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The German Welcome Area Project wanted to build up a Welcome Area for German speaking Residents of SL, who create their account via the website and choose to not start at a Community Gateway. It was also supposed to provide a space to host classes and to connect new Residents to the established German speaking SL communities.

Project Involvement

  1. Project lead: Lotte Linden & Clare Linden (originally: Jean Linden)
  2. Project support: VTeam (Blue, George, Lexie, Amber and Mia Linden) and Lotte Linden.
  3. Planning and building done by the German Welcome Area Officers Group
    1. Group lead: Monalisa Robbiani, Fr43k Paine and Alexa Soyer
    2. Group builder: Mayumi Fride, Monalisa Robbiani, Fr43k Paine, Dreagan Randt. Alexa Soyer and Timmi Allen
    3. Scripter: Carbon Sirbu & Zai Lynch
    4. Copyright clarification: Lore Lamont and Carina Raymaker
    5. Group documentarians: Zai Lynch

Current status: discontinued(?)
Next meeting: not set
Summaries of previouse meetings can be found here.

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