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This page some available tools for Wiki editors. For LSL Portal specific tools, please read the LSL Editing Primer.

For userpage specific templates, see Quickie Wiki Intro/Usercategories.

For general MediaWiki syntax, please have a look at the Quickie Wiki Intro as well as the MediaWiki Help Pages.


The description provided at this page is a short summary of the functionality of the templates. For further details on usage, please browse to the linked documentation pages.

Template Description
{{Anchor|<ID>}} Sets an anchor at a page. You can link there with [[PAGENAME#<ID>]] (or just [[#<ID>]] for anchors on the same page).

Note: MediaWiki automatically generates anchors for headings.

{{Age|<DD>|<MM>|<YYYY>}} Displays a difference between the current date and a given date in days. See also Template:CountDown.
{{CategoryTOC}} Adds a table of contents to a category.
{{CountDown|<YYYY>|<MM>|<DD>}} Dispays the difference between a given date and the current date in days. See also Template:Age
{{Delete|<REASON>}} Requests the deletion of a page.
{{Ediquette}} Places an infobox at a users talkpage which gives suggestions to be more thoughtful with the Wikis resources.
{{forum post|<LINK TITLE>|<OPTIONAL POST ID>}} Adds a link to a forum post from, defaults to using {{SUBPAGENAME}} if the optional post ID is not present.
{{Help}} Displays a Help Header and Multi-lang bar above the article and can add it to certain categories.
{{Hint|mode=<MODE>|desc=<DESCRIPTION>}} Is able to create a variety of different warning boxes.
{{HoverText|<TERM>|<HOVER>}} Underlines <TERM> and displays the hovertext specified in <HOVER> as an on-mouse-over effect.
{{HoverLink|<LINK>|<HOVER>}} Creates an internal wiki link with a given hovertext.
{{Jira|<ISSUE-ID>}} Places a link to the specified issue the public issue tracker.
{{KeyCombo|ctrl=*|<KEY>}} Displays key combination used for shortcuts. Have a look at it's documentation page for further info on usage.
{{Keypress|<KEY>}} Like Template:KeyCombo, but for single keys.
{{L$|<AMOUNT>}} Used for adding L$ amounts to articles.
{{Multi-lang}} Displays a language bar on top of the article which links to translated versions. See also Project:Languages.
{{Navbox|title=<TITLE>|content=<CONTENT>}} Creates a navigation box, floating right.
{{RightToc}} Places the table of contents on the right side of the article.
{{SLurl|<REGION>}} Provides an easy way to create SLurls.
{{SLurl2|<SLurl>}} Displays <SLurl> in a nicer format.
{{Unsigned|<USERNAME>|<DATE>}} Supposed to be used on talk pages, to mark a comment as unsigned and to provide the right signature.
{{User|<USERNAME>}} Creates a link to <USERNAME>s profile.
{{User2|<USERNAME>}} Only creates a link to <USERNAME>s profile, in case <USERNAME> created a profile page. Otherwise just displays the name as text.
{{Ram}} Notes that care should be used in editing a page that is widely transcluded by other pages.

Information for template creators

All extensions currently installed in the wiki are listed at Special:Version. The most important ones for template creators are:

Useful templates to be used inside of templates are {{!}} (adds a pipe |), {{!!}} (adds two pipes ||), {{=}} (adds an equal sign =) and {{bc}} (adds a closing bracket }). These are useful when you'd like to add these signs inside a parserfunction but would like to prevent the template from executing them as part of the function. E.g. tables inside a parser function. Also useful: {{ZWSP}}, which adds a zero-width space.

Note that there are a couple of so called magic words available, which can return values (like the current time, the page title, etc.) or change the style of your page (hide or fix the table of contents, etc.). Read the MediaWiki documentation on magic words for further information.


See for general information about widgets. All currently in the SL Wiki available widgets can be found at Special:PrefixIndex/Widget:. You can suggest the implementation of further widgets via the issue tracker.

Videos and Images


The VideoFlash extension allows to add YouTube and Google Videos (as well as some others). We also got a widget as well as one for YouTube playlists, which is falsely named as Widget:YouTubeChannel.


Images can either be added via the regular MediaWiki syntax (see Mediawiki Help:Images) or via the ImageMap extension. The ImageMap manual from Wikipedia as well as the ImageMap editor tool can be useful. Note that images added via this extension cause a line break which can be avoided by putting image and text in between <div class="imagemap-inline"></div>.


For references, please use the Cite extension.

Usage: Text<ref>reference</ref> results in Text[1]

Place the <references /> tag where you'd like to display the references.

  1. reference