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What is this project about?

This wikipage is part of the contribution of a Newbie Sightseeings Workshop from Volunteers. Our goals are:

  • Goal 1: To create a Wiki-Page containing SLURLs, pictures and detailed discription for awesome places in SL.
  • Goal 2: Creating a HUD with integrated LM-giver for these places. It should be updateable through a server.

New and old residents like to discover interesting places in SL. While the old ones are able to get hints from friends, the new ones got to search these places on their own. This page should provide some help and direct new (and old) residents to - what we think are - unique places in SL.


While this is just a collection of links which might be exchanged or expanded in the next couple of days, I made an example of how the description of a place might look like when it's finished. You can see this example here @ my SandBox. I would like to have a detailed description (even more detailed then the one i put up in the example), a category (art, science, ...), the region flag (Marture or PG region) as well as some snapshots (Windlight, high detailed without the photographer her-/himself in the pic) at the end of the article and some explanation pics if needed (with the photographer as a sample if needed) in the description. Is there something else what might be interesting to mention in the box? Let me know =) --Zai Lynch 16:44, 7 February 2008 (PST)