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Since we don't have to re-invent the wheel, Kurai 'n' me (Zai ) took another walk through the Orientation Station in Scholar, picked a notepad and wrote down the structure of it. So since this is a really neat OI, we might take it as a skeleton, change parts and flash it out in a different way. Notes are written in black.

(This is up for change)

  • How to move
    • Move with arrow keys
    • Move via mouse controle (advanced)
    • Move sideways with shift (advanced)
  • Tutorial on how to use voice (before they learned to chat)
  • How to purchase an item via Buy (Freebies available to practice)
  • Introduction to Inventory and Inventory Search
  • How to open and unpack a box (Freebies available to practice + Dressing rooms)
  • How to "wear"
  • How to change appearance
  • Alt-Zoom on object (Addition: there is a simple sign at OIP about this. Works great. Lisa Lowe 05:11, 21 July 2008 (PDT))
  • Mouse Look
  • Introduction to Pose Balls + Benches
  • How to use the search
  • Introduction to LM's and Map and Mini-map
  • Example of a scripted attachment (helmet turns invisible on chat command)
  • Basic Intro on building (create item, texture and resize)
  • How to fly (up)


  • How to chat
  • Chat History
  • IM
  • Friends list
  • Groups (Lisa Lowe 05:11, 21 July 2008 (PDT))
  • Preferences? (Lisa Lowe 05:11, 21 July 2008 (PDT))

Additional: I just read something also about the L$25 gifts they done on the previous test sims. Not sure what their reasoning for that was. Personally I think that would be kind of hard to realize and most likely they don't need it either with current avi's. However, this remark made me remember the earlier comment about the blue Fund-ball in NCI Kuala (have a look, it should still be there near the magazine stands in the back). That one gives new residents L$10 a day, up to 30 days or so. If there are no funds and it is empty, they just have bad luck. But often residents donated without hesitation. They all been new once. From this money I was able to buy some cheap hair (never changed it either, LOL) and upload a pic in my profile and so on. I can still remember the joy of having L$60 in my account one fine day. I felt rich ^o^

But more important: for the first 30 days it kept me going back there for my daily donation and in the meanwhile I learned a lot because of all the information and help around there. In other words, it costs nothing and it works great :) Lisa Lowe 04:59, 21 July 2008 (PDT)