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A scheme of SL railways in May 2014

The railway of Heterocera forms a very complex system, with many branches and a high number of stations. In this article, distance measurements are listed. The numbers are distances in km. Estimated error is below 5%. Distance is measured usually in official and unofficial stations, but sometimes in other places (switches, bridges, important buildings or the closest point to sim center). A measurement spot has been fixed for almost every sim with railway access. In many cases, these points are also the stop points for the SLGI Trains.

Please note that some names used here are NOT official. Also, some longer, private-owned branches, have been noted.

SLRR Network

These are the Linden-owned lines in Heterocera, with a few added information.

Main Line

This is the longest and oldest rail line. It has the highest number of working trains and it is the place from where almost all other lines start.

Tuliptree:                 0.00
Tuliptree North:           0.11
Sweetbay W:                0.25
Columbia:                  0.37
Sweetbay E:                0.40
Union Station switch:      0.49 (Calleta Sim Union Station)
Calleta (GSLR link):       0.71 (Official Calleta st. is too damaged to be used)
Oculea:                    0.90 (old WARR link)
Neumoegen:                 1.18 (Burns - WARR)
Imperial Station:          1.45
Imperial Deopt:            1.53
Didugua:                   1.62
Achemon:                   1.72
House Of Freedom:          1.95
Tiger Depot:               2.01 (Achemon Railway)
Obscure:                   2.20
Horisme:                   2.34
Rivata:                    2.55
Epirrhoe:                  2.74
Jodis E:                   2.94
Jodis W:                   3.09
Aplasta:                   3.20
Ribeata:                   3.35 (Cave station)
Idia:                      3.50
Jubata:                    3.77
Sinica:                    3.95
Torva:                     4.23
Spini:                     4.40
Athetis:                   4.79
Parva:                     5.13
Euclidia:                  5.42
Lota:                      5.53
Lunalis:                   5.60
Fucosa:                    5.88
Concinna:                  6.09
Plebeja:                   6.25
Lapara:                    6.46
Arches:                    6.64
Foxglove:                  6.73
Sagittata:                 7.05
Taeniatum W:               7.23
Taeniatum E:               7.36
Perizoma:                  7.47
Immidae:                   7.66
Sabre:                     8.42
Clearwing Bikers:          8.27
Clearwing - Paranthrene:   8.40 (multiple sim crossing, hard for a train to stop here)
Crenulate:                 8.71 (Mountain railway)
Burnet:                    8.88
Lapett:                    9.17
Pini:                      9.43
Agirus:                    9.69
Agila:                    10.01
Nessus:                   10.20
Celerio:                  10.30
Velox:                    10.51
Tenera:                   10.90 (North East Coast)
Crumbi jcn:               11.01 (North East Coast + Maritime line)
Mocis:                    11.34
Zale:                     11.51
Fishii:                   11.75
Bhaga N:                  11.84
Bhaga:                    12.00

The private station Busiris, South to Bhaga, existed until April 2014, continuing the railway with 0.15 km.

North - East Coast Line

This line is known as North Coast Line and sometimes as East Coast Line, but in fact it is one and the same. On a part of its length, it is doubled by East Line.

Tenera - Webworm jcn:      0.12
Crumbi jcn:                0.00 (Main line)
Tenera Switch:             0.10 (Main line)
Webworm:                   0.22
Gluphisia De Mortesville:  0.43
Anilis:                    0.67 (East line)
Cotaro Switch:             0.95 (Cotaro forest line)
Pawpaw:                    1.14 (Mountain line)
Maia:                      1.40
Owlet:                     1.67
Tussock:                   1.91 (Hooktip line)
Lanestris:                 2.15
Malacosoma:                2.32
Philudoria:                2.58 (East line)
Xanthorhoe:                2.73
Melanthia:                 2.90
Triphosa:                  3.14
Shipton:                   3.34
Wainscot:                  3.48
Plusia switch:             3.55 (Plusia industrial line)
Yucca switch:              3.71 (North line)
Spangle:                   3.84

East Line

This line can be considered a variation of North - East Coast Line. On some maps, it appears as an independent rail, starting from Crumbi and ending in Plusia, with some parts common with North - East Coast Line. Both points of wiew can be considered true. However, in this article, measurements are done only on the sector of railway between Anilis and Philudoria. The rest is common for both lines.

Anilis:                    0.00 (North - East Coast line)
Anilis switch:             0.10 (Anilis depot)
Tersa:                     0.42
Amella road:               0.74
Poecila D-Lab:             0.90
Catalpa:                   1.16
Grizzly:                   1.51
Philudoria Sw. 1:          1.72 (Philudoria industrial line)
Philudoria Sw. 2:          1.82 (North - East Coast line)

Maritime Railway

Crumbi jcn:                0.00
Lutra:                     0.13
Crumbi NE:                 0.32
Dubia S:                   0.40
Dubia N:                   0.62
Cycnia:                    0.76
Cycnia Switch:             0.88 (Waxenville industrial line)
Cisthene:                  1.00 (Cisthene small branch)
Schizura:                  1.23
Vicina:                    1.48

Mountain Railway

On some maps, Mountain line appears to be only the railway that connects Crenulate with Pavonia, while the branch connecting Paranthrene with Pawpaw is named North line. On other maps, including the traffic map in Tuliptree, both lines are considered as a single one. A third one, partially private, connects Paranthrene with Tussock. In this material, we will consider this railway as composed of 3 branches: Crenulate - Pavonia, Crenulate - Tussock and Crenulate - Pawpaw. This is not an official classification, it is made only to make measurements more easy.

Crenulate:                 0.00
Bauerhoff:                 0.25
Paranthrene:               0.48 (Pavonia Pass & Hooktip)
Pavonia:                   0.63
Paranthrene:               0.00
Paranthrene Depot:         0.14
Crenulate Uphill:          0.32
Hooktip jcn:               0.50 (Bembecia - Hooktip railway maze)
Leafroller N:              0.72
Leafroller S:              0.85
Lappet Uphill:             1.03
Pini Uphill:               1.18
Pawpaw:                    1.39
Paranthrene:               0.00
Pavonia Pass:              0.20
Saturnia:                  0.41
Bembecia sw:               0.47 (Bembecia - Hooktip railway maze)
Bembecia center:           0.61
Hooktip NE:                0.79 (Bembecia - Hooktip railway maze)
Tussock N:                 0.90 (Bembecia - Hooktip railway maze)
Tussok:                    0.97

North Railway

Also known as Great North Railway, it was built recently on the ruins of the unfinished road 4, in 2012.

Spangle Switch:            0.00 (North - East Coast line)
Plusia Road:               0.12 (Plusia industrial line)
Spectacle:                 0.61 (Spectacle forest line)
Engrailed:                 0.93
Pug:                       1.09
Mantle:                    1.27
Knot:                      1.52
Burnott:                   1.66
Ginsberg:                  1.88
Shark:                     2.10
Yucca:                     2.39

Smaller rail branches

Here are listed railway branches that existed in May 1st 2014. Majority are private-owned. Distances are usually listed for entire rail length:

Cisthene - Holoshed:            0.15
Cotaro Forest:                  0.24
Cycnia - Waxenville:            0.11
Plusia industrial Rail:         0.15 (about 0.50 if we add all branch lines)
Ribeata - Cave Station:         0.19
Spectacle Forest:               0.10
Union Station (Calleta):        0.17
Xanthorhoe station:             0.09

Amella industrial line:

Amella Switch:                  0.00
Amella Depot:                   0.10
Ralf Halfish @ Tersa:           0.33

Other mainland railway initiatives

Technical data is displayed at each line on a separate article. Historical railways or rails longer then 1km, found in Heterocera and Sansara, are listed below. If you are looking for other railway projects, please see List Of Railways.

Achemon Railway 2.24 km (1.66 cosmic railway and 0.58 classic rail)

Bay City Railway & Trams (1.17 km of railway and 3.80 km of trams)

Bembecia - Hooktip Railway Maze (3.26 km of railway, see note)

GSLR 2.30 (0.43 in Heterocera and 1.87 in Sansara)

SJRR 1.00 km

ONSR 3.18 km

West Atoll Railroad 0.60 (May 10st 2014)

NOTE Bembecia - Hooktip Railway Maze is the largest rail complex on the grid, covering parts of 3 sims. Its total length is measured at 3.26 km. SLGI Trains travel 1.86 km on the railways of this complex. Yava Script Pods make frequent tours along it. There are also balloon and horse tours available.

Overall data


Main line:                12.00
North East Coast Line:     3.96
East Line:                 1.82
Maritime Line:             1.48
Mountain Lines:            2.99
North Line:                2.39
Small rail branches:       1.88
Achemon railway:           2.24
Bembecia - Hooktip maze:   3.26
GSLR:                      0.43
WARR:                      0.60
TOTAL:                    33.05


Bay City rail:             1.17
GSLR:                      1.87
SJRR:                      1.00
ONSR:                      3.18
Tram lines:                3.80
TOTAL RAILWAYS:            7.22
TOTAL RAILS & TRAMS:      10.40

Railway transportation efficiency index

Railway transportation efficiency is calculated based on railway network length divided to continental surface. Also, it is increased or decreased if rails have connections with other transportation ways, if automated transportation exists, if they are opened for other vehicles and also if there are land or script restrictions. In a similar ways are calculated Road Efficiency Index and Water Efficiency Index. Here are listed all continents with railways:

Caledon - Winterfel:    2.672
Blake Sea:              0.508
Heterocera:             1.790
Sansara:                0.157

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