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This page contains information and history about the Okemo, Nakiska, and Southern Railway (ONSR).


ONSR was initially a private build, mostly by Veronica Quackenbush. She acquired the right of way through several sims over several years. Kitto Flora scripted the cars and and switches in Smithers SimπŸ–ˆ for her.

Later Kitto Flora was temporarily commissioned by Linden Lab to build the extension of the ONSR to the Wengen Sim. The ONSR now runs across 13 sims and serves 10 stations. A round-trip takes about 22 minutes.

The ONSR runs in two directions on a single track. It is fully automated, including the rail cars. It has 3 passing zones with block control. Usually 2 rail cars are running at once.

The ONSR is not intended for the use of private trains. However some of the ONSR is on public Linden mainland and the track standard does work with personal trains that use sensors for guidance / locomotion. Personal trains could move aside when an automated train approaches.

Near the Wengen Station you can find Linden Chalet info hub and a ski lift to take you up the mountain. On the lake to the North West of the Wengen Station you can go ice skating. And in the surrounding mountains there is plenty of room to go downhill skiing.

Okemo, Nakiska, and Southern Railway map (creator: Stryker Jenkins / VRC)

Other Railway initiatives

There are several other standard gauge railroads in SL, some on private land, some on Linden land. This is list of some other examples of large multi sim networks with different sets of guidance, control and track system. The different systems are not necessarily compatible with SLRR standards.

Technical Data

The following numbers are distances measured in km. Maximum estimated error is 5%.

Smithers Bluff End:        0.00
Smithers Bluff Yard:       0.19
Smithers switch 2:         0.34
Smithers switch 3:         0.45
Tornado Pass:              0.56
Nakiska:                   0.74
Okemo Canyon:              0.94
Okemo Gorge:               1.16
Benham:                    1.32
Skari:                     1.59
Ohno:                      1.81
Bunny Cottage:             1.89
Heaton:                    2.16
DJ Landing:                2.31
Eagan:                     2.43
Valmorel:                  2.68
Oberstdorf:                2.88
Wengen:                    3.18


ONSR is the most visited destination in Snowlands Subcontinent. This railway is very important because it allows an easy and fast access along some of the most interesting places in the area: access to the skilifts, to Silk Waters Mountain (a Tibetan monastery complex) and some of the highest mountains on the grid (see Altitude for a list). It is very clear that this railway stimulated economical development of the area. By comparation, sims to West or East are less populated and have more abandoned land.


The above information was collected by the Virtual Railway Consortium Tuliptree (107, 131, 30) with the help of Kitto Flora, Veronica Quackenbush, Moundsa Mayo, Qie Niangao and Stryker Jenkins. Additional information provided by Jer Straaf.


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