see it?
[13:44] Adamburp Adamczyk /me is upset at that half answer
[13:44] Amanda Linden what were you lookin' for?
[13:44] Dresden Ceriano omg.. just try putting your own smiley into a sentence
[13:44] DogWomble Dollinger hey arawn
[13:44] Dresden Ceriano as a pic
[13:45] Amanda Linden ok, moving on...
[13:45] Lexie ok Dres, I will look again. I thought it looked ok?
[13:45] Dresden Ceriano it hovers over the words just like the smilies did
[13:45] Amanda Linden and answer is yes--lexie and i both went through the new reg process last week.
[13:45] Lexie hmm
[13:45] Amanda Linden the new avs are cool. was there a question beyond that adam?
[13:45] Adamburp Adamczyk yes, i busted you remember :P
[13:45] Amanda Linden ah, right.
[13:45] Knowl Paine lol
[13:45] Amanda Linden ok, that was left over. huh?
[13:46] Amanda Linden from the otehr week.
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk and i want to know how you found he new user experience?
[13:46] Amanda Linden better, but a long way to go.
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk good? bad?
[13:46] Lexie lacking
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk amanda, i'm going on ecord here
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk ercord**
[13:46] Adamburp Adamczyk i made a new alt at the same time as you two did - iand i was disgusted by how bad it is
[13:46] Peewee Musytari can they put a message at the start of registration saying something like....this name you pick will be your name inworld and u can`t change it?...because people get so mad when they ask if they can and then say they never would have picked a stupid code name if they had known
[13:47] Luc Starsider I agree with Peewee.
[13:47] Lisa Fossett There's a blurb there
[13:47] Dresden Ceriano brb
[13:47] Marianne McCann Peewee - didn't it used to have some disclaimer like that? has that changed?
[13:47] Lisa Fossett but it's not so emphatic
[13:47] Amanda Linden kk, guys--this is a UG on community tools not reg....
[13:47] Amanda Linden i will pass your info along, tho.
[13:47] Amanda Linden good insights here.
[13:47] Amanda Linden :)
[13:48] Adamburp Adamczyk community tools IS to help new users amanda, you one said so yourself
[13:48] Amanda Linden agreed, but this is more about new reg and way outside of the scope of this group of lindens here.
[13:48] Adamburp Adamczyk and it's seriosuly lacking for us residents who devote our time to helping them
[13:48] Lisa Fossett We deal with the result if there's a misunderstanding in registration
[13:48] Amanda Linden true true
[13:48] Peewee Musytari they come to answer with names like JHGY7865 and they want real names not display names because they can`t hide the one they registered with
[13:48] Amanda Linden ok--up for vote. talk about reg or get through the rest of the agenda?
[13:48] Knowl Paine ok, next
[13:48] Amanda Linden type in reg or agenda...
[13:49] Knowl Paine the rest
[13:49] ChatBrat Pippita Agenda, please ㋡
[13:49] Lisa Fossett Pass that to the right folks and move to next
[13:49] Lexie agenda
[13:49] Marianne McCann Agenda
[13:49] bee Baroque agenda
[13:49] Knowl Paine agenda
[13:49] DogWomble Dollinger agenda :)
[13:49] Adamburp Adamczyk agenda]
[13:49] Peewee Musytari agenda
[13:49] Amanda Linden ok, the agenda's have it
[13:49] Amanda Linden :)
[13:49] Amanda Linden next is blondin.
[13:49] Peewee Musytari :((
[13:49] Adamburp Adamczyk amanda, you missed out my next point
[13:49] Amanda Linden we miss him, for sure, and there's a big hole left that he filled.
[13:49] Adamburp Adamczyk whuch wasd before blondin
[13:49] Adamburp Adamczyk which was*
[13:50] Amanda Linden waht did i miss?
[13:50] Adamburp Adamczyk Requesting something for an infohub: is it this group as per last week's discussions, or via LDPW? (Adamburp "Lexie's Midnight Runners" Adamczyk)
[13:50] Amanda Linden oh, needed to refresh.
[13:50] Amanda Linden :)
[13:50] Amanda Linden oh, no updates on lindens responsible for support UG.
[13:50] Dresden Ceriano um.. can a ask about something that wasn't included in the agenda?
[13:50] Adamburp Adamczyk not UG, meeting to express our concerns
[13:50] Amanda Linden we have a new director of support and he's getting settledi n....
[13:50] Amanda Linden i wil ask him about it tho. :)
[13:50] Amanda Linden haven't forgotten.
[13:51] Lexie (you snuck that on agenda Adam )
[13:51] Lexie
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk (check the edit time lexie()
[13:51] Adamburp Adamczyk :P
[13:51] Lexie lol
[13:51] Amanda Linden ok, so the community team is now me and lexie.
[13:51] Lexie
[13:51] Amanda Linden we're going to do the best we can covering the communiteis that blondin covered.
[13:51] Dresden Ceriano okay.. i'll just include it for next time
[13:51] Eddi (/me poke Jeremy , your chair is compfortable.. lol )
[13:51] Amanda Linden i've already attended a bay city meeting and the adult UG.
[13:52] Marianne McCann Need moar community lindens
[13:52] Marianne McCann /me grins
[13:52] Peewee Musytari aww what about jeremy raymond and rand?
[13:52] Amanda Linden yes, we will be hiring. thank goodness.
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk need mopre lindens - full stop
[13:52] Peewee Musytari they is care in the community
[13:52] Jeremy Linden /me is on the Documentation team with Rand :-D
[13:52] Raymond Linden I am helping out on implementation work
[13:52] Amanda Linden so, i will let ou know when we have someone new on the team. :)
[13:52] Luc Starsider /me agrees with adam
[13:52] Amanda Linden can't happen fast enough in my book. lexie and i are drowning.
[13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk /me is still waiting to hea abou our meeting remember amanda?
[13:52] Lisa Fossett /me looks at the clock and the state of the meeting, with so many loose ends and discussion
[13:52] Amanda Linden ok, the next two items are from cummere and she's not here...
[13:53] Lisa Fossett Can we put this/these topics on the agenda and START with them next time?
[13:53] Peewee Musytari /me kicks bee
[13:53] Amanda Linden but teh answer for both is no. the tos is the tos and it should be very clear what is a violation and what isn't.
[13:53] Dresden Ceriano maybe we can cover it
[13:53] bee Baroque /me pulls peewee's hair
[13:53] Lisa Fossett (knowing full well she'll be up to her armpits in SL8B)
[13:53] Rand We do have
[13:53] Amanda Linden so, think taht does it for those twoo.
[13:53] Amanda Linden two
[13:53] Amanda Linden ok, feedback listend diferently from other forums....
[13:53] Rand And regarding disclosing IMs
[13:53] Peewee Musytari to stop the dumb posters?
[13:54] Amanda Linden true true
[13:54] Amanda Linden (to rand)
[13:54] Peewee Musytari they will still find it lol
[13:54] Dresden Ceriano well that's self explanatory right?
[13:54] Adamburp Adamczyk /me is goign to makle "vote with your smackers" group
[13:55] Marianne McCann /me will vote with her smuckers. It's good on toast
[13:55] Dresden Ceriano smackers... sneakers?.. whatever
[13:55] Amanda Linden ok, forums and feedback from ossian (who isn't here either)
[13:55] Adamburp Adamczyk smackers = money
[13:55] Amanda Linden but, not sure what he means....
[13:55] Peewee Musytari can we have a message on answers telling people its not a stupid system its just broken a bit for now?
[13:55] Amanda Linden so he'll have to come back next week and explain unless someone else wants to shine more light on that one
[13:55] Amanda Linden ha peewee
[13:56] Dresden Ceriano /me hinds his face... if only i knew
[13:56] Amanda Linden ok...
[13:56] Dresden Ceriano lol hides*
[13:56] Amanda Linden then we got through it with 4 mins to spare.
[13:56] Amanda Linden /me relaxes now
[13:56] Adamburp Adamczyk [13:52] Adamburp Adamczyk is still waiting to hea abou our meeting remember amanda?
[13:56] Amanda Linden yep. sorry--now you know why ive been swamped.
[13:56] Amanda Linden :)
[13:56] Amanda Linden we'll meet soon.
[13:57] Amanda Linden anything else from the group?
[13:57] Amanda Linden suggestions for next week?
[13:57] Adamburp Adamczyk /me notes that on his blog
[13:57] Luc Starsider In answers. Is it possible to specify that the people answering is not Liindens?
[13:57] Lisa Fossett Start with the NUE/Infohub topic
[13:57] Dresden Ceriano i just wanted to tell lexie... sorry i questoned you... you are fabulous
[13:57] Lexie We can highlight that Luc
[13:57] Lisa Fossett Or put that off until after SL8B so more people can pay attention to it...
[13:57] Luc Starsider Good!
[13:57] Lexie aww ty Dres
[13:58] Dresden Ceriano and purdy 2
[13:58] Dresden Ceriano lol
[13:58] Lexie lol
[13:58] Peewee Musytari nice to see they let you out that hamster wheel lexie hehe
[13:58] Amanda Linden good meeting guys--thanks for all of your support/feedback!
[13:58] Luc Starsider lol
[13:58] Lexie rofl 50,000 rotations!
[13:58] Marianne McCann Take care, all!
[13:58] Marianne McCann Bye Bye!!
[13:58] Peewee Musytari LOL
[13:58] Raymond Linden Thanks!
[13:58] Rand bye all
[13:58] Adamburp Adamczyk 1 VERY quick question?#
[13:58] Dresden Ceriano bye everyone
[13:58] Lexie Great meeting! Thanks to everyone
[13:58] DogWomble Dollinger thanks lindens
[13:58] Knowl Paine bye