Romanum Microcontinent

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E7 Romanum

Romanum is a Microcontinent placed in Grid Sector E7, Eastern Ocean, with Coordinates 506-509/707-710. It also has the temporary name A013, that means it is the 13th structure discovered on map by Second Life Geography team.


It is composed of 6 sims, 5 of them sharing the name Romanum and the 6th is called Alexandretta. It has lost a few sims since our team first discovered it and a few time ago it was even biger.

It is a combat microcontinent (and even a roleplay one).


Romanum is a flat plain, full with buildings. All land is built with structures from the Roman Empire. Walking through them is a real adventure.

Land Status

Access is allowed for public. Rating is adult. Flying is not allowed and since it is a combat place, you can see a sign for your health.

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