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Hello, I'm Samia Samia square 256.png

About Me

French, Born 02/02/2007, I share my SL time between 4 main activities :

  • Having fun with my SL friends
  • Helping other residents
  • Creating SL clothings : I'm the designer of the Attitudes lingerie shop.
  • Shopping (yes I'm an addict)

Helping Residents

Former Second Life Mentor, now untagged but still helping.

Co-owners of the Constructeurs et Scripteurs group, the main French group for content creators.


Contributing to the LSL wiki translation project. Which proves one can translate something without understanding any part of it^^



e-mail :

Useful (or useless^^) groups

  • Want to create things in SL ? The Constructeurs et scripteurs groupmembers help each other a lot [1]
  • Running SL on a Mac ? the Macintosh users group is very active and friendly


  • French
  • English (not too bad at it, but... if it comes to technical words, and specifically computer things, I might return a *Lack of English vocabulary error*)
  • Typonese (perfectly fluent^^)