SL Mentor Greeter Best Practices

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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

Greeters Best Practices

Visit all of the Infohubs and Welcome Areas.

Invite other Mentors to go with you for a fun field trip!

  • WALK each area and become familiar with the layout.
  • NOTE the kiosks that are there and what information they offer to our residents. See something old that needs removing, think of something more that should be there? Let VTeam know!
  • GREET those residents that you meet and ask if you can help them.
  • WEAR your SL Mentors OR Greeter tag.


You will find that Infohubs and Welcome Areas hold a mixture of experienced residents and inexperienced residents all in one place, which differs from the Help Islands which allow only Mentors and new residents onto them. Often the new residents are still wearing their new resident avatars and are easy to pick out in a crowd; however, it’s always good to check out the resident’s rez day on their profile. This will give you a better idea of the level of their Second Life knowledge. Lots of new arrivals come into the welcome areas and infohubs and it often seems to them everyone is busy with each other, so it is important for someone to show interest.

Find your favorite Infohub

Find your favorite Infohub or WA and make it “yours”. Visit it often; get to know the regulars there and where things are located around the hub. Note the kiosks there and the information provided for our residents.


Griefers are individuals who seem to enjoy causing others grief, may well be found at the Infohubs, Welcome Areas, Help Island Public...

  • Should Mentors encounter this sort of activity please go to HELP> Report Abuse and file an Abuse Report. Suggest everyone witnessing the event to file their own reports.
  • Teach new residents how to file abuse reports and how to Mute other residents. Mute works for voice as well as all text messaging by the person muted. Most people who grief want the reaction, and muted they get none. Often when confronted with this lack of attention, they will leave that area and go elsewhere.
  • Particles can be used by griefers too. One thing you can teach a resident to help combat this type of behavior is to turn off particles. Select View > Beacons > Hide Particles. Again if there is no reaction to griefer’s antics, they will often go elsewhere.


  • If you should encounter an underage person in Second Life please go to Help> Report Abuse and use the category AGE. Paste the chat of the person who admitted that they were underage into the body of the report. Please do not berate this person for doing “wrong” often they simply wanted some way to experience Second Life. Your Abuse Report will be investigated and Gteam will do whatever needs to be done.