Heterocera Route 3

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Route 3 (North Heterocera Inland Link)

ROUTE3.jpg click image for larger version


Route 3/Route 2 Southern Junction, Emmelia

The two routes merge here in a T junction adjacent to the viaduct spanning the ravine.

Emmelia (35, 123, 32)


Route 3 Lower Bank, Lunaris

The road ascends a steep bank here rises with the terrain, excellent spot for sledging if it would only snow !

Lunaris (86, 12, 41)


Route 3 Upper Bank, Lunaris

A second rise requires a large stone embankment in order to prevent subsidence of the hillside below the woodland above.

Lunaris (181, 196, 61)


Route 3 Hilltop Woodlands, Moma & Tridens

The high hill crest at Moma, as well as offering panoramic views of the surrounding area and not-so-distant coast, retains some natural woodland across its border with Tridens. The park also contains small lakes and a pagoda summerhouse in which weary travellers may take a breather. There is a rezzing area here too.

Moma (238, 59, 75)


Route 3 Oriental Bridge, Tridens

The red oriental bridge at Tridens gracefully mimics its surrounding oriental architecture as does its twin down the ravine in Togata. From the bridge, the road heads due north across undulating terrain towards Woolybear Junction.

Tridens (19, 133, 77)


Route 3 Main Road

The main road along Route 3 begins at the Woolybear intersection and continues to Tussock where the SLRR intersects. This Road is 4.3km long. Below is a list of features you can find along the way.

Woolybear (111, 230, 86)


Route 3 Polkadot Park, Polkadot

Small stone pathway leads to sunken garden beyond. A place for rest and contemplation.

Polkadot (156, 74, 98)

Riddings 001.jpg

Route 3 Roundabout, Riddings

The Roundabout at Riddings provides access to the link road to the Southwest leading to Congrua or a continuation of the main road to Tussock to the East.

Riddings (80, 199, 101)

Riddings 002.jpg

Route 3 Intersection, Riddings

This intersection provides access to sims to the South ending at Nitida. This intersection is also a Rezz Zone.

Riddings (212, 181, 121)


Route 3 Intersection, Cisseps

This intersection provides access to sims to the North ending at Turnip. This intersection is also a Rezz Zone and has a small public square and fountain.

Cisseps (96, 33, 124)


Route 3 Factory, Muslin

This intersection includes the Coach and Carriage Company Factory and a Rezz Zone.

Muslin (180, 45, 121)


Route 3 Rezz Zone, Herald

Rezz Zone along the Road.

Herald (124, 54, 119)


Route 3 Community Hall, Pavonia

There is a Community Hall in Pavonia with a Rezz Zone next Door.

Pavonia (182, 235, 118)


Route 3 Catch the train, Tussock

Park your vehicle and catch a train here.

Tussock (89, 119, 119)


Route 3 Riddings to Congrua connection, Morrison

This Road is 840m long with a Rezz Zone along the Road.

Morrison (226, 134, 99)


Route 3 Riddings to Nitida connection, Astylus

This Road is 1.5km with a Rezz Zone along the Road at Astylus.

Astylus (62, 43, 121)


Route 3 Riddings to Nitida connection, Muralis

Muralis contains a few little parks, the largest of these contains a creek for your enjoyment.

Muralis (86, 120, 125)


Route 3 Riddings to Nitida connection, Nitida

Nitida is currently the end of this road and hosts a Rezz Zone.

Nitida (86, 20, 122)


Route 3 Cisseps to Turnip connection, Orache

A Rezz Zone along the road.

Orache (61, 242, 100)