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Notes about conceptual design of the currently build Orientation Island by the GWA Project.

Some of these stations use automatted Chat/IM notification at certain infopoints.

Island 1 - Starting Point

  1. Sign with arrow keys
    "Drücke die Pfeiltasten um dich zu bewegen" (Press the arrow keys in order to move).
  2. A sign with the suggestion to follow the learning path[1]

Island 2 - Basic Movement & Appearance

  1. Part 1
    1. Sign about jumping, mouselook, movement windows, ...
    2. Tutorial about movement
    3. Signpost with task to complete the labyrinth
  2. Part 2 (The Castle)
    1. Appearance tutorial
    2. Sign about appearance
      • Showing the pie menu (remark to click the name tag where required - prim avas)
      • How to get dressed / change clothes
      • Different kinds of clothes (layers, differences between prim- and textureclothes)
      • Hint: Shapes can be modded on your own to increase individuality
    3. Freebie clothing to pick up (standart ava in folders, some single clothing)
    4. Using the park as space to swap cothes or to alter appearance

Island 3 - Communication & Movement

  1. Part 1
    1. Sign "Kommunikation vor Ort" (short range communication)
      Chat, activation of chatbar, chat history,...
    2. Sign "Kommunikation über Distanz" (long range communication)
      IM, profile, friendship, calling cards
    3. Voice
      Enabling voice, voice dot, configuration, chat bubbles, push to talk, volume controle
      Hint: Voice is optional (not used by everyone)
  2. Part 2
    1. Sign about Teleport (inter Sim)
      Teleport explanation

Island 4 - Interaction with Objects

  1. TP point sends an IM "Mach eine Shoppingtour" ("Please start a shopping tour")
  2. Tutorial
  3. Signs about buying objects, object delivery in boxes or folders (like in "appearance" section)
  4. Shops - Buy freebies for 0L$ - delivery in boxes
  5. Sign how to unpack boxes
  6. Sign - Inventory organisation

Island 5 - Nettiquette, Mischief in SL

  1. Sign "Gefahren" (dangers)
    1. Griefing, harassment
      Mute, sitting on objects, ignore the griefer, leave the griefing hotspot, AR(?)
    2. Hacking
      Don't give away passwords, credit card information (just ) etc.
    3. SL paying info
      SL and SLs basic account is free of charge
    4. Police groups
      There is no SL Police
    5. Objects which try to steal money
      Don't take objects from strangers
    6. Sign about nettiquette
      How to behave in SL & RL
      Don't beg for money, objects, sex...
      Offering friendship "on sight"
      Big Six - Community Standarts

Island 6 - Tips & Tricks

  1. Wiki, KB and Support
  2. How to disable the TypingAnimation
  3. AO
  4. How to change the daytime in SL
  5. Search function
  6. Advanced camera movement
  7. Poseballs and Animations
  8. Avatar related things such as their needs and other SL myths

Island 7 - Streaming in SL

  1. How to enable the music & video stream

Island 8 - Purchasing Items & Money in SL

  1. How to buy item (from vendors)
  2. How the moneytarian system in SL works

(Sky-)Island 9 - Where to go in SL

  1. What else you can do in and with your SL
  2. Poster of nice and interesting places in SL, which give out LM to those places as they get clicked


  1. ^ additional sign with the possibility to leave?