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This article is about the Second Life group Virtual Railway Consortium. The group stimulates rail and other transport related activities in SL and documents existing rail systems.
We focus on the Second Life Railroad ( SLRR ) on the Heterocera Atoll continent, but are also interested in other railways and transportation facilities.

This page is maintained by members of the VRC. You can use the Talk page if you want to get in contact with them.


To help all Residents understand what rail resources are available in SL, we have created a few related wiki pages. These pages are maintained by members of the VRC.

History index page with direct links to the sections of the SLRR history
1st page of the SLRR History covering the years 2005 to 2009
2nd page of the SLRR History covering the year 2010
Complete listing of official SLRR Stations and a short list of public Resident stations along the SLRR. Including maps made by the VRC

About the Virtual Railway Consortium

The Virtual Railway Consortium consists of members that enjoy the diverse railway and other transportation resources in Second lifeTM. Members include individual rail enthusiasts and representatives of other rail- and transportation-oriented groups.

The VRC has chosen the following people to lead the group:

  • Presiding chair: Moundsa Mayo
  • Co-Chair: Qie Niangao
  • Secretary: Hrdtop75 Deluxe

You may contact them if you want more specific information or would like a group invitation.

Officially Affiliated Groups collaborating with the VRC are:

  • Hobo Junction represented by Thinkerer Melville
  • Okemo, Nakiska, & Southern Railway represented by Hilary Sikorsky
  • Second Life Transit Authority represented by Baloo Uriza
  • Switchback Railroad represented by Xirconnia Morphett
  • The Undergrid Herald represented by Mavromichali Szondi
  • Lionheart Community represented by Dirk Klees
  • Independent State of Caledon represented by Rose Springvale
  • =(SCI)= Capital Steeltopia Citizens represented by SteelCobra Calamari
Our motto "State no issue without solution"

We aim to enhance enjoyment of Second Life rail by extending track, improving traffic flow on shared rights-of-way, and facilitating rail experiences for residents. Projects include, among others:

  • Promoting rail-related events;
  • Documentation of rail in Second Life rail technology;
  • Documentation of the SLRR History as compiled by the VRC;
  • Mapping the SLRR and stations along its Right Of Way;
  • Close cooperation with Linden LabTM;
  • Sharing ideas and solutions with the Linden Department of Public Works and Residents in general;
  • Making open source information, scripts, and builds available to all SL Residents, and;
  • Integrating rail with other modes of transportation.

For this we collect and present all publicly available information on subjects that relate to our group from internet sources, wiki pages, in-world Second Life, SL Residents, and more. We post them so the greatest number of SL Residents can learn about and benefit from them. For this we use Wiki pages as well as our in-world group VRC. You may become a member of the VRC by sending an IM to any of the group officers.

There are other Rail related groups in Second Life (see References for a short list).


The above information was collected by members of the Virtual Railway Consortium.