FurNation Microcontinent

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FurNation is a Microcontinent that can be found at Coordinates 513-517/893-894, Grid Sector E8, Southern Ocean. It has also a temporary name, A085.


It is formed of 6 sims, placed almost in a line.


This microcontinent is very flat, a large plain. On rare occasions there can be seen small hills or little terraforming. In some places, there are depressions filled with water, to create swiming pools.

Ground texture varies from green grass to white beach sand.

Transportation is done by many ways. There are a lot of wooden roads. It is not recommended to use vehicles on them, since you will find stairs that are unaccessible for cars. In FurNation Dragon, there is a large railway system, but it doesn't leave the sim.

Land Status

Maturity rating varies from moderate to adult. Nearly all sims share the word FurNation and there are many places built for furries. Even so, half of the residents that we found here were not furries.

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