Deeding land to groups

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Join or Create a Group

If you haven't already, you need to join the group you want to deed land to, or create a group. Note: You will need 2 people to create a group.

Set Land Contribution

  1. Select Edit/Groups from the menubar. A list of the groups you belong to appears.
  2. Highlight the group you want to donate to click the Info button. The Group Information box opens.
  3. Click the Land tab.
  4. In the Your Contribution box, enter the amount you want to donate and click the Set Contribution button.
  5. Click Ok.

Deed Land to Group

  1. Go to the land and right-click it. Select About Land from the pie menu.
  2. Click on the General tab.
  3. Click the Set button next to the Group name. A list of groups will appear.
  4. Select the group you want and click Set.
  5. Check the Allow Deed to Group box and click the Deed button.

Note: Owner Makes Contribution With Deed combines these steps if you want a shortcut. This assumes you wish to deed and contribute equal amounts.

If you get an error that your group does not have enough land credits, first check that you selected the correct group and you allocated enough land in the first step above.

Known Issues

If you have a parcel that used to be owned just by one owner and is now to be group land, there is sometimes an issue with being able to allocate land to a group as the system is seeing the owner as trying to own double the land as opposed to trying to change his or her allocation. In this case please email for assistance.