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Premium Railway

A176 is a Sim Group inside Grid Sector J4, Southern Ocean, the only land in the Premium Sea. It contains the Premium railway, and a set of Premium gift vendors.

The railway follows the basic of any classic rail found in Heterocera. It is the shortest multisim railway. It covers only 4 sims that form a square: Saminekim, Nysary, Atroth and Unttan.

It has a central station in Saminekim, with two lines. From that station, two short lines end after a few meters. The station is the only rezz zone. If you want to edit a train there, it is not a good idea since after 10 minutes objects will be returned back. From Saminekim to Unttan, the railway is double.

The central railway forms a square and crosses all 4 sims. There is also a small branch, rusted and without a bridge. Don't worry, trains don't fall, even if there is no bridge -- you will just 'jump' over the hole. There is no automated train moving on the rails. Not many visitors can be seen here, so it is a nice and quiet place to drive your trains.

A few 'dirt' roadways, and simple wooden bridges, are also seen in the area.

The terrain textures, and sometimes the trees, are adjusted to match the Northern Hemisphere seasons.

Only Premium residents have access to this area.

As of 5 October 2015, there is a catenary line over the entire railway, except for the "abandoned" line segment.

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