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This article is about social events. For LSL specific information, see Category:LSL Events. For open source program info, see Events (Open Source).


The Second Life Events page gives you an overview of how communities and businesses are using Second Life for a variety of events.

There are several types of events in Second Life:

  1. Live Performances - The event is realtime; either a presenter or artist is providing realtime content via text or voice. They may be managing their avatar live, or someone may do it for them. This is used most frequently for presentations to a group or audience.
  2. Streamed - The event was prerecorded or is being streamed with a short delay from the real world into Second Life, via the streaming capability on land parcels. This is often used for music and some real-world events.
  3. Mixed-Reality - The event has live video being streamed into Second Life. In return, a view from within Second Life (called "inworld") is projected to the live event (by having an account logged in at the event); the event may include feedback via text or voice chat from the Second Life audience.

Second Life Regions are limited to a maximum of 100 avatars (accounts); many events limit the maximum to 30-50 accounts to balance performance. To enable larger audiences, an event can be streamed to multiple Regions, each with its own audience. In concept, this is similar to simulcasting.

You'll find examples of actual events in the Second Life Destination Guide Music section.

Solution Providers, who can assist you with events, are listed in the Solution Provider Directory. Search Services in desired categories like Events, Audio, or Video.

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