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If you need help with the controls of the HUD please have a look at this how to.

Furthermore, we added useful information about the Windlight viewer and how to use your camera. These are not required to enjoy the HUD but they might increase your Second Life experience if you have a look at them.

In case you don't have a HUD yet and are searching for one: You can get it for free at SL Exchange, OnRez or In-World at Stadtrand (81, 17, 23).

Greenies Home
Category: Exploring Region flag: Mature
Greenies Space Station

Greenies Home is an arty explorers sim. Your surrounding is huge so you feel like you're shrinked down to the size of a mouse. It is suggested to view this sim with a draw distance no less then 300 meters, so please have a look here if you don't know how to manage that. When you arrive at Greenies, follow the little arrows out of the mouses cave, walk through the dolls house and enter the livingroom of Greenies. From here, look at everything, fly, rez a car and drive along... There are many detailed and hidden scenes so jump in every cupboard, look beneath the fridge, walk behind framed pictures...
Also, make sure to click on the teleporters as some of them will lead you to a space station up in the sky where the greenies prepare for world domination.

Saver Sex Greenies
Educating mice
Teleport to Greenies Home

The Black Swan
Category: Exploring Region flag: Mature
The tied up angel

The Black Swan is a creepy but fascinating arty explorers sim. When you enter the Black Swan, try to increase your Draw Distance above 250m to enjoy the beautiful surrounding. If you don't know how to do that please have a look over here. You will find a path in front of you which you might follow. Be careful because of some traps (this is just fun - you can't really die in Second Life). Try to walk the path without flying also it's really tricky to not fall off. Have a look around and enjoy the beautiful statues. One of them even comes to life. You will have to jump over lava, avoid spears shooting up the path, walk over a crumbly bridge... Once you arrived at the tied up angel, you will find a bright beam appearing behind him. Walk right into the beam and don't try to move when you're inside it. It will elevate you to some kind of twillight zone. Enjoy your stay.

Jump over the lava
Twillight Zone
Teleport to the Black Swan

The Rezzable Collectors Gallery
Category: Gallery Region flag: PG

The Rezzable Collectors Gallery is a place for those who'd like to enjoy the art at the rezzable sims but would like to skip the exploring part. Or for those who think they might have missed something. So teleport there, wait till your surrounding rezzed and click at the glowing teleporter shown in the picture. It will elevate you to the gallery were you can enjoy some sculptures and of course some greenies as well.

Kitty is peeved...
Greenies on drugs
Rezzable Collectors Gallery

Gypsy Moon
Category: Exploring Region flag: Mature
Shiney and sparkly

Gypsy Moon is a beauty- and colorful designed sim to relax and hang out. Walk around and have a look at the beautiful plants, the waterfalls, the swan, the huge crystal ball and of cause the gigantic neon flowers. You'll find these when you fly up in the sky and use your camera to get a better view from farer away. Also make sure to have a look at the neighbours sim in the west called Moon Shadow. You'll be able to to rescue the princess Chu Chu who was caught by the evil spider queen. This is some kind of role play adventure while there is damage enabled on this sim. That means, you can die on here. But don't be afraid, since death in Second Life just means that you are send back to your Home location which might be some Info HUB. You can get back to the island and have a second try to rescue the princess or go on to the next sim if you like.

Glowing Crystal Ball
Gigantic Neon Flowers
Teleport to Gypsy Moon

Privateer Space
Category: Exploring Region flag: PG
The Map Of Privateer Space

Privateer Space is the biggest and most detailed sci-fi explorers sim in all SL. All done by just one artist in about two month. To ne able to enjoy it in its full beauty, you got to increase your draw distance to 512 meters. Have a look here if you don't know how to manage that. You arrive at Privateer Space in a space station. Use the teleporter (the little blinking pyramid in the middle of the room) to get upsairs where you will find some space ships. Take a free copy of the spacebug, rezz it on a platform, go inside (right click it and choose sit) and write "start" in open chat. Afterwards, you will be able to controle the space ship with with your arrow keys as well as the page up and page down keys. The picture on the right displays a map of the sim. You can fly all up until about 2050(!) meters and enjoy a meteroid belt, a gas nebula and other space stations with freebies around. If you fly down, you will find four planets to discover with caves, aliens, strange plants and of course: space stations. Take some time to look at it all since there are also hidden paths.

Flying Through A Wormhole
A Space Station
Teleport to Privateer Space

Hidden cave near the Psi Beta Stargate
Category: Exploring Region flag: Mature
Picture 1: Secret Entrance

At the Stadtrand Sim is a beautiful designed hidden cave which you might explore. To do so, teleport to the Stargate make a right click on the hammer-shaped pillar next to the obelisks and choose Teleport from the pie menu (as shown in picture 1). You will reach a hidden path beneath the Stargate.
Picture 2: Midnight
To be able to experience the following journey in its whole beauty, please change your Environment Settings to Midnight. To do so, open the World menu on top of your screen, select Environment Settings and then Midnight (like shown in Picture 2). After leaving the cave, you can revert this by choosing Revert to Region Default from the same menu. Follow the path and you will find a Room with gigantic Mushrooms, an eerie mantis, a strange cube and much more. If you walked through the cave, you might find a spaceport. Enable your sound and explore it. Have fun!
The Shroom Room
A hidden Spaceport
Teleport to the Psi Beta Stargate

The Future
Category: Exploring Region flag: Mature
Transport System

In the moment of writing, The Future is still under construction but already very worth watching! It has a unique and interesting transporting system to get you to the exciting places. As seen in the picture, there are many boxes with hovering text, displaying the desired location to move to. Click at the box that shows the places where you would like to go and walk into the beam. If you got move lock please disable it (if you don't know what a move lock is, you'll most probably not have it and won't have to worry about this advice). Also, don't try to move or fly while you're transported. You will be pushed through channels and fall to the location. In the moment of writing, this transporting system is still a little buggy. So if the transport fails, just teleport back to the landing platform and try again.
Definatly worth watching are the sculpty garden, where wonderfull art is displayed, and the crooked house. When you enter the crooked house, there will be a small crook on the table next to you. Click that one so the house focuses on our avatar. when you now leave the room through any of the six doors, the house will shift so you'll be always surrounded by other rooms. It is hard to describe actually but you will find out ;-) Make sure to use your camera to look at the house from outside and how it puzzles itself.
Try to fly around on the sim as well while there are lots of interesting and strange looking things around.

Sculpty Garden
The Crooked House
Teleport to the Future

The International Spaceflight Museum
Category: Exploring Region flag: PG
Rez The Tour Vehicle

The International Spaceflight Museum is a sim that displays the history of real life spaceflight. It has many detailed replicas of space rockets and moon vehicles. We suggest to start by rezzing a tour vehilce and talking a seat at it. To rez it, act like it is displayed in the picture. The vehicle will drive through the sim and tell explaining notes to objects passing by. Open the chat history (CTRL + H) so you can keep track of it. After the tour, you can take a right to the low earth orbit with the rocket near the arriving platform. Furthermore, you can take part in a quizz to the shown exhibits. You'll learn a lot about our solar system and the history of spaceflight.

Rocket Exposition
Rocket Ride
Teleport to the International Spaceflight Museum

The Ivorytower of Prims
Category: Educational Region flag: PG
The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower Library Of Primitives is an educational sim about building in second life. You will be able to learn how to deform primitives (or like we say in short: prims), how to move, glue (we say: link), color and texture them. It also offers basic building tutorials in many languages and shows step by step how an item in SL can be developed. If you want to become a builder in SL: This is the place to start.

How to move / spin prims
How to deform prims
Ivory Tower Of Prim

Category: Exploring Region flag: PG
Tour Vehicle

The experimental island has some very interesting features. The whole island is a growing environment - not just by putting things in there, but growing by itself as nature does. Sound experiments like the elven drums are lovely ideas and provide fun especially in groups. Walk up the path over the bridges to have a great view over the island nature and enter the library where books can be read. Find the avatar oracle and get some sights about your future and don’t forget to feed the birds - it is worth to buy food for L$1, put it on the ground and wait until birds eat it away. At the TP arrival point a tour vehicle may be boarded and this will give you a first overview of the many details of Svarga.

View From Above
Huge Tree
Teleport to Svarga

The Second Louvre
Category: Gallery Region flag: Mature
The Second Louvre

The Second Louvre Museum shows (like it's counterpart in RL) an art exhibition. Shown are paintings as well as sculptures. Both animated and fixed, modern and classical but always creative!

A Huge Gladiator
The Fountain
Teleport to the Second Louvre

The Splo
Category: Educational Region flag: Mature
Pi(e) Exhibition

The Splo is an educational sim containing physics- and math-related exhibitions and art. Experiment, explore and become confused by optical illusion. What is light, which planets belong to our solar system and what about all these pi(e)s? Find the answers to these and many more questions at The Splo!

Art? A Fractal? Or Both?
Light Spectrum
(Or Maybe A Pink Floyd Album Cover?)
Teleport to the Splo



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