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Do NOT translate this page. This could result in out-of-sync versions

Welcome to the LSL Portal Translation Project!

This is a community effort to provide a multi-lingual translation of the LSL Portal. Please feel free to edit and add languages to the set.

How to participate

LSL Scripters can participate in this project by choosing a wiki page and translating it into the language(s) they speak fluently. Templates are much harder to translate and can be done by people with more experience and knowledge of the templates syntax.

To discuss LSL portal translation, refer to the discussion page. Language-specific topics should be discussed on the proper subpage of the LSL_Portal_Translation_Team page.

To make coordination easier, discuss technical problem, and provide mutual help, there is also an inworld group named "LSL portal translation". Please subscribe to it ('Open Enrollment' is disabled, ask a group owner to join).

Procedure to translate a page

  • Choose a page to translate.
  • The {{Multi-lang}} tag might need to be included in the English page. If you are not familiar with this wiki, feel free to ask for assistance.
  • Edit the English page just to copy (Ctrl-C or Cmd-C) its "wikilang" contents
  • Click the link of the page you have chosen to translate. In the URL bar of your navigator, add a /xx language code. This is how you create the language subpage. Example: LSL_Tutorial/fr to create a french translation of LSL_Tutorial.
  • In the edition area, paste the English version that you copied earlier (Ctrl-V or Cmd-V) and start translating it
  • Insert your translation in place of the original content to achieve the same page layout.
  • You might need to adapt the calls to templates - ask for assistance about the templates that have already been adapted to your language.

Language Codes

Code Language Tranlation
by Belorussian Беларускі
da Danish Dansk
de German Deutsch
el Greek ελληνικός
es Spanish Español
fr French Français
he Hebrew עִברִי
it Italian Italiano
ja Japanese 日本語
ko Korean 한국어
nl Dutch Nederlands
no Norwegian Norsk
pl Polish Polski
pt Portuguese Português
ru Russian Русский
sv Swedish svensk
uk Ukrainian Українська
zh-Hans Chinese (Simplified) 中文(简体)‬
zh-Hant Chinese (Traditional) 中文(繁體)‬