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An extensive network of roads exists on Heterocera, and this page deals so far primarily with the new construction within the northern section of the continent.

The maps present here are initial construction maps and may differ slightly from what is on the ground until such time as fresh mapping can be obtained.

The Map of Heterocera Atoll.jpg click image for larger version

The following descriptions break this network down into a number of distinct routes.

Roads of Heterocera

Technical Data

Heterocera roads, May 1st 2014

The following numbers are road distance measurements, in km. Maximum estimated error is 5%. It is important to know that almost all roads of this continent have names and some have numbers. There still are a few unnamed roads.

Roads with numbers:

Road 1:                 12.48
Road 2:                  9.50
Road 3:                  5.28
Road 3A:                 2.29
Road 3B:                 0.53
Road 3.5:                1.84
Road 4:                  2.30
Road 5:                  3.29 total: 37.51

Roads with names

Atoll Coast Road:        2.72
Atoll Pointe:            0.32
Deirli Landing:          0.16
Hill Street:             0.51
Inland Cutoff:           0.79
Leafminer Beach Road:    0.21
Mock Heather Road:       1.87
Parkway:                 3.12
Robin Loop:              3.38
Sandgrass Road:          0.73
Sandhill Sage Road:      0.28
Satellite Way:           0.92
Traverse Road:           0.36 total: 15.37

Unnamed roads:

Road in SW:              0.76
Road in SW:              2.05
Road in N:               0.18
Road in NE:              2.77
Inner Atoll Exterior:    3.37
Inner Atoll Interior:    1.16
Along railway (SW):      0.74 total: 11.48

Off-roads, paths and specials:

Great Wall:              2.60
Road 3B:                 0.22
Road 6:                  3.72
Under Construction:      0.41
Unnamed offroad SW:      0.55
Unnamed, Leafroller:     0.25 total: 11.78

Unconnected internal roads:

Inner water road:        0.52
Inner water paths:      ~4.00

Total data:

Roads:                  64.36
Paths & Great Wall:     10.35
Off-road:                1.43
Total:                  76.14
Unconnected roads:       3, inside inner water system
TOTAL LENGTH:           80.66
Roads:                  64.88
Paths, trails & Wall:   14.35
Off-road:                1.43

As seen in this database, Heterocera has the largest road network on the grid, 80.66 km. This is comparable with Corsica, Gaeta 5, Nautilus and Satori together. If we add the total railway length, we get over 100 km. From all continents, Heterocera is the most populated continent. Many studies show that, like in real world, there is a strict corelation between population density and infrastructure. Not many people will feel confortable to settle on a hill without a road, a railway or a waterway nearby.

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