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SL Birthday August the 22nd, 2006
Mentor Since January the 12th, 2008
Home Location Precise Dreams🖈
SL Skills Making pretty but useless thingies ;D and being able to explain in a way that can be understood.. I think ^^;
Interests Figuring out how things work, how they were created and recreating them while morphing those things into becoming my own creations.
Hobbies Reading. Wandering about in any kind of weather. Music. Being depressed. Loving life ^_^
Languages English and German.

Personal Thoughts

I want to be a good mentor... blah blah blah...
Actually I don't. I want to be a good person, helping if I can, being positive and polite to anyone who asks me for help.
And if I got a bad day, please respect that. I'm only human after all. I'd still try to help, be friendly, but you might not get the answers and solutions you hoped for.
Do we really need a mentor tag? No, not really. But you get more informations about whats going on, and where the grid is heading to if you are one. Apart from that, theres no benefit. And I'm sure non Linden help organisations often do a better job and helping and educating residents than mentors.
I never wear my mentor tag anywhere. I'm just a normal person, trying to answer questions others might have. If you see me somewhere, don't hesitate to say "Hi". I'd be happy about your "Hi" ^_^ And if you got a question or need help otherwise, just ask away ^_^
Mentors are no gods. We don't have any special powers. And if you see one acting that way, better try to avoid that person...
Take care and have fun in the world you create ^_^


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