A134 Sim Group

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H8 sector

A134 is the transitory name of a sim Group laocated in Grid Sector H8, Southern Ocean, at Coordinates 849-851/854-856.

Position and structure

It is West to Fairchang Continent and has only 4 sims, of black color. This place should go unnoticed in other parts of the map, but since in Southern Ocean sim density is very low, they are a visible structure of the map.


This is a dark urban place, with many urban buildings, roads and graveyards. There is no Unused Land, only Inhabited Land. The buildings and objects have interesting textures.

Land Status

This is a dark roleplay land for vampires, lycans and daemons, but even other species are allowed. Flying is not allowed here. Some places are restricted for avatars that don't wear a specific sign.

These sims are not owned by a single estate owner.

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