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D6 sector

A077 is the temporary name of a Sim Cluster. Its Coordinates are 495-510/696-704, so it is not placed into a single Grid Sector. In fact, it is at the corner of D6, D7, E6 and E7, inside Southern Ocean.


It is composed of 17 sims, as follows:

  • A Microcontinent in center, with 4 beach-themed sims: Gay Archipelago, GA Coronal, Pallas and Spice Islands
  • A microcontinent in South-East with 3 sims: Pine Valley Lake, Pine Valley Resort and Pandorre
  • 4 sims in South-West: Chilipepper, Crazy Garden, Sandbox Archipelago and Ferik Island (the last one is distinctive, with a blue line)
  • 6 sims in North: Brokeback Pride HQ, Titus Groan, San Pablos Escape, Pure Luxury, Gandhara, Ushindi.


This sim cluster offers a variety higher then what many others offer. There is a volcano in Uhandi sim. There are dense forests, large gardens, endless castles that wait to be discovered. Each sim is different and has completely different Geographic features. Only the microcontinent in South is a classic tropical beach paradise.

Land Status

There are many estates here, one of the highest density found on any sim cluster. This might explain why there is such a big variety. Land With Restricted Access was not detected.

Note that there are many places dedicated to sexual minorities.

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