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About me

Lisa Lowe

I am a member since 2006 and just love to build, script, create new things and to have fun. Also love to help anyone with questions or ideas, so I became an official Second Life Mentor since july 2007 and I still enjoy doing it. You can often find me in the public places like OIP or HIP/HIP2. I speak dutch, english, some french and german. Feel free to IM me anytime with questions or just for a chat. (If you find me in Busy-mode, I most likely am in some meeting, building or I am AFK for a moment) :o)

What I do

I like to build and script all kinds of stuff, but mainly focus on (prim-)jewelry, slideshow displays and clocks now. Before I used to have several shops, but at the moment you can only find my stuff in Bay City - Falconmoon and on Xstreet. Next to that, besides exploring SL, I love to listen to music and often visit live performers in SL. Shopping and taking nice pictures is also a favorite past time. Though not really that good at it, doing business in SL also has my focal point. I also try to attend meetings for Mentors or other roles, visit Linden Office hours, Q&A's, to come up with ideas for improving things and also report bugs on the (P)Jira, when I encounter them. Occasionally I also translate wiki pages into dutch.

At the moment (july 2008) I am involved into two projects. One project is brainstorming about an additional OI-class for mentors and the second is figuring out the best OI for Germany with the german mentor team. [1] My last completed addition to the Wiki is the page about all the volunteer roles in the mentor program.


Lisa en pet Lizzy building ;

I like to build in detail and from some of my work you can see pictures on my builds page. I do not own land and therefore usually build on others property. I am afraid several of my creations have disappeared already overtime. I may dig up some more pictures later from a computer I have no longer in use.

To give you some idea: Skyboxes, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, piercings, world timezone displays, watches, dance aea's, partytents, houses, slideshow displays, shops, info attributes, giftwraps, balloons, Utrecht canal with sheds, bar and houses, bridges, churchclocks, mini-prim chairs, balanceing objects, prim clothing. Still working on my first accoustic guitar.


Second Life Mentor
SL Mentor Coach
SL Mentor Linguist
SL Mentor Nederlands (SL Dutch Mentors group)
SL Building Mentor (SL Building Mentors group)

(P)Jira reporter.

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  1. ^ Due to having to deal with a bunch of highly unprofessional people, I already quit this project during the first meeting without even being able to share any ideas.