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There are several easy things you can try to find lost stuff, so don't worry! This guide focuses on objects you rezzed inworld. For example:

  • I dropped some jewelry on the ground and I lost it! How do I find it?
  • I was flying a vehicle and I jumped out. Now it's gone! Where is it?
  • I was moving furniture and suddenly it disappeared! Now what?

For items like clothing that mysteriously disappeared from your inventory, see the general "Inventory loss" page. These tips are in rough order of what you should try:

Check your Lost And Found folder

As its name indicates, Lost And Found folder is a good first place to look. Sometimes, objects go past the boundaries of the world and are automatically returned, or are returned by another Resident whose land you left an object on.

  1. Click the Inventory button on the toolbar at the bottom of your Viewer window.
  2. Open My Inventory > Lost And Found.

Check the Mini-Map

If the object is relatively large, it'll appear as a light blue square on your Mini-Map.

  1. Click the Mini-Map button, which is also on the toolbar.
  2. The Mini-Map doesn't show object height, so fly up and down to see if you spot the object.

Copyable objects

Do you remember what the permissions on the object are? If it's "no copy" it's trickier, but if it's copyable (vehicles often are), don't worry:

  1. Open your Inventory.
  2. Search for the name of the object. You should see it appear in a folder, where you can rez and use it again.

As for the stray copy out there, chances are someone else will find it on their land and return it to you.

Draw a selection rectangle

Selection rectangles highlight objects they select.

  1. Go to Tools > Select Tool > Edit. Although you can draw a selection rectangle by right-clicking the ground, this is useful if you're in the sky.
  2. Drag to draw a selection rectangle. A yellow shape grows as you continue to move your mouse, and selected objects are highlighted. This is handy for small objects because they stand out more.

Use beacons

Beacons help you find objects with special properties: for example, a physical ball that fell down a hill, or a box that keeps playing a sound that you can't quite locate.

  • Select View > Beacons.
  • Also, View > Highlight Transparent helps find objects that are see-through.
  • See "Using beacons" for more details.

Contact the creator

Still can't find it? Send an Instant Message to the creator of the lost item, or the support staff listed in their profile. Tell them your tale and ask if they can help you with a free replacement. Individual policies vary, but it's worth a try, and they may be delighted how much you cherish their stuff!

Hide the terrain

  1. Open the unsupported Advanced menu.
  2. Choose Advanced > Rendering > Types > SurfacePatch to deselect it. The ground disappears.

<videoflash type="vimeo">4168339|640|480</videoflash>

This can make it easier to look for objects in some instances. Select SurfacePatch again to show the ground. Other Advanced options may be helpful too, but use them at your own risk.

Carefully move your build

KBwarning.png Warning: You should only do this if you're confident about your building skills. Things will get more complicated if you can't put your build back together.

If you think the object's lost in your house, consider carefully moving walls around. Sometimes furniture or even thin things like portraits or paintings get hidden because they were accidentally moved into the middle of a wall. To do this as the objects' owner:

  1. Right-click a wall and select Edit from the pie menu.
  2. Drag the colored arrows to move the wall.

If you can't move a wall, it may be locked. While editing the object:

  1. Click the Object tab of the build tools.
  2. Uncheck Locked.

Good luck on turning lost into found!

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