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This is a simple template intended for use in creating navigation templates. It takes two parameters:

  • title - Title of the navigation group. This can also be a link using normal wiki syntax.
  • content - Text to appear in the navigation template "box". The expectation is that this is generally a bulleted list; though it can be in any text.
  • content-bg-color (optional) - Background color of content area (default is white)
  • content-color (optional) - color of content text (default is black)
  • title-bg-color (optional) - Specify a color if you want to use something other than the default blue-green color.
  • title-color: color of title text; default is black.
  • float (optional) - CSS float position. Default is right.
  • width (optional) - max width. Default is 30%


|title=your title
|content=your content
KBtip2.png Tip: See the Style Guide for Navbox usage relevant to the Knowledge Base.



|title=[[User:Magellan Linden|Magellan]]'s Discoveries
|content=*[[Nautilus City investigation|Nautilus City]]