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This page is supposed to be constantly updated of the sim planning groups once decisions are made.



What we need

  • a place to show and teach advanced content creation and themes like muting, AR, support ticket (remark: sorry, but in the formerly presented picture the sentence "advanced content creation like mute, AR …" does not make sense to me)
  • lots of places to do live help (mentors - new residents)
  • teaching places
  • tutorials
  • freebie shops
  • a park to relax and meet other residents (socialisation)
  • places to offer teleports, notecard givers and landmarks
  • a big variety of landscapes presented to the new residents
  • offering activities, sports, …
  • a place that can be used for big meetings, parties, classes, events
  • chances to add things into the SIMs if we will realize, we need them (some free space)

Draft by Danziel Lane, contains obsolete items


is a water SIM with islands and shores. The character of the landscape is water/sand with tropical or subtropical plants and buildings.

Little islands Spare room, if we find out, we need something. Till we have an idea for the very little island, we might build a colorful tipi there for the chief.

Start Island A tropical island where residents land, when they tp from OI or HI. They will find places here to meet mentors, they will find a map which will help to explore the SIMs, they will get a notecard that might help to read the map, they will find tips, which places to visit. Tutorials here will be about advanced content creation and about contacting LL by AR or support ticket and also first hints to deal with griefers (mute, sit, …)

Under Water World A fantasy world to explore and get a first idea of what makes SL different from RL. All things here are completely under water. Tutorials and other content not yet planned for this part. Feel free to add.

The Beach This is a bigger area built for meetings, parties, education, events. Build over 2 SIMs it allows to have events with a lot of avatars. The ambiance is beachy. Sand and little grass. No stands or rows of seats, no rebuild of a RL meeting place (rows of seats are deadly for camera control and moving of avatars). Equipment to sit here are poseballs (sit on ground), towels, rocks, tree trunks, etc. Maybe we add some camp fires or other decorative stuff. This demonstrates residents right from the beginning that learning in SL might be quite a fun thing with nothing reminding them of an often hated school classroom.


This SIM is grassy (except the desert) land, almost flat, a few low hills. Flora is almost mid European (builders, make smooth changes between the areas, please).

The Desert This will be the sandbox. Free for building. The Desert is sandy or rocky (depends on the creativity of our builders and designers). All residents can build here and try scripts. Flat with not more than 2 dunes. As an amount of free objects is needed to allow building here, SIM 3 should not use too much of the prim count. My plan follows this idea by putting areas with high object count to the other 2 SIMs, see City, Start Island, Village, Park, Underwater, …)

Jungle Island Just an idea that came upon me, when I created the river. Given to your creativity to offer residents an interesting spot to explore. (Note: JI won't be created)

School A place, where tutorial are offered and also communities and schools can promote their range of services, classes, products. Free tutorials here, also a board of classes given here or at The Beach.


This sim is flat only in the city area, but shows hills elsewhere, which change into a big mountain in the corner. There might be snow on top of the mountain.

The City

  • City will be planned with the SIM3 group, since it's overlapping. City should contain spaces (houses) for communities to advertise.

The city is an assembly of shops, where freebies can be given out to the residents. There should be a hair shop, a house shop, a flower shop, a furniture shop, several shops for clothing etc. etc. All the things we can give out for free make a nice number of shops that might sum up to a nice city. We also can add other houses here with different content, but residents should know, if they want freebies, they should come into the city.

The Park

  • Park needs to be planned with SIM3 group as well.

An area where residents can meet, relax, socialize. Feel free to add ideas.

The Village

  • village might not be build. up for further discussion

Snowy Mountain

  • Mountain should contain a cave with a Jeti (build by Mayumi) and a Reinhold Messner.
  • Zai will contact a friend who might help to get sculty parts for the mountain mountain will be build by Asri.
  • An old goldmines entrance, blocked by rocks, will be at the mountain. Traintracks leading from the goldmine to the old house above the Mystic World

Mystic World

  • Mystic world will be similar to the hidden cave at the Stadtrand sim. See "Hidden cave near the Psi Beta Stargate " at User:Zai Lynch/Sightseeing.
  • Above the cave, an old house (like in the movie "Psycho" is placed by Mayumi)

The Street to SL Leading from The City to a corner of the SIM … the Street. Residents may walk along them and see promotion boards with TPs or LMs, grab them and hop away or explore the next offer. The street ends at a parking lot (might also be a small heli airport) which is surrounded by a lot of TPs to nice places in SL (or community places).

The River Running from the Mountain to the sea, the river winds through the SIMs. Residents are offered rafts/tires/canoes to sit in and drift along the river from pond to the sea or all the way back. Along the river fruits may be offered that contain little presents or pieces of information. So residents can collect more information while drifting down the river.


Residents should have opportunities to make use of some activities.

  • floating down the river
  • windsurfing in the sea
  • ice skating somewhere on the mountain
  • and some more