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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Author/Date: Lisa Lowe 06:50, 17 July 2008 (PDT)

Resident Volunteer Roles

Within the Second Life Resident Volunteer program there are various roles available for Second Life Mentors, meant for different tasks. This page lists the correct Title (Tag-name), the Groupname they belong to and a brief description of what they are meant for. For details, requirements and how to sign up for these roles, please follow the links and read the appropiate articles within this Volunteer portal! All these roles are under the responsability of the VTeam. (Note: The number of members is per 7/17/2008)



Second Life Mentors are residents who have volunteered to devote part of their time to helping new residents at a variety of public places. Mentors answer questions, give advice, provide guidance and meet and greet new residents.

After signing up for the Volunteerprogram on the Second Life website, one joins a seperate group as an Apprentice. After completion of the training session, they will be transferred into the Second Life Mentor group and role. Apprentice Mentors are assisted in this by Orientation Coaches and Apprentice Buddies.

Greeters are Infohub, WA, OI and HI specialists. They are the welcomers, nurturers and helpers. Though they specialize in those four places because the most new residents arrive there, they are just like regular Second Life Mentors.

Mentor Linguists can communicate and/or translate between two or more languages and have an eager interest to break down communication barriers between all communities in Second Life regardless of language. A Mentor Linguist may provide cultural input, language assistance and positive representation of the Second Life Mentor program among residents of all languages and cultures in Second Life.

Mentors Wiki related

Mentor Scribes are specialized in editing the Wiki. They have specific knowledge about organising the Wiki, working with templates and all related. Besides adding content to the Wiki, they will also assist anyone with Wiki related questions.

Mentor Coaches

The Orientation Coach role is specifically meant for Coaches doing Orientation sessions for Apprentice Mentors, wich are organised in the SLVEC Orientation classroom.

Mentor Coaches are experienced SL Mentors that organise classes about a various subjects basically meant for Second Life Mentors and Apprentice Mentors. They are part of the Mentors Teaching Mentors program, but in fact often any resident can join the classes held on the mainland.

Mentor Buddies

A Mentor Buddy is primarely there for assisting Second Life Mentors with various problems, questions or just for mental support. Mentor Buddies are well-versed, seasoned volunteers within the group who are willing to be contacted directly by other volunteers.

Apprentice Buddies are selected from the Mentor Buddy group for completion of the Shadowing Experience with Apprentice Mentors. The Shadow Experience is part of the trainings session of Apprentice Mentors. They also assist Apprentice Mentors in finding various resources, locations and answer questions related to mentoring.


The Second Life Mentor Q&A group is an additional group for mentors only and only holds an additional 'Second Life Mentor' title. (805 members)

There are quite a few volunteer run groups you can join also. Usually just asking for an invite is enough.

Note: The Mentor Educators of SL group is *not* the official group for roles and is not controlled by the VTeam either!

Note: The Instructors group is an obsolete group and is not endorsed by the VTeam.