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Bay City transport - map
Bay City transport - scheme

When Bay City was built on its large maritime plain in West Sansara, like in any city, public transportation was required. Unfortunately, all was left unfinished.

Bay City Railway

The railway connects 6 sims. It is composedd of a central rail that starts at the Inner Harbor (where is the only train station) and ends 4 sims away, near a rezz zone. On half of its length, it has a small station, where a short rail connects a nearby sim. Also, from the Inner Harbor, another railway can be seen, connecting the station with a smaller harbor in East.

The north part of this railway looks like any classic rail in Heterocera. The main difference is the presence of some bridges that can (or should) rise when a boat is coming. In South, the rail looks more like a tram, with asphalt between rails, that allow also road vehicle access. It has two major rezz zones, one in North and one at the inner harbor, in South. The rezz zone in South is also a good place to rezz road vehicles.

Any regular train can use this railway, since it uses the same standards and the same guides like the rails in Heterocera. There are no sensors along the rail and the switches are not automated. There are 15 switches along the rail, that can be operated manual. There is no automated transportation along this rail.

The main problem with the Bay City Railway is that it goes nowhere. It connects the center ot Bay City with some unpopulated islands. Its use is mainly decorative.

Bay City Tram

One of the most important projects in Bay City was the central boulevard, also called Road 66, with its tram.

The tram rail connects 11 sims with a straight single line that has 10 stations. Majority of these stations look the same. They are not on the road, they are near the road. Of course, you don't need a ticket to take the tram. Previously, the rail was scheduled to end in Sistiana, two more sims to East, but it remained unfinished until today.

There is automated transport on this rail, which was updated in 2014 with new mesh trams. They now run the current full length of Route 66 within Bay City, between Bay City - Truro and Bay City - Handa. Regular trains cannot travel on the tram line, as there is no guide. If they could, the rail should fit correctly between their wheels.

Luna Dore Tram

This is located in Nova Albilon, a place that many people consider to be the suburbs of Bay City. It is the only functional tram on mainland. It is also called SLLR.

The tiny rail connects 5 sims and has 3 stations. Two of them are terminal stations Luna and Dore (inside sims with the same names) and the third station is Sistiana, near Nova Albilon. There, at Sistiana, it should be connected with Bay City Tram, connection that was never done. Distance between rails is very small, that no other vehicle can use them except the local tram. It is electric-powered and the electric wires can be seen above the road.

This rail is automated. There is a single tram that circles at every a few minutes. Its speed is not too high and not too low, just like a real tram should have. However, it has a problem. In some parts, the tram is tilted because the electric line is not above the tracks.


In the table below, numbers are distances in km. Average error is 5% or 10 meters.


Daley Bay     0.000
Inner Harbor  0.500 (tram station nearby)
Grub Beach    0.760
Mhindepinde   0.990
Manyiminya    1.170
Rail continues a bit after Manyiminya rezz zone, but has no guide.


Truro:        0.000
Oak Bluffs:   0.300
Weston:       0.560
Sandwich:     0.880
Mashpee:      1.160
Docklands:    1.620
Inner Harbor: 1.840 (railway station nearby)
Moosehead:    2.420
Molesworth:   2.730

Gap between Bay City and Luna - Dore trams: 0.500 km

Luna - Dore tram:

Dore:       0.000
Barcola:    0.450
Sistiana:   0.620 (closest station to Bay City tram)
Luna:       1.070

The need for railways in Sansara

When a traveler comes from Heterocera using the ANWR Channel (see Transcontinental Channels), the only way forward is by the GSLR (from Purple) or by road & tram (from Bay City). Since there are 4 private railways in Sansara (ONSR, GSLR, SJRR and East River Railway), it is clear that there is a great interest for railway transportation on this continent. Also, where is a functional system of rails and roads, population density is increasing. A transcontinental railway through Sansara, that should connect all existing rails, would really boost the local development and population density. Such a project can be done only by using parcels of Protected Land and Abandoned Land.

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