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This page is the summary for the Constructeurs et Scripteurs group in order to view the complete documentation of the groups activities.

Founder / Total group Members

Mission Focus & Statement
  • Main Focus: Mutual help for all creators (build, script, animation, clothes, sculpties...)
  • Language focus: This help is in French.

Group Charter
The group "Constructeurs et Scripteurs" allows to discuss and help each other between French speaking creators. Beginners are welcome, don't hesitate to ask questions.

Spam is strictly forbidden: that includes private announces, advertising, spreading rumours, and more generally everything that is not part of a technical or friendly discussion.

The members are meant to respect, in their activities linked to the group, the Terms of Service and the Community Standards of Second Life, as well as the French Law. That includes in particular the respect of intellectual property.

Technique has priority over friendly discussions. The latter must remain at a "reasonable" level.

Not respecting this charter will lead to exclusion.

Note : while the group's name is "Constructeurs et Scripteurs" ("Builders and Scripters" in French), all forms of creativity are addressed.

Note : while exchange of objects, textures and scripts is tolerated within the group, we encourage the pure creation instead of the simple assembling of preexisting components. We also warn against the use of scripts that people don't fully understand.

Note : the group tries to focus on technical help, that's why we decided to move our classes to the dedicated "École SL" group.

Note : friendly discussion is fine as long as it stays at a "reasonable level". The technique always has priority over friendly chat.

Note : residents not connected to Second Life for 3 months (or more) are automatically excluded in order to improve group's performances (notices, group chat, group management, ...). This is no disciplinary measure and they are free to come back when they want.

Note : the last version of our charter can be found here

Best practices
The means for the group to achieve its goals are:
  • IM chat: questions and answers. Friendly conversations at a reasonable volume are accepted too.
  • Link-icon3.jpg The wiki with news, the charter, technical notes (tricks and tips), useful links...
  • Link-icon3.jpg The sandbox with some building tools (photo studio, texture organizer, prim selector, ...)
  • The creator's kit: a set of tools for the beginning and advanced builders and scripters, available for free on the group's sandbox.
  • Link-icon3.jpg The classes whithin the infrastructures of the "École SL"
  • Link-icon3.jpg Translating the LSL portal to French.

Group Representatives
i.e. the people representing this group at the Residents Help Network:
Group Documentarians
i.e. the people maintaining this page on the Second Life wiki:

Requirements to Join
  • Open registration
  • Members agree to abide by the charter