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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

As Second Life grows, its resident pool becomes more diverse. To accommodate changes such as the expansion of languages used, Second Life Mentors has a specific role set up called Linguists which encompasses the volunteer residents who speak languages other than English.

Purposes for Linguist volunteers

  • To provide advice on communicating in a particular language.
  • To offer assistance in language translation when available.
  • To relay volunteering concerns as they appear in a particular language.
  • To build bridges and shake hands among communities who speak all languages.

How to Find a Mentor Linguist

Mentor Linguists can use the Language code generator to get the code needed to copy/paste on the edit page of their user page in wiki. This code will add you into Category:SL Mentor Linguists Please refer to the instructions page for more in depth information on this template and it's use. For help on making a user page on the SL Wiki, please read the Quickie Wiki Intro.

Although Second Life profiles currently include a field for Residents to list the languages they're proficient in (spoken or otherwise), this data is not yet searchable. In the meantime, Volunteers are encouraged to list the languages they "speak" (in the context of Second Life, this may just refer textual communications) in the Languages spoken by Volunteers category. As this role and this role's purpose expands, we will be eager to hear suggestions on development regarding creative collaboration and communication methods between Linguist and non-Linguist volunteers.

Mentor Linguist Role Requirements

Initial sign up to become a Mentor Linguist requires that you can communicate and/or translate between two or more languages and have an eager interest to break down communication barriers between all communities in Second Life regardless of language. A Mentor Linguist may maintain good status within the role by providing cultural input, language assistance, and positive representation of the Second Life Mentor program among residents of all languages and cultures in Second Life.

Mentor Linguist Role - Sign Up and Participation

Being a Mentor Linguist is not a requirement of being listed in the wiki-category and conversely, listing yourself in the wiki-category does not make you a Mentor Linguist. All Volunteers can use the wiki-category freely as it is useful for situations where another Volunteer requires assistance in a specific language (a common request in the Second Life Mentors group channel). If you're currently in the Second Life Mentor group and wish to take on the Mentor Linguist role, you'll need to sign up through the link below.

  • Not added to role at this time
  • Reminder: You must be in the official Mentors group to take on the linguist role. Apprentices can apply after attending an orientation session and being moved to the Mentors group.

How to Voluntarily Exit this Role

Leaving the Mentor Linguist role behind and returning to the Everybody role can be accomplished by speaking to a VTeam member during one of their office hours, found here: Volunteer Specialist Office Hours