Caye Sim Cluster

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H8 sector

A133 or Caye is a Sim Cluster located at Coordinates 881-895/887-896, Grid Sector H8, Southern Ocean, close to Fairchang Continent.


It is made of 25 to 30 sims, placed in mathematical disposition. Unlike any other mathematical sim clusters, Caye forms no squares, but more complicated structures (hexagons). Almost every sim has the word Caye in its name.


Unlike other places, sims in Caye are split into much smaller structures. Small mountain ranges divides land into even more then 20 parcels. Usually, these parcels are flat, surrounded by mountains high to 50 meters. Some parcels might contain a lake in their center.

Land Status

This tiny frangmentation makes Caye a good place for residents who likes to have a home but don't have much money to pay a large land surface. Protected Land is rare, so your land will be in direct contact with your neighbors. To get land, there is a sim Land For Rent where information is available.

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