A130 Microcontinent

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A130 is the temporary nema of a Microcontinent that was found at Coordinates 881-882/857-862, Grid Sector H8, Southern Ocean. This is West to Fairchang Continent.


A130 is made of 7 sims and is very long and thin. It looks like a snake on the map.


A130 is a tropical beach paradise. It is made of islands (bigger or smaller) surrounded by water. Majority of islands are low and their ground texture is sand, but there are a few exceptions, higher islands covered with grass. Tropical veetation is also present, but majority of trees are from temperate regions. Most notable is also the presence of luxurious buildings on some of the islands.

Entire microcontinent can be visited by Water. In some places there are underwater buildings.

Land Status

Land is owned by a single estate. It looks like Protected Land parcels are very rare in here or completely absent, the who buys or rents an island also takes the water around it, so Land With Restricted Access includes also navigable ways. Land for sale exists.

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