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Gaeta I is a small sub continent to the north of Corsica, and contains one road.

Sandy Beach Trail

Sandy Beach Trail.png

Are you looking for a short day hike? Maybe something with a little added fun? Walk the Sandy Beach Trail!

The trail itself runs from the Gilpatric Pier and Kamalakara Beach in the north, east and south to Tessentor Bay and then southwest to Lastness Marina. Visitors can then sail between the marina and the pier or off to points unknown. Sandy Beach Trail is a short, paved, landscaped walking path and is not recommended for vehicles larger than a bicycle or scooter. Points of interest along the trail include:

Gilpatric Pier

Gilpatric Pier.png

Starting at Kamalakara Beach the pier juts out into the coastal see of Gilpatric. At the end of the pier is a public boat launch (rezzing zone). Also at the end of the pier is a free to use LDPW sailboat and kayak, or visitors can grab a freebie Gilpatric Pier life ring as a souvenir and float about to their hearts content.

Kamalakara Beach

Kamalakara Beach.png

A public beach open to all, Kamalakara has beach blankets, umbrellas and beach chairs for your enjoyment. Relax on the beach and soak up some sun with your friends. Use the semi-private beach hut for changing into your swimsuit.

Tessentor Bay

Tessentor Canal.png

The region of Tessentor breaks the Sand Beach Trail into two sections, north and south. The north runs to Kamalakara with plenty of rest stops along the way. The south leads to Lastness and the marina there. To cross the bay travelers can rez their own boat at either end and sail across or they can click on the life ring at the dock. Sitting on the ring drops it (and you) into the water where you can then paddle across to the other side. Once you stand up the ring will disappear.

Lastness Marina

Lastness Marina.png

The marina at Lastness is a rezzing zone for boats that also includes a free to use sailboat like the one in Gilpatric. But don't go taking off yet! The Marina also boasts one of the nicest lighthouses in SL. Sure, there are plenty of lighthouses scattered across the mainland but few are as pleasant and cozy as Ol' Blue. Inside you'll find a library and upstairs a sitting room next to a wood burning stove. Curl up on the couch and gaze out to sea, or go all the way up for a view from the lamp house itself. At the base of the house is a souvenir life ring vendor.

Technical Data

Roads of Gaeta 1

The following numbers are distances measured in km. Maximum error is 5%. Gaeta 1 has two beach roads (as described above) and two off-road trails (probably unfinished roads) used by the Yava Script Pods.

South Beach Road:         0.81
North Beach Road:         1.36
total:                    2.17
North off-road:           1.30
South off-road:           1.11
total:                    2.41
Total road network: 4.58 km
Unconnected fragments: 3
Water access: yes

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