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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Mentor Greeter Role Past and Future

The Mentor Greeter role has been revamped for 2008. The role of Greeters in Mentors was originally formed as honorific for the members of a volunteer group called Greeters that we closed. These group members were polled via survey after several months asking if they had any objections to being moved out of the role so that it could be redefined and repopulated with members who might be interested in the new refurbished role.

The majority answered that they had no problems with being removed from that role. The week of January 28, 2008 the role was cleared.

The New Greeter Role: Greeters will be Infohub, WA, OI and HI specialists. They will be welcomers, nurturers and helpers. Though they specialize in those four places, it's only because there are more new residents to be found there, but this is also the role for those mentors who welcome people from their back yards. The role in Mentors that we promised would always be there.

Additionally: Greeters may help improve Second Life for all residents by participating in A/B testing (when available) at the Infohubs. Please see the following page for the testing information: Not available at this time.

Please be familiar with the wiki pages that are the general guidelines for the Greeters role prior to applying for this role.

Greeters Locations

Inworld Locations for Volunteers

Greeter Best Practices

Greeters should follow the best practices listed here: SL Mentor Greeter Best Practices

How To Apply

Please use the following link to apply for the Greeter role in Second Life Mentors.

How To Voluntarily Leave This Role

Leaving the Mentor Greeter role behind and returning to the Everybody role can be accomplished by speaking to a VTeam member during one of their office hours, found here: Volunteer Specialist Office Hours

Thank you for volunteering in Second Life.