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Map Premium 1 continent
Map Premium South1 continent
Map Premium South2 continent
Map Premium South3 continent
Map Premium Sea

The Premium Continents are a group of 4 continents with similar Geography. They are created to host premium homes. They don't appear on many maps and their creation is relatively new.


Premium 1 (or Premium East) appears in an older map as Nacera. It is situated East of Jeogeot, Southeast of Satori. If you look further East, you will get to Zindra. Premium South continents are places South to Jeogeot. Premium South 1 is the northern, Premium South 2 is between Premium south 1 and Premium South 3. Premium South 3 is the most southern continent, almost as remote as Zindra.


Category Premium East Premium South 1 Premium South 2 Premium South 3 Total
Size in sims 355 188 308 310 1161
Wide in sims 20/29 18/16 19/22 19/23
Size in square km 23.27 12.32 20.19 20.32 297.22
Wide in km 5.12/7.42 km 4.61/4.10 km 4.86/5.63 km 4.86/5.88 km
Water sims 3 0 3 3 9
Shore sims 93 33 83 87 296
Sims with no water 259 155 220 220 854
Sims with road access 41 1 30 32 104
Sims without direct access 251 155 217 217 840
Population density Very high Very high Very high Very high Very high


These Coordinates are in sims, as they can be found for every sim from Gridsurvey [1]. The premium continents don't appear on most of the maps (except sometimes Premium East). They don't seem to have some distinct geographic features and it's difficult to separate them into subcontinents. They could, hoewver, be devided by the specific theme the premium homes have. So, the coordinates are given here for every continent and sometimes coordinates are also given for specific places inside a continent, but the continental mass is never divided into subcontinents. The numbers represent: longitude (min - max) / latitude (min - max).

Premium 1 (Premium East): 1192-1215/907-926

Sandbox Area: 1192-1196/906-909
Premium Wilderness: 1187-1189/919-920
Central Dam: 1204/919 Canard sim
Japanese Gardens: 1193-1193/911-912

Premium South 1: 1013-1028/811-828

Central Dam: 1021/822 Trona sim
A park with scripts allowed: 1019/819 (Yreka sim)

Premium South 2: 1000-1022/750-768

Sandbox Area: 1002-1003/760-761
Japanese Gardens: 1000/1000-754-755
Central Dam: 1011/762 (Long Dash sim)

Premium South 3: 1000-1022/500-517

Sandbox Area: 1002-1003/510-511
Japanese Gardens: 1000-1000/504-505
Central Dam: 1011/512 (Forcastle sim)

Grid Sector:

Premium East: K9, L9
Premium South 1: J8
Premium South 2: I7, J7
Premium South 3: J4, I5, J5

Common features

Premium East - altitude map
Premium East - regions

Since all 4 continents are very similar, only for Premium East the maps were finished, since this one is the most complete of them. Tests show that all other continents share the same patterns.

All 4 continents are similar, with common geographical features. They cotain 70% to 90% residential sims. Ther residential sims are created for premium homes (Linden homes). There are 4 themed models of sims. Each themed sim contains themed premium homes, a small central park and small roads (foot paths). There are a few rivers (that end up with large estuaries). The largest river is formed from a dam in center of the continent and then flows East. These Dams are important orientation points. At the border between themed residential sims, there are park sims. A park sim is a made for recreation. The majority of the park sims and all the residential sims have 'no script' enabled. In West, there are two sims with Japanese gardens (they have script enabled). The majority of the shores are unfinished. There is a coast road in West, but it is not used often. The seas and rivers are navigable, but without ship rezz zones, there are not water vehicles on them.


Researches done with an altimeter showed up that majority of the sims forming premium continents are flat plains. Groups with more then 10 sims were found to share nearly same altitude, while other large regions share another Altitude. Separation is sometimes done by park sims. Also, many times you can find at the borders of a flat plain a hill with high declivity that separates it from the next one. These long hills are visible even on the map when the lower plain is at right. Usually, themed sims share the same altitude. Major differences are found in some places along the continents, where multiple plains can be found in the same sim (they expand to other sims). There are at least 3 groups of plains (after average altitude): 20m, 40m and 60m. Maximum altitude seems to be 63 meters throughout the plains. However, since the majority of the sims don't allow scripts, the complete altitude map (like that of Sansara or Heterocera) might have errors. Altitude tests are very similar for all 4 continents, it is like they are a result of cloned Geography.

In South-East, near the Japanese gardens, there is a mountain ridge that passes some residential sims. Also, these gardens host the highest mountain of all premium continents, 156 meters high.


All 4 continents have large residential areas. There are 4 themed regions: Meadowbrook, Tahoe, Eldergreen and Japanese. As seen on the map, the first one is the largest. Also, there are non-residential places, like parks, land reserve, infohubs or sandboxes.

Meadowbrook homes are the most used ones. They cover about half pf the continent and are found mainly in central area and in North. These homes are modern, cubic homes, with large glass walls.

Tahoe homes are more rustic. They can be found in South-East.

Eldergreen homes are token from wonderland. They are included into nature, covered with vegetation or tree homes. They can be found in South, in 3 distinct places, separated by water.

Japanese homes are on the West coast, in two large regions connected by a bridge. They have a coast road.

Parks can be found usually at space between themed regions. What is interesting is that parks usually are not flatlands. Many times, you might find hills and slopes filled with water. The infohubs are also surrended by parks.

Reserve land is found only in Premium East, in North.


Premium East is the first created premium continent and the most complete one. It is nearly the same size with Zindra. It has 8 premium sandboxes (linked into 2 groups). Close to the sandboxes there are the 4 'glitch' sims, with dry desert land and two sims for vehicle rezz. Also, at a small dixtance you can find the premium wilderness sims. It has some uninhabited sims in North-East, for possible new premium homes.

Premium South 1 is the smallest and less developed continent. It has no sandbox, just the residential sims and some park sims.

Premium south 2 has 4 premium sandboxes united into a single block. The main difference to Premium South 1 is the presence of some extra sims to South-East.

Premium South 3 is the second in size and almist identical with Premium South 2. To South, there are some remote sims: the premium snowlands (similar with the snowlands of Sansara and the Premium Railway on 4 sims).

Land permissions

All the premium continents are Linden owned, so they are mainland. Land here cannot be both or sold. To get land here, you need to make a premium account and request a linden home. You will get for free a parcel of 512 meters of land, with 175 prims allowed. There is no way you can choose on what sim or continent you will have your home. The home will be in a themed residential sim (with homes of the same theme). The house itself has about 60 prims (half of the prim limit). You cannot make major changes to your home. However, you can edit them with a special access menu. The land has some restrictions: no terraform, no skyboxes and no selling. Residential sims are made like residential districts in real life, so you cannot be noisy (you cannot make a night club, yuo cannot shout or do anything that would disturb the neighbours). You can change some land features, like rezz/pushing, script restrictions and you can create ban lines.

Since premium land cannot be sold, the only way to get land on another mainland continent (and don't increase land tier) is to abandon land on the premium continent and buy land where you want.

Transportation & Road Efficiency

There is no automated transportation in Premium continents. Land does not allow both object entry and script entry. the roads existing there (see Premium Continents Network are really made only for decorative reasons. As a result, the efficiency index is influenced. There also are a few unconnected paths between the premium homes and inside parks, but because of script restrictions their length could not be measured.

Premium East:

Total road network:           9.50
Sea connection:                yes
Unconnected road pieces:         5
Continent surface:           23.27
Land coverage:               0.408

Premium South 1:

Total road network:           0.18
Sea connection:                 no
Unconnected road pieces:         1
Continent surface:           12.32
Land coverage:               0.015

Premium South 2:

Total road network:           7.90
Sea connection:                yes
Unconnected road pieces:         4
Continent surface:           20.19
Land coverage:               0.391

Premium South 3:

Total road network:           7.90
Sea connection:                yes
Unconnected road pieces:         4
Continent surface:           20.32
Land coverage:               0.389

Total transportation efficiency index:

  • Premium East: 0.550
  • Premium South 1: 0.227
  • Premium South 2: 0.435
  • Premium South 3: 0.513

Premium Continents have the lowest transportation efficiency. This is because road network is small, Waterways are isolated and there are no (or almost no) rezz zones.


Land Except for sandboxes, wilderness and some special places (listed below), premium continents can be visited by all residents. However, automated transportation does not exist and transportstion ways are rare. There is a road in South-West, near the shore, in the Japanese-thened subcivision. Another road is in North-East. A lot of small roads (paths) exist throughout the continent, inside residential sims and in parks, but they are not connected into a continental network. Sailing could be possible, but there are no rezz zones. The only boat rezz zone is in Premium East, between the sandboxes. A boat can be rezzed there and it can sail on a limited surface. Air transportation is also possilbe (even with current script limitation), if you rez your plain on a sandbox.

Ban lines are very frequent. Since in many places parcels are one near another, it is difficult to walk between houses in some places. About 30% of all premium homes have ban lines. This is no problem for high-altitude flying, anyway. Entity orb teleporters are very rare. While editing the altitude map (which requires an avatar or a bot to visit all sims), our team found only two entity orbs and with a reasonable ejecting time.

Other premium places

These places can be visited only by premium residents. They are visible on the maps of this article.

  • Premium sandboxes - Premium East, Premium south 2, Premium South 3, a total of 16 sims
  • Premium Wilderness - Premium East - 6 sims
  • Premium desert (gluch) - Premium East, near the sandboxes, 4 sims
  • Premium rezz zone for vehicles - Premium East, near the sandboxes, 2 sims
  • Premium snowlands - Premium Sea - 4 sims, see Premium Sea
  • Premium Railway - Premium Sea - 4 sims


List Of Continents

Premium Continents Network

[2] - Linden Homes

Second Life Geography