Southern Ocean

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Southern Ocean
Oceans, oct 2013, click for large
Remote South West Sea
Southern Ocean, previous borders
Map Premium Sea

Southern Ocean a part of the grid map. It is, by surface, the largest ocean, covering a huge space. However, sim density is extreamly rare. Majority of grid sectors host only a few islands. Sim density is lower then in any other ocean, like Eastern Ocean or Far North Ocean. The smallest oceans, Little Pacific Ocean or Central Ocean, host more sims then Southern Ocean.


Surface: 15 grid sectors (without sectors that host only Premium Continents

Surface without void gaps: 0.8

Sims: 400

Sim Density: 0.3%

Unassoicated Sims: 10%

Previous Data

Southern Ocean was defined this way: It includes the sims South to Jeogeot and is an extension of the Central Ocean. It could include the waters around the Premium Continents (even if they have no sims) and even the Permium Sea. It also includes the Shopping Continent. At its described borders, it should host less sims then some very small private continents. Since the previous census of microcontinents and sim clusters, new structures appeared on the map. We found very isolated sims in the large space between the Premium Continents and what was previously named Remote South West Sea. Now, all sims that are South to Jeogeot are included in this vast ocean.

Borders, coordinates and size

The only border that need to be drawn is to North. This is the separation line between grid sectors J8 and J9, in the extreme South of Jeogeot. To South, the ocean ends at the Premium Sea, grid sector J4 (see below). At West, it goes to Remote South West Sea, grid sector D7. To East, it doesn't go much far then Jeogeot, grid sector J8.

Coordinates are given in form longitude (min-max)/latitude (min-max), like at Gridsurvey[1]. Overall coordinates for the entire ocean now are as follows: 400-1100/400-900.

Grid Sector: D6, D7, D8, E5, E6, E7, E8, F8, G6, G7, G8, H8, I8, J4, a total of 14 grid sectors. If we include the Premium Continents, we also add I5, J5, I7, J7 and J8. Southern Ocean is the only ocean where the gap between one structure (Sim Group and another one is higher then a whole grid sector.


We can easy divide this ocean into 5 distinct regions: Remote South West Sea, Fairchang Basin, South Diffuse Basin, Premium Sea and Isolated Islands.

Remote South West Sea

The sea is isolated by a large void gap, wide of about a grid sector. Some islands are owned by institutions like the american Cancer Society. Not all the sims are for public access. Part of these sims could be owned by tutorial estates and could be available only for teen residents. This sea hosted a continent without public access (see List Of Continents for info). In late July 2013, this continent vanished from the grid.

Fairchang Basin

South to Jeogeot and North-West to Premium South 1, sim density increases much more then in other place along Southern Ocean. The center of this basin is the small private continent Fairchang.

South Diffuse Basin

A sharp and diffuse line of sims extends from North, at the border of the ocean. This line is not homogenous and is present only in the most Northern grid sectors.

Premium Sea

This little sea includes only two of islands. They are the most southern sims on the grid. One group is formed by 4 sims and hosts the premium railway and the other is also made of 4 sims and hosts the premium snowlands. All these islands have access only for premium residents. Their position is South to Premium South 3 continent (see Premium Continents for more information).

Premium snowlands are formed of 4 sims in a line. There are a lot of buildings and a game about catching a terrorist that builds tunnels under Bay City. Landscape is beautifull, sky is dark blue like in the Arctic Circle, but the main problem here is the lack of people.

Premium railway is formed of 4 sims in a square. One sim holds a railway station (the only rezz zone). The railway has a shape of a square. There is also a shortcut (with an exploded bridge, stilll functional), that follows a diagonal. Landscape is beautifull, but again the problem is the lack of people.

  • Grid Sector J4, coordinates: 1000-1100/400-500, almost all sector is void
  • A176 Premium Sea - (I) - 1010-1014/479-484 - Premium Sea, premium railway & premium snowlands

Isolated Islands

This includes a huge surface, but only a few sims. Some of them were created at some tome after our first visit. Since they are very rare, it is possible that we didn't see some of them (but not all) while editing the first time List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters.

  • Grid Sector E5, coordinates: 500-600/500-600, almost entire sector is void
    • A084 A084 (Silent) - (I) - 518-518/519-519 - single sim, most isolated sim
  • Grid Sector F8, coordinates: 600-700/800-900, almost entire sector is void
  • Grid Sector G6, coordinates: 700-800/600-700, almost entire sector is void
  • Grid Sector G7, coordinates: 700-800/700-800, almost entire sector is void
    • A011 A011 Sim Group- I - 700-701/789-791 - Most isolated sims on the grid


This ocean has suffered the most important changes throughout the grid. The No Access continent vanished from Remote South West Sea. For a while, phantom remnants were visible on the map. Now, new sims cover the area and it is like the continent never existed. Interesting places can still be found around the vanished continent. A136 (Open Life Village) is one of them. A085 (FurNation) is, as the name says, a great place for furries. A013 (Romanum) is a combat place where you can fight like in the Roman Empire.

There are 6 very isolated sims, 3 of them inside a small sim group. The most isolated of them, A084 (Silence) was closed for a while. We could not teleport there and Gridsurvey [2] showed it to be closed down. Then, the sim reopened. It is a tropical beach paradise. since it is very isolated on the map, it is also one of the most quiet place on the whole grid.

Sitting on an isolated island probably reduces very much the chance that a random visitor will come there. However, when you look on the grid map and see that there is no piece of land close to you, the feeling must be a bit strange.

Percent of sims without public access is higher in this ocean then in others. For the Premium Sea, access is allowed only to premium residents.

Premium South 3 appears to be the most isolated of all Premium Continents. For a Geograph, Zindra is the most remote continent, however Zindra has so many attractions and search links, that Premium south 3 must be the most unnoticed of all continents. Something similar can be said about Premium South 2 and Premium South 1. Fairchang is, also, the most remote of all private continents.

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