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Desert or A184 is a Microcontinent placed inside Grid Sector J10, Little Northern Ocean, at Coordinates 1046-1047/1074-1077. It is North-East from Heterocera.


It is formed of 5 dry sims, with the following names: Splintered Rock, Al Raqis, Faubourg Marigny, Rampart Castles and Wadi Emet.


This place was first made to resemble Frank Herbert's Dune, a desert planet like Arrakis. Later, it received influences from earth-like places like the Taklamakan desert.


For a Geograph, these 5 sims are a real shock. [[Altitude varies up to unexpected hights. The highest measured point is 155 meters, one of the highest point on private-own land and higher then many continents (see Continent for more info).

Each sim is made of 3 different altitude levels. The center, with low elevation, is full of slopes and holes, sometimes hides ruins and sometimes it can host dangerous snakes. It has a yellow - orange color. Sand blows over and over. The middle-altitude place surrounds the center and has a red color. These are low mountains, still higher then majority of private-owned mountains. They host a high variety of buildings, majority of them are sci-fi themed and have an Arabic influence. The third level is composed of highly unaccessible dark-colored mountains, at the border of each sim. They are very difficil to climb, flying is a better alternative.


If you decide to fly, you will find a lot of sky platforms and not only. Up in cosmos, there are planets and asteroids.

Land Status

This land is owned by a single estate. It is a placed made for roleplay. There is no Land With Restricted Access and harass is strictly porhibited.

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