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On occasion, objects attached to your avatar may be "lost". What this actually means is that they're still attached to you, but they're probably stuck inside your avatar body's mesh and obscured. There are a couple ways you can fix this:

Reset attachment slot

KBcaution.png Important: You should have basic object editing skills before trying this.

Your avatar has multiple attachment slots, 30 to be precise. If you can find the worn attachment in inventory, you can reset its slot. Doing so resets it to the default position which means you need to reposition it again, but at least you can see it now. Here's how:

  1. Go to Edit > Detach Object. All attachments are shown. Find the one you're looking for and also remember its attachment slot, you'll need this later.
  2. Choose that object to detach.
  3. Click Inventory button on the toolbar, and search for that attachment's name.
  4. Right-click the attachment, choose Attach To, and select a different attachment point. Preferably a free one so it doesn't detach something else.
  5. Right-click the attachment again and choose Detach From Yourself.
  6. Right-click the attachment yet again, choose Attach To, and attach it back to the original attachment point. It should be visible, but positioned incorrectly.
  7. Near your avatar, right-click the attachment and choose Edit. Reposition it back into place.

This video shows you how; although it's more focused on finding the attachment in your inventory, it serves the same goal:

<videoflash type="vimeo">4168591|640|480</videoflash>

Enable wireframe view

  1. Enable the unsupported Advanced menu.
  2. Go to Advanced > Rendering > Wireframe. Everything appears see-through — it's like having X-ray goggles! You should be able to see the outline of the attachment in your body.
  3. Right-click the attachment, choose Edit, and drag it out with the positioning arrows.

Camera through your avatar

KBtip2.png Tip: Practice your Camera Controls, this can be tricky to do!
  1. Hold Ctrl+Alt while left-clicking to orbit your camera so it cuts into your avatar.
  2. When you're looking through your avatar (spooky, huh?), right-click the attachment and choose Edit.
  3. Carefully drag it out with the positioning arrows.

This video shows you how:

<videoflash type="vimeo">7825995|640|480</videoflash>

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