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This article is a description of the Stations that can be found along the Second Life Railroad ( SLRR ) on the Heterocera Atoll continent. It gives landmark locations to the official Linden railway station, as well as station and other rail related builds created by residents on private land along the railroad tracks.

This page is maintained by members of the VRC. You can use the Talk page if you want to get in contact with them.

SLRR Stations

Stations with a number are official Linden Lab SLRR station. Stations marked without a number are publicly accessible Resident build locations along the SLRR related to the rail system. Residents are encouraged to add their own railway station to this public list.

Note: You may need to refresh your browser to get the latest image updates to show up.

A Second Life Railroad reference map (creator: Stryker Jenkins / VRC)
Schematic map of the SLRR (creator: Amy Lacombe/Linoa Nightfire)
SLRR map by Michael Linden / Myopic Mole - LDPW
SLRR System Map.jpg
--- Heterocera Main line
From Tuliptree to Bhaga
1 Tuliptree StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC HQ TuliptreeπŸ–ˆ
VRC Ferry TermianlπŸ–ˆ
VRC Trainspotting TuliptreeπŸ–ˆ
The Embarcadero - Pier 39πŸ–ˆ
GSLR Cecropia Ocean TerminalπŸ–ˆ
Calleta Cargo RailyardπŸ–ˆ
2 Calleta "Hobo" StationπŸ–ˆ
Calleta's Hobo Railroad InfohubπŸ–ˆ
LIONHEART Estate Info CenterπŸ–ˆ
3 Neumoegen StationπŸ–ˆ
4 Achemon StationπŸ–ˆ
5 Obscure StationπŸ–ˆ
Obscure Foothills StationπŸ–ˆ
6 Epirrhoe StationπŸ–ˆ
Jubata Station 2πŸ–ˆ
7 Jubata StationπŸ–ˆ
8 Spini StationπŸ–ˆ
Around The Atoll info stationπŸ–ˆ
9 Lunalis StationπŸ–ˆ
SLRR LaparaπŸ–ˆ
10 Foxglove StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC Foxglove StationnπŸ–ˆ
11 Clearwing StationπŸ–ˆ
12 Crenulate StationπŸ–ˆ
Lappet Engineering worksπŸ–ˆ
Pini Rail YardπŸ–ˆ
13 Aglia StationπŸ–ˆ
Celerio StationπŸ–ˆ
14 Tenera StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC Crumbi AnnexπŸ–ˆ
15 Zale StationπŸ–ˆ
Stenvaag locomotive worksπŸ–ˆ
16 Bhaga StationπŸ–ˆ

--- Maritime branch line
From Crumbi Junction Station to Vicina
20 Crumbi JunctionπŸ–ˆ
21 Dubia StationπŸ–ˆ
Waxenville StationπŸ–ˆ
Holoshed Train StationπŸ–ˆ
22 Vicina DockπŸ–ˆ

--- East branch line
From Anilis Junction to Catalpa
VRC Anilis station and YardπŸ–ˆ
30 Tersa Yard SLRRπŸ–ˆ
31 Poecila StopπŸ–ˆ
32 Philudoria HaltπŸ–ˆ

--- North Coast branch line
From Tenera Station to Spangle
40 Pawpaw JunctionπŸ–ˆ
41 Tussock StationπŸ–ˆ
VRC - TussockπŸ–ˆ
42 Malacosoma CrossoverπŸ–ˆ
VRC Malacosoma StationπŸ–ˆ
43 Melanthia StationπŸ–ˆ
Radioactive Plusia Railway StationπŸ–ˆ
44 Spangle StationπŸ–ˆ

--- Mountain branch line
From Pawpaw Junction station to Pavonia and Crenulate
50 Leafroller StationπŸ–ˆ
51 Pavonia PlatformπŸ–ˆ

--- Northern branch line
From Tussock to Bembecia
60 Tussock RailyardπŸ–ˆ
VRC FreightyardπŸ–ˆ
Hooktip Grand CentralπŸ–ˆ
Bembecia Heights SLRR Rezz ZoneπŸ–ˆ

--- Great Northern Atoll branch
From Spangle to Yucca (under construction)
70 Spectacle yardπŸ–ˆ
71 Burnott (optional)πŸ–ˆ
72 Yucca end stationπŸ–ˆ


The above information was initially collected by members of from the Virtual Railway Consortium.
Michael Linden provided the official branch line names and granted rights to use the SLRR map made for one of the LDPW stations.